A new email masking service to protect your privacy and data

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Email is often the primary means of contact for online services. Whenever you sign up for an app, web service, or purchase a product online, you need to give up your email. Once that email is handed over, they will then begin a series of campaign ads and marketing strategies to annoy you into purchasing more of their products. They often sell your email to third parties in and now you have emails coming in from all angles multiple times a day simply because you ordered a bag of dog food online thinking it would be more convenient.

Email masking services help you create one-time-use emails that redirect all traffic to a common inbox. You can then use it and disable it to avoid filling your inbox with spam. You can also find out which services are selling your email and data to third parties by watching what email they are being sent to. I have talked about similar services that offer email maskings such as SimpleLogin and 33Mail. Now there is a new option. Fastmail now offers email masking integrated into 1Password. Fastmail is an email service much like Gmail or Hotmail but doesn’t sell your information. They are a paid service for premium features but allow unlimited email aliases. You can create for instance [email protected] for use with banking and then create [email protected] for all your online shopping. You can make an alias on the fly using the web app or mobile app.

Fastmail has just launched the ability to integrate with the 1Password app that generates unique passwords when creating logins and stores them for later use. With the FastMail integration, 1Password will not generate unique emails along with passwords for all your online accounts. This helps protect criminals from gaining access to all of your accounts if one account is compromised. It makes it harder for people to connect users amongst different services based on email addresses.

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