Smoking Vacation Deals For Military From AFVClub!

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Armed forces vacation club (AFVClub) is an exclusive membership program that offers space A resort stays to military personnel and retired for only 349.00 a week. Membership is free to join as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. Each unit sleeps between 2-8 people depending on location. There are great resorts available all over the world and many include full kitchens, washer and dryers, pools, and other recreational facilities.

For larger sized military families, this is a great opportunity to save on a vacation. Many hotels make you book two or more rooms for large size families that can cost you double or more than what you expected to pay. If you have young children then you know the importance of having a kitchen included. Although some of these resorts may not be right on the beach, the amount you save is worth driving 10 minutes down the road. $349.00 a week calculates out to roughly $50 a night. Good luck finding even a low-quality hotel for that price. It is warming up and many of us will be planning a vacation soon. Yes, there are great fantastic resorts you can stay at, but is it worth paying an extra $1500 for being right on the beach? Imagine all the extra activities and shop g you can put that money towards plus still have a great place to sleep at night. It’s all about opportunity cost and I personally would rather save through booking at AFVClub and have the time of my life while away from the room.