Military Acronyms

The military uses many acronyms and initialism often without ever explaining what they stand for to begin with. You will also come across those who have been using the initials for years and never bothered to find out what they stand for such as “CIF”. I personally think we should ban the use of acronyms and initialism in the military but ya gotta pick your battles, right?

Below is a useful searchable table with common acronyms and initialism used in the military. Feel free to let me know if I missed any.

1AD1st Artillery Division
1LTFirst Lieutenant
1SGFirst Sergeant
1st SFOD‐D1st Special Forces Operational Detachment‐Delta
1st SWTG1st Special Warfare Training Group
2LTSecond Lieutenant
2XNStwo times non‐select
3 Rsrefine, reduce, replace
4GLfourth generation languages
6YPsix‐year plan
7ELess than 7 days from ETS category
31stthirty first
AArmy (in combinations only)
Aammunition and explosives
A&DBAwards and Decorations Branch
A&EHAammunition and explosives holding area
A&FCairworthiness and flight characteristics
A&Rathletic and recreation
A/Cair conditioning
A/DACGair defense artillery officer basic course
A/Gair to ground
A/Tassignment and termination
A2C2Army airspace command and control
AAadministrative assistant
AAArmy Americas Note: (South and Central America when used in conjunction with APO)
AAarrival angle
AAavenue of approach
AAassembly area
AAair to air
AAArmed Forces Americas Note: (except Canada)
AAaptitude area
AAabbreviated analysis
AAactive Army
AAaero medical adaptability
AAachieved ability
AA&Earms, ammunition and explosives
AAAArmy Audit Agency
AAAanti‐aircraft artillery
AAAAnti-Aircraft Artillery
AAAaccess approval authority
AAAAArmy Aviation Association of America
AAACOArmy Airborne/Airlift Coordinating Office
AAALACAssociation for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
AAARapproved automated accounting record
AAAVAdvanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AABAdministrative Appeals Board
AABAir Assault Badge
AABBAmerican Association of Blood Banks
AACArmy address code
AACacquisition advice code
AACArmy Acquisition Corps
AACair ambulance company
AACAArmy Airlift Clearance Authority
AACERTArmy American Council of Education Registry Transcript
AACFTArmy aircraft
AACGArrival Airfield Control Group
AACM‐FWGArmy Acquisition Career Management Functional Working Group
AACOMSArmy Area Communications System
AACPambient air control panel
AACWFArmy and Air Force Civilian Welfare Fund
AADadmission and disposition
AADCarea air defense commander
AADCCSArmy Air Defense Control and Coordination System
AADCOMArmy Air Defense Command
AADCPArmy Air Defense Command Post
AADEArmy Air Defense Element
AAEArmy acquisition executive
AAEMISArmy Automated Environmental Management Information System
AAESAArmy Acquisition Executive Support Agency
AAFArmy availability factor
AAFArmy Air Field
AAFAArmy Aviation Flight Activity
AAFESArmy Air Force Exchange System
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Service
AAFHTNSArmy and Air Force Hometown News Service
AAFMAAArmy and Air Force Mutual Aid Association
AAFSAmphibious Assault Fuel System
AAFUaugmented assault fire units
AAGArmy artillery group
AAGEArmy Advisory Group on Energy
AAGRair‐to‐air gunnery range
AAHadvanced attack helicopter
AAHAawaiting action higher authority
AAICArmy Architecture Integration Cell
AALauthorized allowance list
AALadditional authorizations list
AALAAmerican Association for Laboratory Accreditation
AALISSArmy Automated Library and Information Support System
AALOCActive Army Locator
AALOCSActive Army Locator System
AALPSAutomated Air Load Planning System
AALPSArmy Air Load Planning System
AALSArmy Aviation Logistics School
AAMArmy Achievement Medal
AAMair‐to‐air missile
AAMAir-to-Air Missile
AAMArmy aircraft maintenance
AAMDCArmy Air and Missile Defense Command
AAMEArmy Award for Maintenance Excellence
AAMEArmy Award for Maintenance Excellence
AAMGAnti-Aircraft Machine Gun
AAMGanti‐aircraft machine gun
AAMIAmerican Association of Medical Institutes
AAMMISArmy Automated Manpower Management Information System
AAMMPActive Army Military Manpower Program
AAMPArmy Aviation Modernization Plan
AAMROArmy Air Movements Requirements Office
AAMSArmy Acquisition Management System
AAMSAAArmy Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
AANautomatic digital network action notice
AANTadditional assembly for nuclear training
AAOarea action officer
AAOArmy Addresses Online
AAOapproved acquisition objective
AAOauthorized acquisition objective
AAOArmy acquisition objective
AAOartifact accountable officer
AAODArmy aviation operating detachment
AAPadvanced acquisition plan
AAPaffirmative action plan
AAPArmy alternate procedures
AAPallied administrative publication
AAPArmy ammunition plant
AAPappointment advisory panel
AAPAmerican Academy of Pediatrics
AAPadministrative appeals process
AAPAAmerican Association of Port Authorities
AAPACArmy Advanced Public Affairs Course
AAPARTAviator Annual Proficiency and Readiness Test
AAPMArmy aviation planning manual
AAPPaffirmative action program plans
AAPPSOArmy Acquisition Pollution Prevention Support Office
AAPSaircraft accident prevention survey
AARArmy area representative
AARadministrative adjustment report
AARafter action review
AARAmerican Association of Railroads
AARafter action report
AARaircraft accident report
AARAaccess and amendment refusal authority
AARDACONUSArmy Air Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment in the Continental United States
AARMAAssistant Army Attaché
AARMSArmy Architecture Management System
AARTSAmerican or Army Council of Education Registry Transcript
AARTSArmy/American Council on Education Registry
AASAAdministrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
AASAAdministrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
AASCArmy area signal center
AASCArmy automation steering committee
AASCArmy Audiology and Speech Center
AASEArmy Aviation Support Element
AASFArmy aviation support facility
AASLTair assault
AASPAutomated Multi‐media Exchange Army Telecommunications Program System Plan
AASPArmy Automated Security Program
AASTAArmy aviation systems test activity
AATCOArmy air traffic coordinating office
AATFair assault task force
AATFCair assault task force commander
AATRISArmy Air Traffic Regulation and Identification System
AATSArmy National Guard Aviation Training Site
AATWGArmy Continuing Education System automation and technology working group
AATWGautomation and technology working group
AAUTAadditional airborne unit training assemblies
AAVAmphibious Assault Vehicle
AAVAmphibious Assault Vehicle
AAVAssault Amphibian Vehicle
AAVacquisition aid vehicle
AAVarmored assault vehicle
AAVCAssault Amphibian Vehicle, Command
AAVCArmy Aviation Center
AAWanti‐air warfare
AAWArmy Acquisition Workforce
AAWSSCArmy Atomic Weapons Systems Safety Committee
AAWS‐Hanti‐armor weapons system‐heavy
AAWS‐Hadvanced anti‐tank weapons system‐heavy
AAWS‐Manti‐armor weapons system‐medium
AAWS‐Madvanced anti‐tank weapons system‐medium
ABAApplied Behavior Analysis
ABAAmerican Bar Association
ABAappropriation and budget activity
ABAAmerican, British, Australian
ABACAppropriation and Budget Activity Code
ABARAlternate Battery Acquisition Radar
ABARSAutomatic Briefing and Research Systems
ABCAmerican Bowling Congress
ABCautomatic box conveyor
ABCactivity based costing
ABC/MActivity Based Costing/Management
ABCAabbreviations, brevity codes, and acronyms
ABCAAmerican, British, Canadian, and Australian (and New Zealand thru an agreement with Australia)
ABCAAAustralian, Britain, Canadian, and American Alliance
ABCCCairborne battlefield command and control center
ABCMRArmy Board for Correction of Military Records
ABCPArmy Band Career Program
ABCPArmy Body Composition Program
ABCSArmy Battlefield Command System
ABDRArmy battle damage repair
ABDUAircrew battle dress uniform
ABEassistant brigade engineer
ABEArmy budget estimate
ABEAArmy Business Initiative Council
ABFavailability balance file
ABFArmy billeting fund
ABFasset balance file
ABGDair base ground defense
ABICAutomated Battlefield Integration Concepts
ABICAutomated Battlefield Interface Concept
ABIDEArmy basic identity data element
ABIFArmy Banking and Investment Fund
ABLAllegheny Ballistics Laboratory
ABLammunition basic load
ABLCSArmy basic load computation system
ABMAnti-Ballistic Missile
ABMActivity Based Management
ABManti‐ballistic missile
ABMCAmerican Battle Monuments Commission
ABMDAlcohol Breath Measuring Device
ABMOCair battle management operations center
ABMSAmerican Board of Medical Specialties
ABOArmy Budget Office
ABO/RhAmerican Board of Otolaryngology/Rhesus factor
ABOIPamended basis of issue plan
ABRarmored brigade (British)
ABRArmy Board of Review
ABRAbbreviated Budget Review
ABRESAdvanced Ballistic Reentry Systems
ABSArmy Broadcasting Service
ABSAutomated Battle book System
ABSamended budget submission
ABSAmerican Bureau of Shipping
ABSArmy baseline services
ABSLanimal biosafety level
ABTair breathing threat or target
ABTall body types
ACamount claimed
ACArmy component
ACaircraft commander
ACactivity code
ACActive Component
ACalternating current
ACallied command
AChydrogen cyanide
AC/RCActive Component/Reserve Component
AC2MPArmy Command and Control Master Plan
ACAairspace control authority
ACAAmerican Corrections Association
ACAArmy computer‐aided
ACAaccess control authority
ACAairspace coordination area
ACAArmy Contracting Agency
ACALAArmament and Chemical Acquisition Logistics Activity
ACAMISArmy Commercial Activities Management Information System
ACAMPSAutomated Communications and Message Processing System
ACAMSAutomatic Continuous Air Monitoring System
ACAPArmy cost analysis paper
ACAPArmy Career and Alumni Program
ACAPArmy Career & Alumni Programs
ACAPaero‐medical consultant advisory panel
ACASArmy Commissaries Automated System
ACASArmy Crisis Action System
ACASPArmy Civilian Acquired Skills Program
ACATAcquisition Category
ACBArmy Classification Battery
ACCAir Combat Command
ACCarea control center
ACCArchitecture Control Committee
ACCArmy Comptrollership Course
ACCArmy Communications Command
ACCArmy competitive category
ACCAir Control Center
ACCassignment classification code
ACCAArmy Court of Criminal Appeals
ACCBAir Cavalry Combat Brigade
ACCCArmy Combat Camera Center
ACCESArmy Civilian Career Evaluation System
ACCESSArmy Commissary Computer Entry Store System
ACCESSAutomated Catalog of Computer Equipment and Software Stores
ACCLAIMSArmy Communications Security Commodity, Logistical and Accounting Information Management System
ACCMalternative compensatory control measure
