$25 Unlimited Wireless Service

Social Image Hanging Flag on Wall $25 Unlimited Wireless Service is Verizon’s budget service and has prepaid plans starting at $40 a month for unlimited everything and runs off of Verizon’s cell towers. Once you sign up, you can join what is called “party pay” in which you join a party with up to 3 other subscribers. A Party Pay of four subscribers reduces your monthly bill to just $25 a month for unlimited everything (Party pay of 2 is $35/month, 3 is $30/month). All members of a party pay have separate accounts and each pays their own bill. The process is super easy and you can do this with your family members or complete strangers. You can find parties looking for members easily online to join or you can start your own party with a click of a button.

Currently Visible has some good sign up offers. If you bring your own phone and port in a number, you can get a $100 gift card after you make your first two payments. At $25 a month, that’s worth four months free. There are also plenty of great offers on new phones as well. You can see a list of offers here.

I just switched from T-Mobile to Visible and now I pay $25 a month, unlimited everything and I finally have service at work where I did not previously with T-Mobile. I have also traveled across country without any issues the whole way streaming podcasts.

The only downside is that if you are an Android fan, it is hard to find an android phone that is currently compatible with their service. I recommend you purchase an android phone from the visible website to ensure compatibility or check with their compatibility tool before switching. Most iPhones seem to work fine.

Get your first month for just $5 using my referral link or share your referral link in the comments.