PT Savings

PT Savings
DateTitleLinkPT Savings
1/2/21 21:442021 1st Quarter Discover 5% Cashback Categories$75.00
1/10/21 19:17Amex's 2021 Uber Offers$319.00
1/20/14 2:58Govx means discounts for Military$253.00
1/24/14 2:49(Expired) W-2's are out plus extra 10% bonus refund.$909.00
1/25/21 20:00American Express offers six months of Fluent Forever$53.94
1/26/21 6:16Don't forget to use your $50 credit from Amex Platinum January 2021$50.00
1/26/21 $25 Unlimited Wireless Service$100.00
1/27/21 21:39Amex Platinum $30 PayPal Monthly Credits (Jan 1, 2021, to Jun 30, 2021)$180.00
1/27/21 22:21Over $500 in Freebies from Amex$558.95
2/24/14 23:13Is Extra Travel Worth Additional Savings? Plus Calculator$6.52
3/4/14 21:57(Expired) Get $250 Checking Account Rewards$250.00
3/4/14 23:37(Expired) Mossberg 702 Plinkster Only $99$45.00
3/7/18 2:55Discount Bowtech for Deployed Military$524.00
3/9/14 23:00What Would You Do With 10 Grand?$10,000.00
3/15/18 1:02(Expired) $500 for Opening a Checking Account$500.00
3/29/20 2:24Rosetta Stone free for 3 months$35.97
3/29/20 5:25Uber Eats offering free delivery during the quarantine$20.00
3/30/20 3:11Get 4 years of Malwarebytes Pro for $5$225.00
3/30/20 16:02150,000 Hilton Honor Bonus Points and waived $450 annual fee$1,400.00
4/1/20 0:01(Expired) We are giving away $10 Amazon gift card!$10.00
4/3/20 20:01(Expired) Watch HBO for free during the month of April #StayHomeBoxOffice$14.99
4/4/20 18:4927 free games from GOG.com$134.73
4/5/20 13:5310% off Uber Eats gift cards at Walmart$10.00
4/5/20 16:17Get a whole year of 1Password Families subscription free from Canva$59.88
4/5/20 20:01(Expired) Fender Play free 3 months of free lessons$30.00
4/5/20 20:42Get $5 credit after adding $20 to Amazon Cash$5.00
4/5/20 21:02Apple AirPods (latest Gen) on sale for $129.98$29.92
4/6/20 19:13$100 off a YETI Tundra Haul Wheeled Cooler from GovX$100.00
4/6/20 20:01(Expired) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate one month for $1$13.99
4/6/20 21:45Get a Patgonia Retro Pullover for $50 (62% off)$79.00
4/7/20 5:00American Express Platinum is a must for active duty$1,200.00
4/7/20 20:00(Expired) 20% off Panera Bread gift cards until 4/30/20$20.00
4/8/20 1:01(Expired) 20% off on Groupon right now -- One day only$20.00
4/8/20 1:01(Expired) Free Doritos Locos Taco today only$1.00
4/8/20 6:0030% off Microsoft Office 365 for Military$30.00
4/8/20 11:00Rental Experiment - Turn $7,781 into $775,687$775,687.00
4/9/20 1:00(Expired) Free Dickey's Barbecue Pit pulled pork sandwich$6.95
4/9/20 1:04(Expired) $10 off Starbucks and free delivery$10.00
4/9/20 20:08(Expired) Get $10 off at Amazon after you spend $50 with Discover Cash Back$10.00
4/11/20 0:17(Expired) $20 off $100 at Dicks Sporting Goods$20.00
4/13/20 1:00(Expired) Discover 5% cash back on Gas Stations, Uber, Lyft, and Wholesale Clubs$75.00
4/13/20 1:06(Expired) Lifetime Rosetta Stone one day sale $140 off$140.00
4/14/20 0:01(Expired) $450 sign up offer from First Horizon Bank$450.00
4/14/20 1:00(Expired) Chase Freedom 2nd quarter 5% cashback categories$75.00
4/14/20 1:01(Expired) Sling offers free TV everyday 5pm till midnight$25.00
4/14/20 21:29UPS My Choice Premium $15 for a year (down from $40)$25.00
4/15/20 1:04(Expired) ProtonMail is offering extra resources to members free of charge$60.00
