US Bank Cash Plus Card 5% Back

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Us bank cash plus rewards card lets you pick the categories. You get to choose two categories every quarter that earn 5% cashback as well as a third category that earns 2% cashback. All other purchases earn 1% cashback. What is even better is if you wait to redeem until you have accumulated $100, you get an extra $25 gift card! This card paired with a few others could possibly make it so that you will never pay full price again. Just ensure you pay the bill off in full each month to avoid paying interest charges.

Assume you use this card for $500 worth of purchases each month earning 5% back. That’s $25 a month for a total of $300 a year and if you wait until you reach $100 to redeem then you can earn an extra $25 for every $100. That’s an extra $75 on top of your $300 for a total of $375 a year.