(Expired) Awesome Coin Stores All Cards On One

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Coin is a new device that is pretty ingenious. It’s basically an electronic credit card that allows you to store multiple credit cards into its memory. You can then simply choose between each card digitally by pressing a button before swiping the card to make a purchase.

It comes with a little card swiper much like the square that plugs into your smartphone. You can then easily add cards through the use of the card swiper and the Coin app. The purpose of this is to allow one card that does the job of many therefore freeing up space in your clunky wallet. If you accidentally leave your Coin somewhere, there is a built in Bluetooth security that links with your smartphone and alerts you when you are so far away from your card. The coin is almost the exact same size of a normal credit card and can even be used in an ATM. This can be a really neat invention. It is expected to be released in the summer of 2014 but you can pre-order now for $50 which is apparently half price of what it is expected to be sold for upon release. Click here to check it out and get 50% off.

This can come in real handy for the many reward cards out there. You can sign up for different cashback credit cards and load them all onto your Coin. Then easily switch between cards to maximize your rewards depending on the purchase.