Save 73% off Private Internet Access VPN

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Private Internet Access is one of the more credible VPN servers. They have been tried and tested multiple times now. They are open source but also have 3rd party audits to ensure they are not doing anything shady with your internet traffic. Right now PIA is having a 73% off deal and you can get a high-quality VPN for just $2.69 a month. Normally, it is $9.95 per month. Sign up now and get 26 months for $69.95. That is $69.95 every 2 years plus an extra 2 months free. So instead of paying $258 for 26 months, you only pay $69.95 for a $188.75 savings.



What is a VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network masks your IP and location by securely routing your internet traffic to an off-site server that can be in another city, state, or even another country. When you visit websites, the websites can see where you are located based on your IP address. VPNs will show these websites coming from an anonymous location thousands of miles away from where you actually are. But its not just the websites you are visiting that you should worry about. Your Internet Service Provider that you purchase your internet from also logs every website you go to and sells that data to third parties. Using a VPN encrypts that data so that your ISP’s cannot see what websites you are visiting. VPNs protect your privacy online. You can see what information is visible on your current IP here.

Why pay for a VPN?

VPNs offer a service in which they need to make money. Yes, there are free VPNs out there but those free ones also need to make money. Almost every free service online makes money by selling your data and online traffic to third parties. When you avoid paying for a service, you are sacrificing your privacy for a free product. Paying for a reputable VPN allows them to continue to operate and work towards bringing you a trusted service.

Which VPNs are safe?

Many VPNs exist and it’s hard to find a good one. You need to find one that is open-source, meaning they are transparent in their source code and are not hiding any shady activity in their development, have been audited by third-party companies that look at what goes on behind the scenes, do not log your traffic, and sell your data, and offer quality services that do not diminish your web surfing experience.

PIA meets all of these standards and is quite affordable at the moment. PIA is easy to set up with a desktop application, a web browser addon, and even mobile apps. You can even watch streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu with PIA.

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