ACCMBAircraft Crewman Badge
ACCNETArmy Command and Control Network
ACCOArmy central control office
ACCORArmy Communications Security Central Office of Record
ACCPArmy Correspondence Course Program
ACCPArmy Correspondence Courses
ACCSArmy Command and Control System
ACCSAutomated Case Control System
ACCSCRArmy Command and Control System Capability Requirement
ACCTPOaccountable property officer
ACCTSTRaccountable strength
ACDAArms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDBautomated cost database
ACDBambulatory care data base
ACDLArmy commercial driver's license
ACDPacquisition career development plan
ACDUTRAApplication for Active Duty for Training
ACEairspace control element
ACEair control element
ACEassessment of combat effectiveness
ACEarmored combat earthmover
ACEAllied Command Europe
ACEauxiliary communications equipment
ACEArmy Corps of Engineers
ACEaircraft condition evaluation
ACEassistant chief of engineers
ACEAmerican Council on Education
ACEacquisition career experience
ACEair combat element
ACEaviation combat element
ACEanalysis and control element
ACEadvanced collaborative environment
ACEArmy Communities of Excellence
ACEBArmy Clothing and Equipment Board
ACEBDAirborne, Communications, and Electronics Board
ACEITautomatic cost estimating integrated tool
ACEMISAutomated Communications‐Electronics Management Information System
ACERTArmy Counterpart Emergency Response Team
ACERTArmy computer emergency response team
ACERTArmy Contaminated Equipment Retrograde Team
ACERT/CCArmy Computer Emergency Team/Coordination Center
ACESArmy Continuing Education System
ACESArmy Center of Excellence, Subsistence
ACESArmy Continuing Education Division
ACETautomatic cancellation of extended targets
acfattainable cubic feet
acfarea cost factor
ACFArmy College Fund
ACFEAssociation of Certified Fraud Examiners
ACFPArmy Congressional Fellowship Program
ACFSabbreviated cost form system
ACFSBArmy Congressional Fellowship Selection Board
ACFTArmy Combat Fitness Test
ACGIHAmerican Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
ACGMEAccreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
ACGPArea Coordination Group
ACGPArmy Career Group
ACHArmy Community Housing
ACHAutomated Clearing House
ACHArmy Community Hospital
ACHOJActive Correlation Home‐On‐Jam
ACHPAdvisory Council on Historic Preservation
ACIAutomated Carrier Interface
ACIAdmission and Coding Information Form
ACI2Automated Criminal Investigation and Intelligence System
ACIAAviation Career Incentive Act
ACICArmy Counterintelligence Center
ACIEaero‐medical consultation and in‐flight evaluation
ACIFArmy Central Insurance Fund
ACIFSAutomated Central Issue Facility System
ACIIPautomated clothing initial point
ACIMSAircraft Component Intensive Management System
ACIPautomated clothing initial issue point
ACIPaviation career incentive pay
ACIRSAutomated Criminal Investigative Reporting System
ACISArmy Corrections Information System
ACISArms Control Intelligence Staff
ACISArmy Combat Identification Systems
ACJCSAssistant Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff
ACLArea Code Listing
ACLallowable combat load
ACLallowable cabin load
ACLaccess control list
ACLAMAmerican College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
ACLDBArmy Central Logistics Data Bank
ACLSAdvanced Cardiac Life Support
ACLSAutomated Carrier Landing System
ACLTPArmy Command Language Training Program
ACLVaccrued leave
ACMair contingency Marine air‐ground task force
ACMasbestos containing material
ACMarea club management
ACMAmerican Campaign Medal
ACMairspace control measures
ACMAir Combat Maneuvering
ACMAacquisition career management advocate
ACMIAir Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation
ACMOacquisition career management officer
ACMRArmy Court of Military Review
ACMRAir Combat Maneuvering Range
ACMSArmy Command Management System
ACMSAutomated Career Management System
ACNaction control number
ACOarea claims offices
ACOadministrative contract office
ACOaviation commissioned officers
ACOadministrative contracting officer
ACOairspace control order
ACOA (F&A)Assistant Comptroller of the Army for Finance and Accounting
ACODactual cost of damage
ACofSActing Chief of Staff
ACOGadvanced combat optical gunsight
ACOMautomatic centralized operation and maintenance
ACOMArmy Command
ACOMSArmy Commands
ACOPairborne corps operations plan
ACORadministrative contracting officer representative
ACOUSINTacoustical intelligence
ACPair control point
ACPairlift command post
ACPArmy Comptroller Program
ACPArmy continuation pay
ACPairborne command post
ACPArmy capabilities plan
ACPArmy cost position
ACPAsset Capitalization Program
ACPArmy campaign plan
ACPallied communications publication
ACPArmored Command Post
ACPBArmy Clemency and Parole Board
ACPCArroyo Center Policy Committee
ACPDArmy Control Program Directive
ACPEAssociation for Clinical Pastoral Education
ACPERSArmy Civilian Personnel Information Systems
ACPMactivity career program manager
ACPPAviation Contingency Parts Pool
ACPSArmy Civilian Personnel System
ACRaccounting clearance record
ACRArmy Central Registry
ACRadvanced concepts and requirements
ACRammunition condition report
ACRArmored Cavalry Regiment
ACRAAirlift, Concepts And Requirements Agency
ACRBArmy Council of Review Boards
ACRCArmy Central Reservation Center
ACRFArmy Central Retirement Fund
ACRNaccount classification reference number
ACRPArmy Cost Reduction Program
ACRVarmored command and reconnaissance vehicle
ACSaerial common sensor
ACSAsset Control Subsystem
ACSactive commissioned service
ACSArmy Community Service
ACSadvanced civilian schooling
ACSairlift control squadron
ACSArmy Inmate Classification System
ACSambient cooling system
ACSaero‐medical consultative service
ACSArmy Corrections System
ACSAsset Control System
ACSAssistant Chief of Staff
ACSAAssistant Chief of Staff Army
ACSAacquisition and cross‐servicing agreements
ACSAPArmy Center for Substance Abuse Programs
ACSCAir Command and Staff College
ACSETArmy Community Service Evaluation Team
ACSHAir Commodity and Special Handling
ACSIAmerican Customer Satisfaction Index
ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management
ACSIMAssistant Chief of Staff for Information Management
ACSPAdvanced Civil Schooling Program
ACSPArmy Central Service Point
ACTAmerican College Test
ACTanalysis and control team
ACTArmy system acquisition review council coordination team
ACTaccounting clearance
ACTArmy Career Tracker
ACTair control team
ACTApache crew trainer
ACTadvanced civilian school
ACTarmored cavalry trainer
ACTautomated control of trainees
ACTAAdvanced Combat Training Academy
ACTCSArmy Training and Certification Tracking System
ACTDadvanced concept technology demonstration
ACTEDSArmy Civilian Training, Education & Development System
ACTEDSArmy Civilian Training, Education and Development System
ACTOJactive correlation track‐on‐jam
ACTSArmy Compliance Tracking System
ACTSArmy Criteria Tracking System
ACTUATESoftware tool to retrieve information
ACTURAutomated Central Tumor Registry
ACUAssault Craft Unit
ACUArmy combat uniform
ACUBArmy compatible use buffer
ACUSArmy Common User System
ACVarmored cavalry vehicle
ACVArmy combat vehicle
ACVCArmy commercial vehicle code
ACWAAdministrative Careers with America
ACWCSaircrew cold weather clothing system
ACWFArmy Civilian Welfare Fund
ACWPactual cost of work performed
ACWTaverage customer wait time
ADadvanced designee
ADadvanced development
ADair defense
ADArmy depot
ADactive duty
ADarmored division
adacquisition director
AD/TMDAir Defense/Theatre Missile Defense
ADAair defense artillery
ADAAmerican Disabilities Act
ADAAmerican Dental Association
ADAadditional drill assemblies
ADAAmerican Dietetics Association
ADAair defense availability
ADACCAir Defense Airspace Coordination Cell
ADACGarrival/departure air control group
ADACSADA control station
ADADAir Defense Artillery Director
ADAFCOair and missile defense air defense artillery fire control officer
ADAMArmy‐wide devices automated management
ADAMArea Denial Artillery Munitions
ADAODAir Defense Artillery Operations Detachment
ADAOOAir Defense Artillery Operations Office
ADAPArmy Designated Acquisition Program
ADAPCPAlcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program
ADAPCP‐OMRAlcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program Outpatient Medical Record
ADAPTalcohol drug abuse prevention training
ADARAir Defense Area
ADASArmy Damage Assessment System
ADASPair defense annual service practice
ADATSAir Defense Anti-Tank System
ADATSAir Defense Anti‐Tank System
ADATSArmy Development and Acquisition of Threat Simulator
ADATSAArmy Development & Threat Simulators Activity
ADCAssistant/Associate Defense Counsel
ADCair dimension code
ADCassistant division commander
ADCarea damage control
ADC (M)assistant division commander (maneuver)
ADC(S)assistant division commander (support)
ADCCArmy DIMHRS Contact Center
ADCFAAssistant Director of Community and Family Activities
ADCOAlcohol Drug Control Officer
ADCONadministrative control
ADCOORDair defense coordinator
ADCOPair defense command post
ADCOParea damage control party
ADCSAssistant Deputy Chief of Staff
ADCSAutomation Data Collection System
ADCSArmy Dental Care System
ADCSAAssistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Ammunition
ADCSINTAssistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
ADCSOPSAssistant Deputy Chief Of Staff for Operations and Plans
ADCSPERAssistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
ADCSPRO‐FDAssistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs‐Force Development
ADCSTEAssistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Test and Evaluation
ADDArmy Data Dictionary
ADDCAir Defense Direction Center
ADDICAlcohol and Drug Dependency Intervention Council
ADDOTAssistant Deputy Director Course Program
ADDSArmy Data Distribution System
ADEArmy data element
ADEAutomated Data Equipment
ADEArmy data encyclopedia
ADEassistant division engineer
ADEair defense emergency
ADEAAge Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
ADEAArmy Development and Employment Agency
ADEAArmy Data Encyclopedia Administrator
ADECArmy DIMHRS Education Center
ADESautomatic digital network (AUTODIN) Data Exchange Service
ADEWSAir Defense Electronic Warfare System
ADFAustralian Defense Force
ADFautomatic direction finder
ADFArmy document format
ADFACSAir Defense Functional Area Control System
ADFMActive-Duty Family Member
ADFTArtillery direct fire trainer
ADGadvance development group
ADHELAir Defense High Energy Laser
ADIair defense initiative
ADICAlcohol Drug Intervention Council
ADIEacquisition data input equipment
ADIZAir Defense Identification Zone
