[Expired] Yubico Black Friday Deals

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Yubico makes many different styles of physical two factor authentication devices. These help protect your online accounts by requiring not only a password but also access to the physical device in order to log into a web service.

From now until 30 November, you can get up to 50% off select Yubikeys. They are also offering deals on bulk purchases. I recommend you purchase at least two devices to keep one as your primary and store the other as a backup in case something happens to your primary device.

  • $20 off any two Yubikey 5 series.
  • 50% off security key NFC
  • $50 off Yubikey 5 series pack of 10
  • $250 off Yubikey 5 series tray of 50
  • 50% off YubiStyle with purchase of key