Automatically Download All Financial Statements Including LES Every Month

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Keeping good financial records is important for many reasons. They can be used for tax purposes, budgeting, requesting a mortgage, and checking for banking errors amongst other reasons. I recommend keeping digital copies of bank statements as well as your monthly LES, credit card statements, investments, and insurance documents. Since these do not take up much digital space, you could essentially keep all of your documents forever if you wanted to without sacrificing too much storage. That way you always have them to refer back to.

I used to collect my monthly statements and scan them all one by one as they came in the mail. This was very tedious. I then began downloading my statements each month but that also required logging into each account, navigating to the document page and downloading the documents then organizing them in the correct folder. I had to set a reminder to remember to do this each month.

Automatically download and file your documents

There is now a much easier way to do this. You can have all your documents automatically downloaded each month or week or even every day right to your computer and filed in separate folders without having to remember or log into each and every account. The service FileThis provides this automation and I have been using it for years now.

How does it work?

Create an account and link all of your Banks, Wealth, Health, Auto, Utilities, Communication, and Retail to FileThis is a one-time setup. FileThis securely fetches all your online statements, bills, and other documents from the last three years and new statements whenever they’re ready. FileThis comes with bank-level security: 256-bit encryption for data and connections, Apple Touch ID support, and ongoing monitoring by Norton Secured, McAfee Secure, and Truswave.

What does it cost?

You can get started for free with up to 6 connections that run once a week to fetch all your documents. For $2/month you can get up to 12 connections that run once a week and for $5/month you can get 30 connections that run daily.

Get an extra free connection and an additional 250 MB of storage

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