ADLarea dental laboratory
ADLautomatic data link
ADLadvanced distributed learning
ADLauthorized data list
ADLactivities of daily living
ADLactive duty list
ADLarmistice demarcation line
ADMadministrative absence transaction
ADMatomic demolition munitions
ADMadvanced development model
ADMactive duty member
ADMacquisition decision memorandum
ADMCair defense missile command
ADMCENadministration center
ADMGArmy Data Management Group
ADMIN ADOSAdministration Active Duty Operational Support
ADMINIadministrative instructions
ADMINOadministrative order
ADMRUaviation depot maintenance round‐out units
ADMSCAutomatic Digital Message Switching Center
ADMSEautomatic digital message switch equipment
ADMSGadvise by message
ADMSLBNair defense missile battalion
ADMSPArmy Data Management and Standards Program
ADNACair defense of North American continent
ADNLa‐weighted day‐night average sound level
ADOadvanced development objective
ADOArmy Digitization Office
ADOactive duty obligation
ADOAair defense operations area
ADOPadditive operational project
ADOSActive Duty Operational Support
ADOTActive Duty Other than for Training
ADOTautomatic digital optical tracker
ADPautomatic data processing
ADPautomated data process(ing)
ADPadvance development plan
ADPAASArmy Disaster Personnel Accountability Assessment System
ADPEautomatic (or Automated) data processing equipment
ADPHRaverage daily patients on hospital rolls
ADPLaverage daily patient load
ADPMISautomatic data processing management information system
ADPOArmy DIMHRS Program Office
ADPRautomatic data processing resource
ADPSautomated data processing system
ADPSCautomatic data processing service center
ADPSSEPautomated data processing system security enhancement program
ADPSSOautomated data processing systems security officer
ADP‐DOFArmy Publishing Directorate‐Distribution Operations Facility
ADQRAir Defense Quarterly Review
ADRAlternative dispute resolution
ADRAnnual Defense Report
ADRautomated dosimetry report
ADRBArmy Disability Review Board
ADRBArmy Discharge Review Board
ADRGARC digitized raster graphics
ADRLair date required to load
ADRPArmy Defense Information System Network Router Program
ADRRBArmy Disability Rating Review Board
ADRSArmy Deployment Report‐System
ADRSAutomated Discrepancy Reporting System
ADSactive duty support
ADSauthoritative data source
ADSAdvanced Distributed Simulation
ADSAmbulatory Data System
ADSDactive duty service date
ADSECadvance section
ADSFAerial Delivery Support Function
ADSHIPDAadvise shipping data
ADSLauthorized depot stockage list
ADSMAir Defense Suppression Missile
ADSMautomated data systems manual
ADSMAir Defense Service Medal
ADSNaccounting disbursing station number
ADSOassistant division signal officer
ADSOactive duty service obligation
ADSSArmy DEAIS Data Entry System
ADSSAutomated Dictionary Support System
ADSTADISadvise status and/or disposition
ADSWactive duty for special work
ADSW‐ACActive Duty for Special Work of the Active Component
ADSXXIArmy Development System XXI
ADTactive duty for training
ADTAAdvance Deposit Trust Account
ADTAAviation Development Test Activity
ADTCCAtlantic Division Transport Control Center
ADTDLArmy Doctrine and Training Digital Library
ADTLPArmy Doctrine and Training Literature Program
ADTMCalgorithm‐directed troop medical care
ADTOair defense artillery tactical operation
ADTRANSAssignment Data Transactions
ADTSArmy Digital Training Strategy
ADTTArmy DIMHRS Training Team
ADTTPArmy Domestic Technology Transfer Program
ADUMautomated data unit movement
ADUSD (CI)Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Conservation and Installations)
ADUSD (ESOH)Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health)
ADVDISCadvance discontinuance of allotment
ADVMOSadvanced military occupational specialty
ADVPMTadvance payment
ADWair defense warning
ADWCAir Defense Warning Condition
ADWCESair defense weapons cost effectiveness study
ADWGairdrop working group
ADXadvanced development experimental
ADXair defense exercise
AEArmed Forces Europe (used with APO)
AEarchitectural engineering
AEacquisition executive
AEArmy Europe (when used with APO)
AEArmed Forces Canada (used with APO)
AEactive enlisted
AEArmed Forces Africa
AEArmed Forces Middle East (used with APO)
AEaero medical evacuation
AEarchitectural and environmental
AEauxiliary equipment
AE&Sair equipment and support
AEAArmy Electronic Archive
AEAadmiralty extension act
AEAArmy Enterprise Architecture
AEAassignment eligibility and availability
AEAFArmy Enterprise Architecture Framework
AEAFDArmy Enterprise Architecture Framework Document
AEAGDArmy Enterprise Architecture Guidance Document
AEAMPArmy Electronic Architecture (AEA) Master Plan
AEBaerial exploitation battalion
AECarea equipment compounds
AECArmy extension courses
AECarea environmental coordinators
AECAtomic Energy Commission
AECArmy Education Center
AECArmy Environment Center
AECair eligible category
AECArmy Evaluation Center
AECAArms Export Control Act
AECPArmy Extension Course Program
AECPArmy Experimental Campaign Plan
AECSAutomated Entry Control System
AECSArmy environmental cleanup strategy
AEDaviation engineering division
AEDAammunition, explosives, and dangerous articles
AEDBArmy environmental data base
AEDB‐CCArmy environment data base ‐ compliance related cleanup
AEDB‐EQArmy environmental data base ‐ environment quality
AEDB‐RArmy environmental data base ‐ restoration
AEDB‐RArmy Environmental Program
AEDRAviation Epidemiology Data Register
AEDSAtomic Energy Detection System
AEFAmerican Expeditionary Force
AEFAArmy Engineering Flight Activity
AEFAArmy Environmental Health Agency
AEHAArmy Environmental Hygiene Agency
AEHRSAadaptive equipment health related service assistance
AEIArmy Enterprise Infrastructure
AEIarchitectural and engineering instructions
AEIarmor enhancement initiatives
AELArmy Electronic Library
AELairborne exposure limits
AELTair evacuation liaison team
AEOArmy Energy Office
AEOArmy Environmental Office
AEOalternate entry option
AEOPaero medical evacuation operations officer
AEPAllied Engineering publication
AEPASAP Evaluation Plan
AEPaffirmative employment program plan
AEPallied electronics publication
AEPAffirmative Employment Program
AEPannual execution plan
AEPDSAutomated Emergency Action Message Processing and Dissemination System
AEPIArmy Environmental Policy Institute
AEPSArmy electronic product support
AERacademic evaluation report
AERArmy Emergency Relief
AERBArmy Educational Requirements Board
AERDLArmy Electronics Research and Development Laboratory
AEROArmy environmental reporting online
AEROaero‐medical epidemiology resource office
AERSArmy Educational Requirement System
AERSAcademic Evaluation Reporting System
AERTAArmy Environmental Requirements and Technology Assessments
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AESazimuth/elevation subsystem
AESACCS Experiment Site
AESAPArmy Entertainment Scholarships and Awards Program
AESCautomatic electronic switching center
AESMNSArmy Equipment Safety and Maintenance Notification System
AESRSArmy Equipment Status Reporting System
AETArmy extension training
AETCAir Educational Training Command
AETDArmy in Europe Telephone Directory
AETEacquisition education, training, and experience
AETFAir Expeditionary task force
AETISArmy Extension Training Information System
AEVArmored Engineer Vehicle
AEWAirborne Early Warning
AEW&Cairborne early warning and control
AFavailability factor
AFappropriated fund
AFAcronyms Finder
AFaudio frequency
AFabbreviated form
AFAir Force
AFArmy Funded
AFamphibious force
AFAAir Force Academy
AFAArmy flight activity
AFAARAutomated Forward Area Alerting Radar
AFACairborne forward air controller
AFAKArmed Forces Assistance to Korea
AFAOapproved force acquisition objective
AFAPAtomic, Field Artillery Projectile
AFAPArtillery Fired Atomic Projectile (or Atomic, Field Artillery Projectile)
AFAPArmy Family Action Plan
AFAPSArmy Family Advocacy Program System
AFARArmy Federal Acquisition Regulation
AFARSArmy Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
AFASAir Force Aid Society
AFASTAlternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test
AFATDSAdvanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems
AFBAir Force base
AFBRAir Force Board of Review
AFCarea frequency coordinator
AFCBArmed Forces Chaplains Board
AFCCAir Force Communications Command
AFCCAssault Fire Command Console
AFCCAAir Force Court of Criminal Appeals
AFCEAArmed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
AFCENTAllied Forces, Central Europe
AFCRautomated financial control register
AFCSAutomatic Fire Control System
AFCSactive federal commissioned service
AFCSAir Force Communications Service
AFCSArmy Facilities Components System
AFCSAutomatic Flight Control System
AFCTArmed Forces Classification Test
AFDAutomatic Feeding Device
AFDArmy Functional Dictionary
AFD/WArmed Forces Day/Week
AFDCBArmed Forces Disciplinary Control Board
AFDPArmy Financial Development Plan
AFDPArmy Force Development Plan
AFEArmed Forces entertainment
AFEBArmed Forces Epidemiological Board
AFEMArmed Forces Expeditionary Medal
AFEMSAir Force Equipment Management System
AFESArmy Financial Entitlements System
AFESAutomatic Fire Extinguisher System
AFESCAir Force Engineering and Service Center
AFETSAir Forces Engineering and Technical Services
AFFFaqueous film‐forming foam
AFFSArmy Field Feeding System
AFFSAAir Force Flight Service Agency
AFGArmy Force Guidance
AFGEAmerican Federation of Government Employees
AFGRapproved force gross requirement
AFHArmy family housing
AFHCArmy family housing construction
AFHOArmy Family Housing Operations
AFHPSPArmed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program
AFIAir Force Instruction
AFIOapproved force inventory objective
AFIPArmed Forces Institute of Pathology
AFIRBArmed Forces identification review Board
AFISArmed Forces Information Service
AFISAutomated Fingerprint Identification System
AFIS/DAPArmed Forces Information Service/Defense Audiovisual Policy
AFITAir Force Institute of Technology
AFJAIAir Force Joint Airdrop Inspector
AFJIAir Force Joint Instruction
AFJMANAir Force joint manual
AFLCAir Force Logistics Center
AFMAir Force manual
AFMarmed forces management
AFMAJCOMAir Force Major Command
AFMCAir Force Material Command
AFMEArmed Forces medical examiner
AFMETSArmed Forces Medical Examiner Tracking System
AFMICArmed Forces Medical Intelligence Center
AFMISArmy Food Management Information System
AFMOArmy Frequency Management Office
AFMRBArmy Foreign Material Review Board
AFMSArmy Force Management School
AFMSCArmed Forces Menu Service Committee
AFNAmerican Forces Network
