(Expired) W-2’s are out plus extra 10% bonus refund.

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W-2′ a are now out for active-duty military and can be acceded online through myPay. If you use TurboTax to file your taxes you can get an extra 8% on your refund if you elect to receive it in Amazon credit. If you purchase through Amazon then you can get 10% back. There is a max of both refund and bonus of $10,000. That means the maximum bonus you can earn is $909 on a return of $9,090. The turbo tax product itself is $49.99 from amazon and includes efile and state. The only problem is what to do with $10,000 in Amazon credit? You could always sell off amazon giftcards to get the cash but that can be time consuming. You can order all your christmas gifts for the next few years, car parts, groceries, clothes, and school supplies.