Save 75% on Alpha Brain Black Label Ingredients

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Onnit offers a line of great supplements and vitamins through the help of Joe Rogan and his friends. Their latest nootropic is the all-new Alpha Brain Black Label. These powerful focus aid pills run for $124 per bottle and only come with 20 servings. That’s not even a full month’s worth. You can save 15% if you sign up for their auto subscription bringing the price down to $106. That still seems a little steep to me.

I have taken the time to look up each and every ingredient listed individually and price out comparable servings. You can get every ingredient off of at about 75% cheaper than what Onnit is selling their product for. For 20 servings, it comes out to just $30. You will have to purchase more than just 20 servings initially as each ingredient comes in different size packaging and different serving quantities. I have included a chart below with each product. The overall initial investment is $159, but that gets you way more than just 20 servings.

Ingredientsmg per servingmg per bottle# of servingsmg per servingmg per container$ per container$ per servingLink
Mucuna Pruriens Extract100040001051000105,000$19.95$0.19Double Wood
Lion’s Mane500200012050060,000$19.95$0.17Double Wood
Citicoline25010004025010,000$13.93$0.35Fit Powders
Phosphatidylserine20080015020030,000$40.50$0.27Holistic Bin
I-Theanine100400601006,000$8.49$0.14Life Extension
Caffein Anhydrous2510024002560,000$18.96$0.01Bulk Supplements
Marigold Extract2496180203600$19.99$0.11Health Thru Nutrition
Toothed Clubmoss208060201200$17.90$0.30Life Extension