Protect your privacy online with Blur by Abine.

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Blur is a great service by that allows you to cloak your online activity such as credit card numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses. Blur also is a password manager and tracker blocking app. This is an all in one service that protects you in many ways online. Use the credit card masking service when making purchases online by using a unique card number generated by blur for every purchase that links back to your normal card. If you someone gets ahold of your card number created by blur, they cannot use it again after the initial purchase. The same thing can be done with phone numbers and email addresses which can be turned off at any time.

Blur Services

Blur has apps for both your phone and computer. Install the app and sign up for the service to start protecting yourself. Blur includes auto-fill features to simplify the process. With increased data breaches and companies selling off our personal information to 3rd parties, Blur can help protect your information by giving out temporary disposable masked information that you can turn off at any time. Try Blur now for free or sign up for premium at just $14.99 a month.

Protect yourself from cyber criminals with Blur