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ProtonMail Will Begin to Offer ProtonDrive Early Access

ProtonMail on Phone

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ProtonMail is probably the most secure email provider currently offering complete end-to-end encrypted email. They also offer a full VPN service and are now developing an encrypted cloud storage service known as ProtonDrive. ProtonMail is fully open-source and has been audited by third-party providers. You can sign up for a free account today without providing any personally identifiable information.

ProtonDrive Access

They will be offering their ProtonDrive service free to those who currently have a paid ProtonMail and ProtonVPN subscription as an early access benefit. You can save 20% off the price when you bundle both ProtonMail and ProtonVPN services. Save an additional 33% when you pay for a 2-year subscription. The total cost comes out to $126.40/2 years or $5.27/month.

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