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Trade In Or Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

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Sell unwanted gift cards:

I'm sure you received at least one gift card for Christmas this year. Instead of being limited spending that money at that specific store, try trading your gift card or selling it for cash. It is a lot easier these days and does not include Craigslist or eBay even though you can still use those sites for this purpose. Ill make it even easier for you though. There are many gift card web sites now that buy, sell and trade discounted gift cards. Some are as simple is typing in the amount and expiration then receiving payment while others require you to mail them before receiving payment. You can also shop for many discounted gift cards and can even buy eGiftCards to get them instantly. Here are few that I found:


Monster Gift Card


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  1. Ahhh, what? This is SUCH a good idea. I get gift cards all the time, but they aren’t always to a store I want to go to. Thanks for putting these up!

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