Cut The Cable Cord, You Won’t Regret It

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Most metropolitan areas have one main cable company that has become almost like a monopoly charging outrages prices with poor service and poor customer support. They charge fees over fees and just recently the FCC has made it legal for cable companies to scramble all their signals and forcing customers to rent cable boxes for each TV.

I recently dropped my cable service completely and do not miss it one bit. How did I do this? Well, there are many options these days but Ill share my set up with you. I have an apple TV for the living room that plays mainly Netflix. I also have a Macbook that can stream video wirelessly and flawlessly to the Apple TV that allows me to play any downloaded videos I have or live TV over the internet. For our bedroom, I bought the Roku which has Netflix. The Roku cannot stream videos from my mac as the Apple TV can, but it does support Plex. Plex is an amazing platform that indexes your videos on your computer and creates a library online that you can access from your Roku.

There are many other alternatives as well as Google Play, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Also, many network websites allow you to stream the latest shows using your internet provider account. I spent about $100 on the Apple TV and $50 on the Roku. My bill dropped from $82 a month to $42 a month and the only difference I notice is there are no more commercials to sit through. That is a $40 savings a month so I will break even after four months.

Cut the cord and fire your cable companies now. You won’t regret it.