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Get a free premium license when you email [email protected] using your student email account or send them a copy of your student ID. Be sure to include the email you use on You will need to reverify your student status every year. student discount wording is an email service that provides alias masked emails when signing up for new services that will redirect all email traffic to your main email account. This protects your email address from leaked data breaches. You can also turn off masked email addresses used for services you no longer wish to receive email from. Another benefit is that if a service you signed up for sells your information to third parties and you begin to receive a bunch of spam email, you will immediately know which service sold your data and can stop all traffic to that masked email account. There is even a browser add-on that allows instant alias creations for each website with one click.

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There are other similar services, but this one is my favorite because it allows you to reply back to the emails and the email will appear to come from the alias you created and not your real email. There is a free plan that offers a max of 15 alias and 1 mailbox. The premium offers unlimited alias and unlimited mailboxes. Premium is normally $29.99 a year but you can get a free yearly license every year that you are a student.

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