Save on home furnishing

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Purchase high quality used furniture initially. Do not buy used Walmart crap. Go for the expensive good stuff but buy it used at a reasonable price. Buy top quality furniture made from solid wood and heavy metal that will last years. This furniture will most likely hold its value. When you have to move due to PCS, you can quickly sell this furniture for what you paid for it and buy similar furniture for the same price at your new location.

Most people tend to buy and sell the lower quality crap that falls apart or loses its value quickly. If you buy that $1000 table for $500, then the chances are that it is made of solid wood and well built. After 3 years, you should be able to resell that table for $500. Then when you get to your new location, you can look for another $1000 table for $500.

Always look for furniture that will last and hold value. Think about the resale value a few years down the road. You may be dropping $1000 today, but if you can resell three years later for $600, then it’s like you rented it for three years for a total of $400. If you buy that cheap $400 Walmart junk, then three years from now, it’s probably falling apart, and you will need to trash it.  In the end, it will cost you the same, so why settle for the lower quality?