AFNAFPOAir Force Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Office
AFNEAmerican Forces Network‐Europe
AFNEWSAir Force News Agency
AFNKAmerican Forces Network‐ Korea
AFNORTHAllied Forces, Northern Europe
AFOAccounting and Finance Officer
AFODArmy Flight Operations Detachment
AFOMSAir Force Office of Medical Support (TRIMIS)
AFORAutomated Forces
AFOSIAir Force Office of Special Investigations
AFPannual funding program
AFPassault fire platoon
AFPCArmed Forces Policy Committee
AFPCBArmed Forces Pest Control Board
AFPDAArmy force planning data and assumptions
AFPECArmed Forces Product Evaluation Committee
AFPEOArmed Forces Professional Entertainment Overseas
AFPMBArmed Forces Pest Management Board
AFPROAir Force plant representatives office
AFPSArmed Forces Press Service
AFP‐DWAAir Force personnel on duty with Army
AFQTArmed Forces qualification test
AFQTVAArmed Forces Qualification Test, Verbal Arithmetic Subtest
AFRartillery flash ranging
AFRAir Force Reserve
AFRAir Force Regulation
AFRAArmed Forces Reserve Act of 1952, as amended
AFRAMSAir Force Recoverable Asset Management
AFRCArmed Forces Recreation Centers
AFRLAir Force Research Laboratory
AFRMArmed Forces Reserve Medal
AFRMair frame
AFROTCAir Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
AFRSCArmed Forces Recipe Service Committee
AFRSC‐EArmed Forces Recreation Center‐Europe
AFRTSArmed Forces Radio and Television Service
AFRTSArmed Forces Radio and Television Service
AFSa Federal service
AFSArmy facility strategy
AFSActive Federal Service
AFSATAir Force Satellite System
AFSATCOMAir Force Satellite Communication System, US
AFSCAir Force Systems Command
AFSCArmy Facilities Standardization Committee
AFSCArmy field support command
AFSCArmed Forces Staff College
AFSCAir Force specialty code
AFSCOORDassistant fire support coordinator
AFSCSArmy Field Stock Control System
AFSIRAir Force Spectrum Interference Resolution
AFSOCAir Force special operations command
AFSOUTHAllied Forces Southern
AFSSautomated fuel service station
AFSSCArmy Facilities Standardization Subcommittee
AFTannual financial target
AFTBArmy family team building
AFTECAir Force Test Center
AFTPaircrew flight training period
AFTPadditional flight training periods
AFUassault fire unit
AFVArmored Fighting Vehicle
AFVarmored family of vehicles
AFVAlternate Fueled Vehicles
AFVTArmed Forces vision tester
AFWABArmy Fixed Wing Aptitude Battery
AFWSTArmed Forces Women's Selection Test
AGAdjutant General
AGArmy guidance
AGArmy green
AGAAssociation of Government Accountants
AGARAbbreviated Ground Accident Report
AGCAutomatic Gain Control
AGCArmy General Counsel
AGCAdjutant General's Corps
AGCagreed cost of repairs
AGCAautomatic ground‐controlled approach
AGCCCAdjutant General Captains Career Course
AGCCSArmy Global Command and Control System
AGCFair‐ground correlation factor
AGCMArmy Good Conduct Medal
AGCTArmy General Classification Test
AGDAdvanced General Dentistry
AGDRBArmy Grade Determination Review Board
AGEarterial gas embolism
AGIannual general inspection
AGLabove ground level
AGLaverage grade level
AGMair‐to‐ground missile system
AGMadvanced guided munitions
AGOACAdjutant General Officer Advanced Course
AGOBCAdjutant General Officer Basic Course
AGOSAir‐Ground Operations System
AGOSAir‐Ground Operations School
AGPLANArmy general purpose local area network
AGRActive Guard Reserve
AGRMISActive Guard Reserve Management Information System
AGRSAmerican Graves Registration Service
AGSArmy General staff
AGSArmored Gun System
AGSEAircraft Ground Support Equipment
AGSTAdvanced Gunnery Training Simulator Air‐Crew Training Manual
AGTSAerial Gunnery Target Systems
AGWEabove ground weapons effect
AHattack helicopter
AHAammunition holding area
AHBattack helicopter battalion
AHCassault helicopter company
AHCEArmy Health Center
AHDArmy Housing Division
AHDRArmy Human Resources Data Repository
AHERAAsbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
AHFRACArmy Human Factors Research Advisory Committee
AHFRDCArmy Human Factors Research and Development Committee
AHIPArmy Helicopter Improvement Program
AHLTAArmed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (Note: AHLTA has been adopted as a standalone word‐there
AHNArmy health nurse
AHOSArmy Housing One Stop
AHPArmy Historical Program
AHPArmy heliport
AHPallied hydrographic publication
AHPArmy Home Page
AHPAArcheological and Historical Preservation Act
AHRCArmy Human Resources Command
AHRC‐EPO‐EArmy Human Resources Command‐Enlisted Personnel Office‐
AHRC‐PDBArmy Human Resources Command‐Physical Disability Board
AHRPArmy Housing Requirements Program
AHRSArmy Human Resources System
AHRSAttitude Heading Reference System
AHSauxiliary hydraulic subsystem
AHSAcademy of Health Sciences
AHSPCArmy Historical Strategic Planning Committee
AIassignment instructions
AIadditional issue
AIassignment instruction
AIassistant instructor
AIair interdiction
AIArmy instructor
AIArmy intelligence
AIartificial intelligence
AIAArmy Information Architecture
AIAartillery impact area
AIAArmy Intelligence Agency
AIAAAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIABArmy Incentive Awards Board
AIAPArmy Information Assurance Program
AIAPArmy International Activities Plan
AIASAAnnual Integrated Assessment of Security Assistance
AIBPCaccident investigation board president course
AICAcademic Instructor Course
AICassignment information card
AICBManti‐intercontinental ballistic missile
AICPArmy Internal Control Program
AICPAAmerican Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AICUZair installation compatible use zone
AIDAgency for International Development
AIDAutomatic Inspection Device
AIDESAirborne Infrared Decoy Evaluation System
AIDESAnalyst Intelligence Display and Exploitation System
AIDRBArmy Investigational Drug Review Board
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AID‐Eautomatic interaction detector ‐ enlisted
AIEAcceptance inspection equipment
AIEArmy information engineering
AIEPArmy Ideas for Excellence Program
AIEWTAMMPArmy Intelligence and Electronic Warfare/Target Acquisition Modernization and Master Plan
AIFautomated intelligence file
AIFArmy Industrial Fund
AIFAAAFES Impress Fund Activities
AIFVArmored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
AIGaddress indicating group
AIGacting Inspector General
AIGArmy Inspector General
AIHAAmerican Industrial Hygiene Association
AIIArmy intelligence interpreter
AIIOCAdvanced Imagery Interpretation Orientation Course
AIIQammunition initial issue quantity
AILArmy Information Line
AILaction item list
AILSECArmy Integrated Logistics Support Executive Committee
AIMAirman's Information Manual
AIMArmy information management
AIMAeronautical information manual
AIMair intercept missile
AIMacquisition information management
AIMAaviation individual mobilization augmentee
AIMAArmy Intelligence Materiel Activity
AIMCArmy Information Management Council
AIMEArmy information management evaluation
AIMIaviation intensive management item
AIMI‐XArmy Intensive Management System‐Expanded
AIMNETAcquisition Information Management Network
AIMPArmy Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Master Plan
AIMSAutomated Integrated Material System
AIMSAcquisition Information Management System
AIMSArmy Integrated Meteorological System
AIMSCArmy Information Management Steering Committee
AIMSSadvanced infantry marksmanship strategies and standards
AIMSSArmy Information on Models, Simulations and Studies System
AIMTBartificial intelligence module test bed
AIMWGArmy Information Management Working Group
AINArmy Interoperability Network
AIOannual information exchange objectives
AIPassignment incentive pay
AIPAeronautical Information Publication
AIPAllied Intelligence Publication
AIPCArmy Installations Planning Committee
AIPCautomated information processing center
AIPDArmy Institute for Professional Development
AIPEaccredited institutions of postsecondary education
AIPPPArmy Integrated Publishing and Printing Program
AIPPSArmy Integrated Publishing and Printing System
AIPSPArmy Information Processing Standards Program
AIQCAT Instructor Qualification Course
AIRADairman advisory
AIRADair administrative net
AIRBManti‐intermediate range ballistic missile
AIRDCArmy Ionizing Dosimetry Center, US
AIRFaircrew reading information file
AIRFAAmerican Indian Religious Freedom Act
AIRMICCSArmy Institute for Research in Management Information, Communications, and Computer Sciences
AIRMPArmy Information Resources Management Program
AIRMSCArmy Information Resource Management Steering Committee
AIRRArmy Investigative Records Registry
AIRSAMDF Interrogation and Retrieval System
AIRSArmy Information Radio Service
AIRSAircraft Inventory Reporting System
AIRSOUTHAllied Air Forces, Southern Europe
AIRSUPREQAir Support Request
AISArmy Information Systems
AISAutomated Information System
AISMArmy information standards management
AISMAutomated Information Systems Manual
AISMCArmy Information Standards Management Committee
AISSAPAutomated Information System Security Assessment Program
AISSPAutomated Information Systems Security Program
AISSPArmy Information Systems Security Program
AISSRPArmy Information Systems Security Resources Program
AITautomatic information technology
AITautomatic identification technology
AITautomated identification technology
AITautomotive information test
AITArmy intelligence translator
AITadvanced identification techniques
AITAdvanced Individual Training
AITRArmy Information Technology Registry
AJACautomatic jamming avoidance circuitry
AJAG/CIVAssistant Judge Advocate General for Civil Law
AJAG/MILAssistant Judge Advocate General for Military Law
AJAIArmy Joint Airdrop Inspector
AJEMArmy joint exercise manual
AJOPSArmy Joint Operations Planning System
AJPAllied Joint Publication
AJPOADA Joint Program Office
AJSSAustralian Joint Staff Service
AJTSHAutomated Joint Threat Systems Handbook
AKARNGAlaska Army National Guard
AKEArmy Knowledge Enterprise
AKEAArmy Knowledge Enterprise Architecture
AKERRallied kinetic electronic product support
AKMArmy Knowledge Management
AKMPArmy Key Management Program
AKMSArmy Key Management System
AKOArmy Knowledge Online
AKOAKO Help Desk
AKO‐SArmy Knowledge On‐line SIPRNET
AKSSAcquisition and Technology and Logistics Knowledge Sharing System
AKWGArmy Knowledge Management Working Group
ALAction level
ALArmy Lodging
ALacquisition letter
AL&Tacquisition, logistics, technology
AL&TWFAcquisition, Logistics, and Technology Workforce
ALAArmy launch area
ALAArmy logistics assessment
ALANFArmy land forces
ALARAas low as is reasonably achievable
ALARACTall Army activities (Army general message address)
ALATArmy Language Aptitude Test
ALBair‐land battle