4/15/20 15:14Garmin Tactix Charlie Watch for $471 + $20 (down from $749)$298.00
4/16/20 1:00(Expired) $100 From TradeStation by parking $500 for a month$100.00
4/17/13 16:41Avoid Extended Waranties$500.00
4/17/13 16:44How to avoid spending at the Shoppette and save $300 a month.$300.00
4/18/13 11:28(Expired) $15 Sam's Club Gift Card and $50 in Savings for Costco Membership.$65.00
4/19/13 12:21How Different Are Store Brand Products Over Popular Name Brands?$960.00
4/19/13 13:52Prioritze Your Spending and Take Control$960.00
4/19/20 1:04(Expired) $100 when you open an Armed Forces Bank Account$100.00
4/19/20 1:26(Expired) Pay for streaming service with PenFed and get $15$15.00
4/20/20 8:00Watch free live TV from Redbox (no subscription)$4.99
4/21/13 20:04Free $1000 For Being Deployed$1,000.00
4/22/20 15:47Great time to refinance your auto loan and get $250 back$250.00
4/24/13 2:48How To Get Your Credit Report For Free$40.00
4/24/13 4:00Cut The Cable Cord, You Won't Regret It$480.00
4/24/20 1:00(Expired) WD Easystore 10TB External Hard Drive $169 today only$80.00
4/24/20 12:01(Expired) Up to 59% off on Kershaw Knives$89.00
4/26/20 10:26$11,425 worth of bank bonuses now available$700.00
4/26/20 10:57(Expired) Yeti Hopper Flip 12 25% off at $187.10$62.89
4/29/20 1:04(Expired) 50% off Cracker Barrel Family Meal Baskets To-Go + free delivery$30.00
4/29/20 12:59One year of for free$99.00
5/2/20 0:13Amex limited-time credits for streaming, wireless, and restaurants$320.00
5/3/13 15:06(Expired) Save up to 63.6% at JCPenney$22.25
5/3/20 14:25Bose SoundSport Free at all time low of $149.99 at Amazon.com$50.00
5/5/20 0:00(Expired) Preorder HBO Max for 20% off for 12 months$36.00
5/7/20 0:03Pandora Premium free for 3 months$29.97
5/7/20 4:00One month free of Amazon Prime Video$8.99
5/8/20 15:25Chaads 40% off your first order$8.00
5/8/20 23:45Last minute Mother's day discounts$35.00
5/9/20 4:00$30 Amazon credit after first Key In-Garage deliver$30.00
5/9/20 6:006 months Spotify free with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate$60.00
5/9/20 8:0050% off Patagonia Memorial day sale at REI$150.00
5/9/20 10:00Save 50% at plus extra $20$60.00
5/9/20 11:30Garmin VÌvoactive 4 Smart Watch Lowest Price Ever$80.00
5/11/20 23:59(Expired) $30 free from Rakuten to spend anywhere$30.00
5/13/13 14:04(Expired) 15.4% Cash Back On Over 100 Stores Plus Discounted Gift Cards For More Savings!$24.00
5/13/20 19:22Hogue Incursion Automatic Knife 39% off at GovX$129.96
5/15/13 11:35Terminal Leave vs Selling Off Your Leave$4,400.00
5/15/13 13:25(Expired) $10 Amazon Giveaway$10.00
5/16/20 14:00(Expired) Mission BBQ gives away free sandwiches all next week$8.00
5/19/13 9:02Smoking Vacation Deals For Military From AFVClub!$700.00
5/29/13 3:40How to Avoid Statement of Charges$200.00
6/1/20 5:00Update your Bank of America Cash Rewards category$75.00
6/19/12 20:16(Expired) How To Get Free $75 from American Express$75.00
6/19/12 20:17(Expired) How To Get A $75 A Month Raise And Make A Quick $100$175.00
6/19/12 20:17(Expired) Save over 30% off a Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Grill at Lowes$156.00
6/19/12 20:18How Much Cash Should You Have on Reserve?$747.00
6/19/12 20:19Set up Automatic Savings and Pay Yourself First$325.00
6/22/12 15:50Saving For Your Children's College Is Easier Than You Think$9,224.00
