View your whole life on one page

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Here is a new tool to help plan your life, or at least, get a clear picture of your life. This is called a life calendar. Your entire life is shown here and you can edit it to fit your current situation. Each square represents one week and each row represents one whole year. The calendar shows a total of 90 years. Each color represents a different stage of your life. You can adjust the dates at the bottom for each stage and turn on or off the colors displayed. The sample has prebuilt life events just as an example, but feel free to change them.

Life events

As you can see, the first color at the top represents my early stages in life, then the next few colors are my K through 12-grade years, followed by college, then military career. The yellow square is the current week based on today’s date. The spreadsheet will auto adjust this as long as the current week falls within the calendar.

Current Week

You can use this to see how far in life you are and how far away your next major life event is. Then you can set your goals based on this new view. Hopefully, this will motivate you to start planning your future. It is important to not just think about tomorrow or next week but to have a clear plan of the next few years as well as 10, 15, or 20 years from now. Yes I know things change but it is better to have a plan that can be adjusted than no plan at all. Greater things in life take many years to achieve. If you do not have a focus then you will not get there.

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You can download your copy of the life calendar here: Download link