ALBautomated log book
ALBMair launched ballistic missile
ALCagency location code
ALCAmerican Language Course (or Committee)
ALCArmy Learning Center
ALCArmy Library Committee
ALCaccounting legend code
ALCANUSAlaska, Canada, United States
ALCEArmy language and cultural enterprise
ALCEairlift control element
ALCEAir Force Airlift Control Element
ALCEPAutomatic Secure Voice Communications Network (AUTOSEVOCOM) Life Cycle Extended Program
ALCMAir Launched Cruise Missile
ALCOairlift coordinating office
ALCORARPA/Lincoln C‐band observable radar
ALCPTAmerican Language Course Placement Test
ALCTAirlift Control Team
ALDavailable to load date(s)
ALDat a later date
ALDGallowance list‐depreciation guide
ALDODACTall Department of Defense activities (Department of Defense general message address)
ALDTadministrative logistics downtime
ALDTadministrative and logistics delay time
ALEArmy Logistics Enterprise
ALEauthorized level of equipment
ALEDCAssociate Logistic Executive Development Course
ALERTCONalert condition
ALFauxiliary landing field
ALFAir Land Force
ALFArmy Locator File
ALFAllied Land Forces
ALFOODACTAll Food Activities
ALFOODACTAll United States Military, United States Coast Guard, and Army and Air Force Exchange Service activities
ALGadvanced landing ground
ALGOLalgebraic oriented language
ALMCArmy Logistic Management College
ALMIDSArmy Logistics Management Integrated Data System
ALMILACTall military activities (joint general message address)
ALMOArmy Library Management Office
ALMPArmy Language Master Plan
ALMRSArmy Library Management Reporting System
ALMSArmy Learning Management System
ALMSAAutomated Logistics Management Systems Agency
ALOair liaison officer
ALOartillery liaison officer
ALOauthorized level of organization
ALOADair launcher offensive air defense
ALOCAdministrative/Logistical Operations Center
ALOCair lines of communication
ALOC/DSSAir Line of Communication/Direct Support System
ALOSaverage length of stay
a lotallotment
ALPAutomatic Linearity Plot
ALPAllied Logistic Publication
ALPAmbulance Loading Post
ALPCArmy Logistics Policy Committee
ALPHAAMC Logistics Program Hardcore, Automated
ALPSArmy Linguist Personnel Study
ALPSautomated labor and production system
ALRartillery locating radar
ALRPGArmy long‐range planning guidance
ALRPLArmy long‐range logistics plan
ALRPSArmy Long Range Planning System
ALRTAIRARPA long‐range tracking and instrumentation radar
ALRTFArmy long‐range technical forecast
ALSADA Language System
ALSapproach light system (NAVAID)
ALSArmy Library System
ALSadvanced life support
ALSazimuth laying set
ALSaction lead sheet
ALSair logistics service
ALSAAir Land Sea Application
ALSCAmerican Lumber Standards Committee
ALSEaircraft life support equipment
ALSEaviation life support equipment
ALSEAFRONAlaskan sea frontier
ALSFarea logistics support facility
ALSOaviation life support officer
ALSOSArmy Logistics support to other Services
ALSPArmy Logistic Study Program
ALSPAggregate Level Simulation Protocol
ALSSAcquisition and Logistic Support System
ALSSAviation Life Support Systems
ALSVCATall service activities (general message address)
ALTacquisition, logistics, and technology
ALTadministrative lead time
ALTalternate leave time
ALTairborne laser tracker
ALTFCMArmy Long Term Family Case Management
ALTRValtitude reservation
ALTSArmy Loan Tracking System
ALUautomatic logic unit
AMante meridian (before noon)
AMamplitude modulation
AMAir Medal
AMAagainst medical advice
AMAair material area
AMAAmerican Medical Association
AMAautomatic message accounting
AMAAArmy Mutual Aid Association
AMAIaugmentation and modernization of Army inventory
AMAMaviation maintenance action message
AMARCArmy Materiel Acquisition Review Committee
AMARSautomatic message address routing system
AMASAMC Accounting System
AMBacquisition management branch
AMBair mission brief
AMBair mobility branch
AMBAviation Maneuver Battle Lab
AMBairways modernization board
AMBArmy maintenance board
AMBFasset master balance file
AMBLADSadvise method, bill of lading, and date shipped
AMCArmy Materiel Command
AMCAir Mobility Command
AMCArmy Medical Center
AMCair mission controller
AMCaviation medicine consultant
AMCair mission commander
AMCCDOAMC Catalog Data Office
AMCCOMArmament, Munitions and Chemical Command
AMCISSArmy Materiel Command Installation Supply System
AMCLApproved Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedure (MILSTRAP) change letter
AMC LOGSAArmy Materiel Command, Logistic Support Agency
AMCOICP‐FEArmy Materiel Command Office for International Cooperative Programs‐Far East
AMCOMAviation and Missile Command
AMCOSArmy Manpower Cost System
AMCPAmmunition Management Career Program
AMCPOAmmunition Management Career Program Office
AMCRDAArmy Materiel Command‐Research, Development and Acquisition, U.S. Army
AMCSArmy Mobilization Capabilities Study
AMCSAArmy Maritime Claims Settlement Act
AMCSCO/PEArmy Management System Code/Program Element
AMCSSArmy military clothing sales store
AMCSUSAssociation of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States
AMCTAir Mobility Control Team
AMC‐AFAir Mobility Command‐Air Force
AMC‐EISAMC‐Europe Information System
AMDadministrative management division
AMDair movement designator
AMDaverage monthly demand
AMDAir Mobility Division
AMDadministrative machine division
AMDAir and Missile Defense
AMDCArmy Missile Defense Command
AMDDRCSAutomated Message Distribution Determination, Reproduction, and Collation System
AMDFArmy master data file
AMEArmy management element
AMEairspace management element
AMEaviation medical examiner
AMEaero‐medical evacuation
AMECArmy Management Engineering College
AMECArmy Management Evaluation Committee
AMEDDArmy Medical Department
AMEDD/ECPArmy Medical Department Early Commissioning Program
AMEDDC&SArmy Medical Department Center and School
Army Medical Department Medical Library and Information Network
AMEDDPASArmy Medical Department Property Accounting System
AMEDPallied medical publication
AMETAArmy Management Engineering Training Activity
AMFArmy Management Fund
AMFairport mail facility
AMFarea maintenance facility
AMFArmy master file
AMFINFOSAmerican Forces Information Service
AMGArchitecture Management Group
AMGantenna mast group
AMHAArmy Management Headquarters Account
AMHAArmy Management Headquarters Activities
AMHSAutomated Message Handling System
AMIAdaptive Medical Increments
AMIautomated digital network management index
AMIADBInter‐American Defense Board, Army Member
AMIMArmy Material Information Memorandum
AMIMArmy Modernization Information Memorandum
AMIPArmy Management Information Program
AMIPArmy Model Improvement Program
AMISArmy Museum Information System
AMISAccession Management Information System
AMISArmy Major Items Systems
AMISArmy management information system
AMISair movement information section
AMLarea medical laboratory
AMLOAir Mobility Liaison Officer
AMMArmy modernization memorandum
AMManti‐missile missile
AMMCArmy Aviation Material Management Center
AMMCPAllied Mining and Mine Countermeasures Publication
AMMDBArmy manpower requirements criteria maintenance database
AMMESAutomated Multi‐Media Exchange System
AMMHannual maintenance man‐hours
AMMIPAviation Material Management Improvement Program
AMMOBRammunition bearer
AMMO‐LVL‐CDAmmunition Level Code
Ammunition Quantity Multiplier
AMMO‐USE‐CDAmmunition Use Code
AMMSAcquisition Management Milestone System
AMNMAirman's Medal
AMOautomation management office
AMOaviation medical office
AMOautomation management officer
AMOCaviation maintenance officer's course
AMOCaircraft maintenance officers course
AMODPArmy's mobility opportunity and development program
AMOPESArmy Mobilization, Operations Planning and Execution System
AMOPSArmy Mobilization and Operations Planning System
AMOSadditional military occupational specialty
AMOSCadditionally awarded military occupational specialty code
AMOSDadditional military occupational specialty designator
AMOSISTAutomated Military Outpatient System
AMOUTadvanced military operations in urban terrain
AMPArmy Mobilization Plan
AMPArmy Modernization Plan
AMPArmy material plan (or program)
AMPArmy mission planning
AMPESAutomated Message Processing Exchange System
AMPLArmy modification priority list
AMPMOBArmy Material Plan‐Mobilization
AMPMODArmy Materiel Plan‐Modernization
AMPOArmy military pay operations
AMPPGDArmy mobilization planning and programming guidance document
AMPRSAutomated Management and Progress Reporting System
AMPSAcademy Mentorship Program
AMPSAirborne Mission Planning System
AMPSAutomatic Message Processing System
AMPTadvanced MANPACK terminal
AMP‐MODArmy Material Program‐Modernization
AMRAtlantic Missile Range
AMRArmy Management Review
AMRArmy mobility review
AMRAnti-Material Rifle
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AMRACAnti‐Missile Research Advisory Council
AMRADARPA measurements radar
AMRDArmy modernization reference data
AMRDECAviation and Missile Research Development, Engineering Center
AMRD‐NASCArmy Missile and Rockets Directorate‐NATO Supply Center
AMRMCArmy Medical Research and Materiel Command
AMRPArmy master range plan
AMRTFArmy Management Review Task Force
AMSautomatic digital network mail server
AMSAddress Management System
AMSaero‐medical summaries
AMSArmy Management Structure
AMSantenna mast set
AMSArmy Messaging System
AMSAgricultural Marketing Service
AMSArmy Modernization Schedule
AMSAArmy medical surveillance activity
AMSAarea maintenance support activity
AMSAadvanced‐man strategic aircraft
AMSA (G)area maintenance support activities (ground)
AMSA (G/W)area maintenance support activities (ground/watercraft)
AMSA (W)area maintenance support activities (watercraft)
AMSAAArmy Materiel Systems Analysis Agency
AMSCArmy Medical Specialist Corps
AMSCArmy Management Staff College
AMSCArmy Motorcycle Safety Course
AMSCArmy management structure code
AMSCATArmy Model and Simulation Catalog
AMSC OTSGArmy Medical Specialist Corps, Office of the Surgeon General
AMSCPEArmy Management System codes and program elements
AMSDRCLAcquisition Management System and Data Requirements Control List
AMSECArmy Model and Simulation Executive Council
AMSFarea maintenance supply facility
AMSFArmy Morale Support Fund
AMSLabove mean sea level
AMSMOArmy Model and Simulation Management Office
AMSMPArmy Model and Simulation Management Program
AMSMP WGArmy Model and Simulation Management Program Working Group
AMSOammunition shipment order
AMSOArmy Model and Simulation Office
AMSPAdvanced Military Studies Program
AMSPArmy Master Study Program
AMSPallied military security publication
AMSRautonomous missile site radar
AMSSArmy Material Status System