6/22/12 15:58Boost Your 529 College Savings$2,160.00
6/22/12 16:33Can I Really Buy a Home With No Money Down?$17,583.00
6/22/12 17:02Easy comparison shopping at the grocery store.$480.00
6/23/12 1:39Get the Lowest Rate on a New Car$4,928.00
6/23/12 1:50E-readers Can Save Hundreds Of Dollars$360.00
6/23/12 1:51Is My Money Shrinking?$24,743.00
6/30/20 20:24Free Panera coffee for the rest of the summer!$8.99
7/1/20 5:002020 3rd Quarter Discover 5% Cashback on Restaurants and PayPal$75.00
7/1/20 21:39Bose Solo 5 TV Factory-Renewed Sound Bar$100.00
7/1/20 22:29(Expired) $50 back from American Express ($5 off $10 up to $50)$50.00
7/2/20 20:27Six Months Spotify Premium Free$59.94
7/4/20 9:31YETI Tundra 35 Hard Cooler $50+ off$81.00
7/4/20 10:01(Expired) Deep discounted refurbished Apple iMacs, iPads, & MacBooks$500.00
7/4/20 10:38Chase Freedom 3rd quarter 5% cashback categories$75.00
7/17/20 20:09$40 off Dropbox when you use your AMEX$40.00
7/23/19 14:37Student Discount for Adobe's Line of Products$40.00
7/24/19 6:00(Expired) BoA $300 sign on bounus for checking account$300.00
7/30/20 8:32Don't forget to use your $50 credit from Amex Platinum$50.00
8/1/20 13:09$300 Sign Up Bonus for American Express Cash Magnet Card$300.00
8/3/20 14:12$50 off $100 with sign up of a new Target RedCard$50.00
8/6/19 6:00Save on home furnishing$500.00
8/8/20 free 3 audiobooks with 30 day trial$14.95
8/13/13 5:00Spend More Money for Cheap Cell Phone Plans$420.00
8/14/13 16:25(Expired) Free OOMA App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch ($9.99 value)$10.00
8/14/20 1:0040% off Crocs sale plus an extra 5% and $5 cash back combo$22.46
8/14/20 7:14REI Co-op Talusphere Rain Jacket 70% Off$119.17
8/15/13 3:30(Expired) 50% off Large Pizza From Papa John's$8.00
8/15/13 10:49(Expired) Free Kindle Book - The Frugal Guide to Cutting the Cable Cord$3.99
8/15/20 5:00Get your $200 Travel Credit from AMEX Platinum!$200.00
8/16/20 Free Premium License$29.99
8/16/20 10:10$100 Statement Credit After $100 Spend at Dell - Amex Platinum$100.00
8/17/13 3:41(Expired) Kellogg Is Giving Away 2 Free Scholastic Books$12.00
8/21/20 6:31Save 20% off at TheNomadik.com$6.59
8/23/20 4:00Standard Notes as a Private and Secure Alternative to OneNote$44.70
8/24/19 1:14Student discounts can be better than military discounts$21.98
8/30/19 5:00$30 movie gift card for $25 at MWR Leisure Travel Service$5.00
8/30/20 4:00Build Your Own Power Rack for Under $300$300.00
9/1/20 4:00Get Premium Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime for just $4.99/month!$263.76
9/5/13 12:59(Expired) Free Meal From IHOP$8.00
9/8/13 22:05(Expired) Free Shakes From Johnny Rockets$4.00
9/8/20 20:11Save 20% on Showtime$24.00
9/11/20 5:00Save 73% off Private Internet Access VPN$188.75
9/16/13 13:52The $2000-A-Year Habit$2,000.00
9/17/13 13:03(Expired) $100 Applebee's Gift Card for $85$15.00
9/17/13 13:10(Expired) $10 off $50 at Aeropostale$10.00
9/18/13 3:30(Expired) Talk Like A Pirate, Get Free Krispy Kremes$9.00
9/19/13 16:18(Expired) Surefire Offers 20% Discount to Military$20.00
9/22/20 19:49(Expired) $20 off Uber Eats$20.00
9/30/18 2:4350,000 points from Chase, plus $300 a year in travel$1,050.00
10/1/20 5:002020 4th Quarter Discover 5% Cashback Categories$75.00
10/3/13 14:13(Expired) Use Military ID to Shop Sam's Club Druing Shutdown$45.00
