[Expired] Save 70% off Todoist Business Account with Student Discount

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Todoist Business account offers the most out of Todoist with up to 500 projects. The Business account normally runs at $60/year but with the student discount, you can get 70% off each year. Todoist is a task app for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web, and more.

Todoist Views

Todoist allows you to capture tasks quickly from any platform and organize into many different projects and sub-projects.

  • You can add subtasks within tasks.
  • Create Todoist Boards.
  • You can assign tasks to other people
  • Create reoccurring tasks.
  • Change views for whether you are at work or at home.
  • Set filters and tags.
  • Download and save project templates
  • Set a task to remind you based on GPS location. So you can set a reminder for the next time you go to the store and it will pop up when your phone detects your location at the store.

My favorite feature of Todoist is smart language. You can type things like “remind me at 5pm next Wed” and it will automatically detect the time and date and set the reminder just like that.

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Check out the list of filter keywords here.

Keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

Download a Todoist cheat sheet from Cheatography.

Student discounts can be better than military discounts