AMSSArmy Modernization Support Structure
AMSUSAssociation of Military Surgeons of the United States
AMTArmy modernization training
AMTaerial mail terminal
AMTASArmy Modernization Training Automation System
AMTEPArmy Training and Evaluation Program (ARTEP) Mission Training and Evaluation Plan
AMTIairborne moving target indicator
AMTLArmy Materials Technology Laboratory
AMTPArmy mission training plan
AMTPAviation Mobilization Training Program
AMTRACamphibious tractor
AMUArmy Marksmen Unit
AMVArmy motor vehicle
AMWRFArmy Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Fund
AMXautomatic message exchange
AMXEN‐UInstallations and Service Activity
ANAmerican Nurse Corps
ANAAmerican Nurses Association
ANADAnniston Army Depot
ANCArmy Nurse Corps
ANCautomated net control device
ANCArlington National Cemetery
ANCDMPArmy Net‐Centric Data Management Program
ANCOCAdvanced Noncommissioned Officers' Course
ANCOESAdvanced Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Education System
AndrogogyAdult Education Theory (Self‐directed learning)
ANEXGOVTat no expense to the Government
ANFArmy news features
ANFAtlantic Nuclear Force
ANGAir National Guard
ANGIArmy National Guard Instruction
ANGRCAir National Guard Readiness Center
ANGUSAir National Guard of the United States
ANIautomatic number identification (telephone)
ANMCSanticipated not mission capable supply
ANNPROannual program
ANOabove named officer
ANOKadult next of kin
ANORSanticipated not operationally ready, supply
ANOSCArmy Network Operations and Security Center
ANOVAanalysis of variance
ANPallied navigation publication
ANPPArmy Nuclear Power Program
ANRIArmy National Guard Restructuring Initiative
ANSArmy News Service
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ANSIAArmy‐Navy Shipping Information Agency
ANSI‐OCR‐AAmerican National Standards Institute's Optical Character Recognition‐A Font
ANSRAnnual Narrative and Statistical Report
ANUDSArmy Nuclear Data System
ANVISaviation night vision system
ANZACAustralia and New Zealand Corps
AOaerial observer
AOaction officer
AOarea of operations
AOAAmerican Osteopathic Association
AOAauthorized ordering agent
AOAamphibious objective area
AoAanalysis of alternatives
AOAPArmy Oil Analysis Program
AOASFAdvanced Operational Art Studies Fellowship
AOBannual or approved operating budget
AOBadvanced operations/operational base
AOBCArmy Medical Department Officer Basic Course
AOBCArmor Officer Basic Course
AOBSRair observer
AOCadvanced officer course
AOCArmy Operations Center
AOCareas of concern
AOCarea of concentration code
AOCArea of Concentration
AOCarea of construction
AOCAirlift Operations Center
AOCArmy occupation code
AOCAir Operations Center
AOCarea of command
AOCCSArmy Operational Command and Control System
AOCNAssembly Order Control Number
AOCOAtomic Ordnance Cataloging Office
AOCWAdvanced Operations and War‐fighting Course
AODarea oriented depots
AODCAction Officer Development Course
AODRArmy Operational Data Repository
AOD‐MOD/STDarea oriented depot modernization standardization
AOEArmy of Excellence
AOGaircraft on ground
AOGautomatic digital network operations group
AOIarea of interest
AOICadditional operational issues and criteria
AOIRarea of intelligence responsibility
AOMArmy of Occupation Medal
AOPAdditive Operational Program
AOPallied ordnance publication
AOPArmy Order of Precedence
AORaccumulated operating results
AORadvance list of oversea‐returnee for reassignment
AORarea of responsibility
AOSazimuth orientation system
AOSArmy One Source/My Army Life Too
AOSFAdvanced Operational Studies Fellowship
AOSLauthorized organizational stockage list
AOSPArmy Occupational Survey Program
AOTassignment oriented training
AOTArmy orientation training
AOTAAmerican Occupational Therapy Association
AOTEamphibious operational training element
AOTPabbreviated outline test plan
AOUazimuth orientation unit
AoUSAHAssociation of the United States Army Home
AOWCAdvanced Officer Warfighter Course
APanalog processor
APammunition point
APArmy procurement procedure
APallied publication
APArmed Forces Pacific (used with APO)
APArmy Pacific (when used with APO)
APacquisition policy
APanti‐personnel mine
APacquisition plan
APArmor Piercing
APAir force Personnel
AP-TArmor Piercing - Tracer
APAaircraft procurement
APAammunition and prohibited area
APAArmy Procurement Appropriation or Authorization
APAappropriation purchase account
APAArmy, procurement appropriation account
APAAdministrative Procedure Act
APAArmy Public Affairs
APAadvance of pay and allowances
APAAmerican Psychological Association
APAaero‐medical physician assistant
APAArmy Prepositioned Afloat
APAMAnti-Personnel, Anti-Material
APAPArmy Pollution Abatement Program
APARS‐RArmy Procurement Appropriations Reporting System‐Redesign
APARTannual proficiency and readiness test
APASAnalyst Projection Assistance System
APATSantenna pattern test system
APBacquisition program baseline
APBMAssociation of Professionals in Business Management
APBSAutomated PEMA Budget System
APCaccounts payable code
APCabbreviated performance characteristics
APCaerobic plate counts
APCarmor piercing capped
APCArmy Postal Clerk
APCArmy Processing Center
APCair pollution control
APCaccounting processing code
APCacquisition position category
APCarmored personnel carrier
APCArmy processing code
APCArmy Petroleum Center
APCAPSAutomated Payroll, Cost and Personnel System
APCECArmy Pre‐commission Extension Course
APCMAsiatic‐Pacific Campaign Medal
APC‐Tarmor‐piercing capped tracer
APDair procurement district
APDadvance planning document
APDArmy Publishing Directorate
APDarea postal director
APDABArmy Physical Disability Appeal Board
APDSArmor-Piercing, Discarding Sabot
APDSarmor‐piercing discarding sabot
APDS-TArmor-Piercing, Discarding Sabot (Tracer)
APDS‐CArmy Personnel Data System‐Civilian
APDS‐Tarmor‐piercing discarding sabot‐tracer
APEadvanced production engineering
APEArmy preliminary evaluation
APEammunition peculiar equipment
APEPAdministrative and Professional Personnel Exchange Program
APERTArmy personnel turnover
APESOArmy Product Engineering Services Office
APFappropriated funds
APFassigned protection factor
APFSDSarmor‐piercing fin‐stabilized discarding sabot
APFSDSArmor Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot
APFTArmy Physical Fitness Test
APGArmy planning group
APGAberdeen Proving Ground
APGMArmy Program Guidance Memorandum
APHEArmor Piercing, High-Explosive
APHISAnimal and Plant Health Inspection Service
APIApplication Programming Interface
APIAmerican Petroleum Institute
APIarmor‐piercing incendiary
APICArmy Performance Improvement Criteria
APITarmor‐piercing incendiary tracer
APLArmy personnel letter
APLArmy promotion list
APLaero‐medical policy letter
APLOGSArmy publications logistics system
APLSadvanced pediatric life support
APMautomated policy management
APMArmy program memorandum
APMCArmy Medical Department Medical Professional Management Command
APMCadvanced program management course
APMDacquisition personnel management division
APMMCAsia‐Pacific Military Medicine Conference
APMSassistant professor of military science
APMSArmy Portfolio Management Solution
APMTantenna pattern measurement test
APMXXIArmy Performance System for the 21st Century
APNArmy part number
APOArmy post overseas
APOArmy postal operation
APOArmy procurement objective
APOArmy Post Office
APOBSAnti‐personnel Obstacle Breaching System
APOCArmy point of contact
APODAerial port of debarkation
APOEaerial port of embarkation
APORTaerial port
APPannual program plan
APPArmy Publishing Program
APPAffirmative Procurement Program
APPapplications portability profile
APPallied procedural publication
APPair parcel post
APPGMArmy Preliminary Programming Guidance Memorandum
APPGMArmy Planning Program Guidance Memorandum
APPIPAdministrative Publication Proponent and Editor Interface Product
APPPArmy Printing and Publishing Program
APPSAutomated Publications Production Systems
APPWGArmy Packaging Policy Work Group
APQArmaments Planning Questionnaire (NATO)
APRair purifying respirator
APRacquisition procurement requests
APRArmy procurement requirements
APRArmy procurement request
APRDArmy Personnel Records Division
APRFArmy Pulse Radiation Facility
aprnadvanced practice registered nurse
APRTArmy physical readiness test
APSaccessory power supply
APSafloat prepositioning ships
APSArmy Postal Service
APSactive protective system
APSArmy pre‐positioned sets
APSArmy pre‐positioned stocks
APSaerial port squadron
APSadjustment procedure software
APSAAmerican Political Science Association
APS‐1Army Pre‐positioned Sets‐CONUS
APS‐2Army Pre‐positioned Sets‐Europe
APS‐3Army Pre‐positioned Sets‐Afloat
APS‐4Army Pre‐positioned Sets‐Pacific
APS‐5Army Pre‐positioned Sets‐Southwest Asia
APTArmy personnel test
APTabuse prevention training
APTUArmy Participating Test Unit
APUauxiliary power unit
APUArmy postal unit
APVAmbulatory Procedure Visit
APWAmerican prisoner of war
APWIBAmerican Prisoner of War Information Bureau
AQBArmy Qualification Battery
AQCaircraft qualification course
AQCESSAutomated Quality of Care Evaluation Support System
AQLacceptable quality level
AQLTAcquisition Lead Time
AQPautomation quality plan
AQSRairworthiness qualification substantiation report
AQTDAirworthiness Qualification Test Directive
AQ‐SAPAcquisition Special Access Programs
ARarms room
ARArmy Regulation
ARArmy Reserve
ARagent report
ARAautomatic reimbursement authority
ARAArmy Radiation Authorization
ARAapplicable or relevant and appropriated requirement
ARAaerial rocket artillery
ARAassigned responsible agency
ARAAVarmored reconnaissance airborne assault vehicle
ARACArmy radar approach control
ARADMDArmy Reserve Active Duty Management Directorate
ARADSArmy Recruiting and Accession Data System
ARAPArmy Remedial Action Program
ARAT‐TAArmy Reprogramming Analysis Team‐Threat Analysis
ARAVArmy aviator
ARAVBADArmy Aviator Badge
ARBArmored Rifle Battalion
ARBArmy Rehabilitation Brigade
ARBArmy Resources Board
ARBAArmy Review Boards Agency
ARBAArmy Review Board
ARBITSArmy Base Information Transfer System
ARBSOArmy Reserve Base Support Operations
ARCaccounting requirements code
ARCArmy ration credit
ARCArmy recruiter course
ARCAmerican Red Cross
ARCalcoholism rehabilitation center
ARCArmy Reserve Center
ARCAMArmy Reserve Components Achievement Medal
ARCCbtWMDArmy Council for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction
ARCCOArmy commercial communications office
ARCEamphibious river crossing equipment (French)
ARCENTArmy Central Command
ARCHSArmy Reactor Systems Health and Safety Review Committee
ARCICArmy Capabilities Integrated Center
ARCOArmy Requirements Control Office
ARCOMArmy Commendation Medal