10/3/18 20:49Earn an extra $250 a month when you're on TDY$250.00
10/10/20 22:23(Expired) $5 Amazon Credit from UNIDAYS on Prime Day (students only)$5.00
10/11/20 12:21Chase Freedom 4th quarter 5% cashback categories$75.00
10/11/20 21:17(Expired) Get Showtime for just 99 cents/month for two months (Prime Day)$20.00
10/13/20 1:00$10 Credit when you Load $40 on Amazon Gift Card (Prime only)$10.00
10/17/20 21:26Get $25 off Variis by Equinox up to 9 times ($225 total) Amex Platinum$225.00
10/17/20 22:39$15 back on Dropbox annual plan. Chase Sapphire$15.00
10/18/20 14:01Free Calm App Membership for Amex Card Holders$105.00
10/18/20 14:09Headspace Meditation App 86% Off Student Discount$60.00
10/18/20 14:37Save 70% off Todoist Business Account with Student Discount$42.00
10/28/13 12:05(Expired) $60 off Fisher Price Toys$60.00
10/28/20 19:30New Uber Eats Benefits for AMEX Card Holders$119.00
10/28/20 20:24ProtonMail Will Begin to Offer ProtonDrive Early Access$113.00
10/29/20 20:31ProtonMail Giving Away Extra Storage to Paid Subscribers$12.00
11/1/13 21:45(Expired) Groupon Offers $20 Sam's Club GC to New Members Plus More$220.00
11/1/20 10:30Save On Election Day 2020 With These Deals$300.00
11/4/13 15:31(Expired) Best Buy College Student Deals$50.00
11/9/20 22:20Over 100 Veteran's Day Restaurant Deals$15.00
11/10/20 21:34Free Military Qalo Silicone Ring For The Month Of November$19.95
11/11/20 9:58Free 6-Count Box of Built Bar Protein Bars with Free Shipping$15.00
11/12/12 1:21US Bank Cash Plus Card 5% Back$375.00
11/12/12 1:50Shopping around for the best mortgage$2,000.00
11/12/20 9:31Get $40 at Rakuten Plus Savings On Top Brands$40.00
11/14/20 22:42Get Apple TV + with Apple Music free for 6 months then $4.99/month (student discount)$149.82
11/16/20 9:24Get $10 When You Order Starbucks With Uber Eats$10.00
11/19/20 9:31Get $40 free at Rakuten.comGet $40 free at$40.00
11/19/20 20:41AMEX Offer: Get 1 Year Free Trial to Blinkist Premium ($99 Value)$99.00
11/22/20 6:50Private Internet Access VPN Biggest Sale Of The Year$351.00
11/22/20 18:02Save 50% on ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus for Black Friday$180.00
11/24/17 0:49(Expired) YETI Hopper 30 Cooler for $169 normally $349$180.00
11/26/13 8:03(Expired) Awesome Starbucks Deals$60.00
11/26/13 21:45(Expired) Portable Workout Equipment$60.00
11/26/13 22:04(Expired) Columbia Boys Mountain Full Zip Fleece Only $9.60$25.40
11/29/13 10:39(Expired) Dyson Original For Only $248!$161.00
11/30/13 4:35What Is Military Retirement Worth?$2,164.20
11/30/13 23:15(Expired) Free Money From Capital One 360! Hurry Ends 2 Dec!$200.00
12/1/13 12:50(Expired) $100 iTunes for $85 - Ends 12/03/13$15.00
12/6/13 2:11(Expired) Groupon 06Dec13 - $89.99 Acer Tablet$39.00
12/6/13 22:42Free Amazon Prime for students$39.00
12/7/13 1:30Maximize Savings Strategy for 2014$1,500.00
12/7/13 1:43(Expired) BestBuy 07Dec13 - $100 off Asus Notebook$100.00
12/9/13 1:00(Expired) Starbucks 9Dec2013 Deals$30.00
12/25/13 0:30(Expired) 50% off at REI$60.00
12/26/13 15:18(Expired) Xbox One Giveaway form MakeUseOf$450.00
12/26/13 23:45(Expired) Up To 70% Off At Sierra Trading Post$10.00
12/27/13 22:44(Expired) Altitude Sports Boxing Day Sale$30.00
12/30/13 3:15(Expired) Capital One 360's Check Mate Just Made Things Easier$75.00

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