Free Amazon Prime for students

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Get free two-day shipping for last-minute gift purchases before the holidays with Amazon Prime. Did you know if you are currently enrolled in college and have a valid .edu email address you can sign up for a free Amazon Prime Student account today? Includes Amazon Prime membership free for 6 months and then only $39 a year versus the original $79 a year. You get free two-day shipping and exclusive deals for students. You do not get the unlimited instant video streaming and the free kindle book rentals with this membership until after the 6 months and you pay the $39 a year. If you look at the unlimited streaming alone that equals $.3.25 a month compared to Netflix’s $7.99 a month. Still, it is a great way to get quick free shipping when you need it fast. Oh, and if you are enrolled in an online college then you qualify as well as long as you have an email that ends in .edu. You probably can sign up for an online college for free as long as you don’t actually register for a specific class.