ARCOMArmy Reserve Command
ARCOTRArmy Reserve Components Overseas Training Ribbon
ARCPCArmy Counter proliferation Council
ARCSAaviation requirements for the combat structure of the Army
ARCSIPAutomated Requirements Computation System Initial Provisioning
ARCTAir Refueling Control Team
ARCTArmy Radio Code Aptitude Test
ARDautomatic release date
ARDCArmament Research and Development Center, US Army
ARDECArmament Research Development and Engineering Center
ARDEMSartillery delivered multi‐purpose sub munitions
ARDG‐EArmy Research and Development Group, (Europe)
ARDG‐FEArmy Research and Development Group, (Far East)
ARDISArmy Research and Development Information System
ARDLaverage readiness days lost
ARDMEautomatic radar data measuring equipment
ARDPArmy requirements development plan
AREArmy Reserve
AREArmy Reserve Element
ARESAMC Readiness Evaluation System
ARFArmy resource framework
ARFArmy regional flotillas
ARFMSMAir Reserve Forces Meritorious Service Medal
ARFORArmy Force
ARFORGENArmy force generation
ARFORSTATArmy Force Status Reporting System
ARFPArmy Reserve Family Programs
ARFPCArmy Reserve Forces Policy Committee
ARGAccident Response Group
ARGAviation Readiness Group
ARGamphibious ready group
ARHOCArmy Housing Committee
ARIAmerican Refrigeration Institute
ARIArmy Research Institute
ARIautomatic return item
ARILautomatic return item list
ARIMSArmy Records Information Management System
ARISadvanced range instrumentation ship
ARISSArmy Recruiting Information Support System
ARISS‐PERArmy Recruiting Information Officer's Course
ARLArmy Research Laboratory
ARLaviator readiness level
ARLArmy Recruiter Locater
ARLauthorized retention level
ARLOair reconnaissance liaison officer
ARLOCArmy location code
ARMArmy ready material
ARManti‐radiation missile
ARMadvanced rifle marksmanship
ARMArmy reserve marksman
ARMAnti-Radiation Missile
ARMAArmy attaché
ARMAadaptability rating for military aeronautics
ARMATSCArmy material status committee
ARMBArmy Requirements Management Board
ARMCAdvanced Resource Management Course
ARMEDASHarmed advanced scout helicopter
ARMGRDarmed guard
ARMIPAccounting and Reporting Management Improvement Program
ARMPArmy Recreation Machine Program
ARMRArmy Readiness and Mobilization Region
ARMSAutomated Resource Management System
ARMSArmy Master Data File Retrieval Microform System
ARMSArmy Readiness Management System
ARMSAviation Resource Management Survey
ARMSArmament Retooling and Manufacturing Support
ARMTEArmy Materiel Test and Evaluation
ARMTEDArmy Missile Test and Evaluation Directorate
ARMTFArmy Recreation Machine Trust Fund
ARNGArmy National Guard
ARNGBArmy National Guard Bureau
ARNGUSArmy National Guard of the United States
ARNG‐PECArmy National Guard‐Professional Education Center
AROArmy research objectives
AROArmy research objectives
AROartifact responsible officer
AROArmy Research Office
AROCArmy Requirements Oversight Council
ARPArmy Radiation Permit
ARPautomatic reimbursement program
ARPArmy reimbursable policy
ARPArmy research plan
ARPAArcheological Resources Protection Act
ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network
ARPDarrived date, port of debarkation
ARPEarrived date, port of embarkation
ARPERCENArmy Reserve Personnel Center
ARPLArmy resource priority list
ARPMISAutomation Resource Planning Management Information System
ARPRINTArmy Program for Individual Training
ARPROArmy plant representative's office
ARPSArmy Safety Management Information System Retrieval Processing System
ARQannual review questionnaire
ARRArmy retail requirements
ARRArmy readiness regions
ARRArmy Requirements Review
ARRPArmy Regulation Reduction Program
ARRSAerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
ARRSArmy Readiness Reporting System
ARRSAutomated ROD Resolution System
ARRTCArmy Reserve Readiness Training Center
ARRUNKarrival unknown
ARRVArmored Repair and Recovery Vehicle
ARSArmy and Air Force Exchange Reporting System
ARSAccident Reporting System
ARSAdvanced Records System
ARSaerial reconnaissance and security
ARSBair reconnaissance support battalion
ARSCArmy Radiation Safety Council
ARSEMArmy registry of special educational materials
ARSICArmy Range Sustainment Integration Council
ARSOAssistant Range Safety Officer
ARSOAArmy Special Operations Aircraft
ARSOAArmy Special Operations Aviation
ARSOFArmy special operations forces
ARSOTFArmy Special Operations Task Force
ARSPACEArmy Space Command
ARSPTair reconnaissance support
ARSRair route surveillance radar
ARSSTArmy space support team
ARSTaerial reconnaissance and security troop
ARSTAFArmy staff
ARSTRATArmy Strategic Command
ARSVarmored reconnaissance scout vehicle
ARTAir Reserve Technician
ARTArmy reserve technician
ARTArmy regional threats
ARTATCAO remote terminal
ARTACOMArmy requirements for tactical communications
ARTADSArmy Tactical Data Systems
ARTBASSArmy Training Battle Automated Simulation System
ARTCair route traffic control
ARTCCAir Route Traffic Control Center
ARTEPArmy Training and Evaluation Program
ARTISAlpha Remote Terminal Information System
ARTLawaiting results of trial
ARTPCArmy Research Technology Protection Center
ARTSArmy Medical Department Resource Tasking Systems
ARTSAutomated Radar Terminal System
ARUaltitude reference unit
ARVarmored recovery vehicle
ARWABArmy Rotary Wing Aptitude Battery
ARWFACArmy Reserve Warriors & Family Assistance Center
ARWINArmy WWMCCS Interface Network
AR‐PERSCOMArmy Reserve Personnel Command
ASarea security
ASacquisition strategy
ASaerial sensor
ASas stated
ASammunition specialist
ASactive service
ASAaviation safety action
ASAArmy strategic appraisal
ASAArmy support activity
ASAAssistant Secretary of the Army
ASAAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists
ASA (ALT)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology)
ASA (CW)Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works
ASA (FM&C)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller)
ASA(FM&C)Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller
ASA (FM)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management)
ASA (I&E)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installation and Environment)
ASA (IL&E)Assistance Secretary of the Army (Installations, Logistics, and Environment)
ASA (ISA)Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs)
ASA (ISP)Assistant Secretary of Defense, International Security Policy
ASA (M&RA)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)
ASA (RDA)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research, Development and Acquisition)
ASACAll Source Analysis Center
ASACautomated systems army commissaries
ASACArmy study advisory committee
ASACApprentice Special Agent Course
ASACSAdolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Services
ASA CWAssistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)
ASADArmy Safety Augmentation Detachment
ASA FM&CAssistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management and Comptroller)
ASA I&EAssistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Environment)
ASAMaviation safety action message
ASAPArmy Substance Abuse Program
ASAPArmy Scientific Advisory Panel
ASAPArmy streamlined acquisition process
ASAPArmy Streamlined Acquisition Program
ASAPas soon as possible
ASAP EPArmy Substance Abuse Program evaluation plan
ASAPPArmy System for Automation of Preparedness Planning
ASARCArmy Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASASAll‐Source Analysis System
ASATArmy safety action team
ASATBCAutomatic Systems Approach to Training Basic Course
ASATSArmy Special Access Tracking System
ASBarea support battalion
ASBaccessions support brigade
ASBArmy Science Board
ASBaviation support battalion
ASBBCArmed Services Blood Bank Center
ASBCAArmed Services Board of Contract Appeals
ASBLassembled component designator
ASBPOArmed Services Blood Program Office
ASBREMArmed Services Biomedical Research Evaluation and Management
ASCautomation security committee
ASCAcquisition Support Center
ASCAeronautical Systems Center
ASCArmy Safety Center
ASCArmy Signal Command
ASCArmy Tactical Command and Control System Steering Committee
ASCArmy senior consultant
ASCCArmy Service Component Command
ASCIIAmerican standard coded for information interchange
ASCManti‐ship cruise missile
ASCMISArmy Subordinate Command Management Information System
ASCOAdvance Systems Concepts Office
ASCOMArmy Aviation Systems Commander
ASCOMArmy Service Command
ASCPArmy Strategic Capabilities Plan
ASCPOArmy Small Computer Program Office
ASDapplication systems developer
ASDAeronautical Systems Division
ASDaviation service date
ASDair traffic controller
ASDassigned systems developer
ASDArmy shipping document
ASD (AT&L)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics)
ASD (C31)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
ASD (FMP)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management Policy)
ASD (HA)Assistant Secretary of Defense Health Affairs
ASD (HA)Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs
ASD (HA)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs)
ASD (ISA)Assistance Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs)
ASD (NII)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Networks and Information Integration)
ASD (PS, F&E)Assistant Secretary of Defense Personnel Support, Families and Education
ASD (RSA)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Regional Security Affairs)
ASD (SOLIC)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations Low Intensity Conflict)
ASDAaccountable supply distribution activity
ASDCautomated source data collection
ASDICArmed Services Documents Intelligence Center
ASDIRSArmy Study Documentation and Information Retrieval System
ASDPaccelerated software development process
ASDPadvanced system data processing simulation
ASDZautomated surface danger zone
ASD‐NIIAssistant Secretary of Defense for Network and Information Integration
ASEaircraft survivability equipment
ASEadministrative support equipment
ASECAerosol Stimulant Exposure Chamber
ASEDaviation service entry data
ASELa‐weighted sound exposure level
ASEMAadvanced special electronic mission aircraft
ASEPAdvanced Skills Education Program
ASEPArmy SAP Enterprise Portal
ASESBDArmed Services Explosives Safety Board
ASFaero medical staging facility
ASFadditional selection factor
ASFapplicant supply file
ASFArmy stock fund
ASFaviation support facility
ASFArmy Senior Fellowships
ASFPArmy Senior Fellowship Program
ASFPSArmy Materiel Command Standard Foreign Military Sales Pricing System
ASGarea support group
ASGAllied System for Geospatial Intelligence
ASGROArmed Services Graves Registration Office
ASGSassistant secretary of the general staff
ASHadvanced scout helicopter
ASHRAEAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers
ASHSAssessment System for Hazard Surveys
ASIArmy Space Institute
ASIazimuth speed indicator
ASIasset status imbalance
ASIAdditional Skill Identifier
ASICarea security information center
ASIMSArmy Standard Information Management System
ASIOEassociated support items of equipment
ASIPArmy stationing and installation plan
ASIPAlcohol Sellers Intervention Program
ASITadaptable surface interface terminal
ASIVavailable site identification and validation
ASKAssignment Satisfaction Key
ASLabove sea level
ASLauthorized stockage list
ASLAtmospheric Science Laboratory
ASLallowable supply list
ASL PSNassault position (graphics)
ASLTGassault gun
ASMAnti-Ship Missle
ASMappointment and scheduling module Automated Quality of Care Evaluation Support System
ASMair‐to‐surface missile
ASMArmy Service Medal
ASMAir-to-Surface Missile
ASManti‐ship missile
ASMarmored systems modernization
ASMBarea support medical battalion
ASMCAmerican Society of Military Comptrollers
ASMCarea support medical company
ASMDarea support medical detachment
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASMISArmy Safety Management Information System
ASMOAMC Systems Management Office
ASMPArmy survival measures plan
ASMPArmy Strategic Mobility Program
ASMPAmmunition surveillance modernization program
ASMROArmed Services Medical Regulatory Office
ASMSAArmy Signal Material Support Agency
ASMWGArmy spectrum management working group
ASNAssistant Secretary of the Navy
ASNatomic strike net
ASNallotment serial number
ASNArmy service number
ASN (FM&C)Assistance Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller)
ASNCOaviation safety noncommissioned officer
ASNETArmy Supercomputer Net
ASNSAviation Safety Notification System
ASOArmy Safety Office
ASOarea supply officer
ASOaviation safety officer
ASOAPArmy Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program
ASOARachieving a system operational availability requirement
ASOCair support operations center
ASOCAdvance Source Operations Course
ASOJanti‐standoff jammer
ASOPArmy Strategic Objectives Plan
ASORTSArmy Status of Resources and Training System
ASPammunition supply point
ASPannual service practice
ASPArmy Strategic Plan
ASPammunition storage points
ASPalarm signal processor
ASPArmy Suggestion Program
ASPCGAAtomic Strike Plan Control Group Alternate
ASPERassigned strength percentage
ASPGArmy Strategic Planning Guidance
ASPICArmed Services Personnel Interrogation Center
ASPJAirborne Self-Protection Jammer
ASPOArmy Space Program Office
ASPPacquisition systems protection plan
ASPPArmy Strategic Planning Process
ASPRArmed Services procurement regulation
ASPSall source production section
ASPSactivity sport parachuting safety officer
ASPSArmy standard pricing system
ASPTCArmy Support Center
ASPURAutomated System for Processing Unit Requests
ASQAmerican Society for Quality
ASQCAmerican Society for Quality Control
ASRalternative system review
ASRalternate supply route
ASRADA software repository
ASRautomatic send‐receive (TTY)
ASRArmy Service Ribbon
ASRarmed strike reconnaissance
ASRairport surveillance radar
ASRammunition supply rate
ASR/PARarea surveillance radar/procession approach radar
ASRAautomated data processing (ADP) system requirement analysis
ASRAAMAdvanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
ASRDaircraft shipment readiness date
ASRDage, sex, rank, diagnosis
ASRPAmmunition Stockpile Reliability Program
ASRRSArmy Survival Recovery and Reconstitution System
ASSAarea supply support activity
ASSHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ASSIadditional specialty skill identifier
ASSISTArmy Standard System of Intelligence Support Terminals
ASSISTAcquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System
ASSISTAutomated Systems Security Incident Support Team
ASSONaerial spray statement of need
ASSPArmy service strategy panel
ASSSCSAutomated Self‐Service Supply Center System
ASTAir Staff Target
ASTadministrative‐supply technician
ASTabove ground storage tank
ASTair supported threat
ASTairborne surveillance test bed
ASTarea support team
ASTadditional skill training
ASTAGArmy science and technology advisory group
ASTAMIDSairborne standoff minefield detection system
ASTARAirborne short range air defense (SHORAD) Target Acquisition Radar
ASTARSArmy Standards Repository System
ASTDair supported threat defense
ASTMAmerican Standards of Test Measurement
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
ASTMPArmy science and technology master plan
ASTOVLAdvanced Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing
ASTRautomated software trouble report
ASTROArmy Space Technology Research Office
ASTWGArmy science and technology working group
ASUammunition storage unit
ASUAArmy Superior Unit Award
ASUPAir supply
ASuWAnti-Surface Warfare
ASVAnti-Surface Vessel
ASVarmored security vehicle
ASVArmy security vehicle
ASVABArmed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
ASWanti‐submarine warfare
ASWAnti-Submarine Warfare
ASWBPLArmed Services Whole Blood processing Laboratory
ASWDArmy special weapons depot
ASYAmerica Support You
ATactive training
ATartillery table
ATannual training
ATacquisition team
AT&Aair traffic and airspace officer
AT/CARPActive Transition/Conversion Army Reserve Program
AT/FPanti‐terrorism and force protection
ATAArmy training assembly
ATAannual training assistance
ATAadvance test accelerator
ATAadditional training assembly
ATAactual time of arrival
ATACArmy Travelers Assistance Center
ATACair‐to‐air combat
ATACMSArmy Tactical Missile System
ATAC‐MISArmy Telephone Accounting and Control ‐ Management Information System
ATADAttached Awaiting Disposition
ATAPAcquisition Tuition Assistance Program
ATAVArmy total asset visibility
ATBApache training brigade
ATBaero medical technical bulletin
ATBArmy Tactical Command and Control System Test Bed
ATBMAnti-Tactical Ballistic Missile
ATCArmy Training Center
ATCArmy type classification
ATCattached transaction
ATCair traffic control
ATCair training command
ATCassistant trial counsel
ATC/AVNOair traffic control/aviation office
ATCAPArmy Telecommunications Center Automation Program
ATCARActive Transition Conversion Army Reserve Program
ATCBIair traffic control beacon interrogator
ATCCAmerican type culture collection
ATCCautomated telecommunication center
ATCCISArmy Tactical Command and Control Information System
ATCCSArmy Tactical Command and Control System
ATCLair traffic control line
ATCMDadvance transportation control and movement document
ATCOair traffic coordinating office
ATCOassistant test control officer
ATCOMAviation and Troop Support Command
ATCPArmy Transformation Campaign Plan
ATCPArmy Training Campaign Plan
ATCSair traffic communications station
ATCSArmy training center support
ATCSair traffic control specialist
ATCSAir Traffic Control Section
ATCTair traffic control tower
ATCTSArmy Training and Certificate Tracking System
ATCUair transportable communication unit
ATDadvanced technology demonstration
ATDactual time of departure
ATDArmy Telecommunications Directorate
ATDAdvanced Technology Development
ATDMPadvanced technology demonstration management plan
ATDSAMDF Tailored Distribution System
ATDSAutomated Tactical Data Systems
ATEautomated terminal exchange
ATEautomatic test equipment
ATECArmy Test and Evaluation Command
ATEPannual training equipment pools
ATERMair terminal
ATFalcohol test form
ATFacceptance test flight
ATFadvanced tactical fighter
ATFalcohol, tobacco, and firearms
ATFamphibious task force
ATFESArmy Tactical Frequency Engineering System
ATGantenna test group
ATGanti‐tank gun
ATGLanti‐tank grenade launcher
ATGLanti‐tank gun launcher
ATGMAnti‐tank Guided Missile
ATGWAnti-Tank Guided Weapon
ATGWanti‐tank guided weapon
ATHSAutomatic Target Hand‐off System
ATHSairborne target hand‐over system
ATIAArmy Training Information Architecture
ATIIadvanced techniques for imagery interpretation
ATIPSArmy Threat Intelligence Production System
ATIRSAutomatic Test Incident Recording System
ATIRSArmy Incident Reporting System
ATISAutomatic Telecommunication Information System
ATISAutomated Terminal Information Service
ATKHCattack helicopter company
ATK PSNattack position (graphics)
ATKSCattack surveillance committee (or coverage)
ATLalternate target line
ATLASAutomatic Test Language for All Systems
ATLPArmy‐wide Training Literature Program
ATLSAdvanced Trauma Life Support
ATMautomatic teller machine
ATManti‐tactical missile
ATMaviation training manual
ATMasynchronous transfer mode
ATMair tasking message
ATMair‐crew training manual
ATMACair traffic management automated center
ATMCair transport movement control center
ATMSArmy Training Management System
ATMSAir Traffic Management System
ATOArmy technology objective
ATOanti‐terrorism officer
ATOaircraft transfer order
ATOair tasking order
ATOCADA tactical operations center
ATOICanti‐terrorism operations and intelligence cell
ATO‐DArmy technology objective ‐ demonstration
ATO‐MArmy technology objective ‐ manufacturing
ATO‐RArmy technology objective ‐ research
ATPammunition transfer point
ATPAviation Training Program
ATPArmy training program
ATPArmy transportation plan
ATPAllied Tactical Publication
ATPAcceptance Test Procedure
ATPalternate training phase
ATPArmy Teen Panel
ATPAircrew Training Program
ATP IIIadult treatment panel
ATPOassociate technical project officer
ATPUaviation troop program units
ATP‐ASCPArmy Transportation Plan in Support of the Army Strategic Capabilities Plan
ATRAnti-Tank Rifle
ATRair traffic regulations
ATRArmy Transformation Roadmap
ATRLanti‐tank rocket launcher
ATRMPArmy Test Resources Master Plan
ATRNLRArmy tactical requirements for national level reconnaissance
ATRRSArmy Training Requirements and Resources System
ATSautomatic test systems
ATSautomatic transfer switch
ATSArmy threat simulators
ATSair traffic services
ATSAmerican Thoracic Society
ATSaccelerator test stand
ATSArmy topographic station
ATSArmy Telecommunications System
ATSAArmy Test and Evaluation (TEC) Threat Support Activity
ATSCArmy Training Support Center
ATSCArmy Training Support Center
ATSDRAgency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
ATSD‐IOAssistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight
ATSPArmy Threat Simulator Program
ATSSArmy Target Sensing System
ATSSMAutomatic telecommunications system security manager
ATTat this time
ATTadvanced tactical transporter
ATTAattention all
ATTCAviation Technical Test Center
ATTCAttention Caribbean
ATTEAttention Europe
ATTNAttention North America
ATTPAttention Pacific
ATVall terrain vehicle
ATWESSanti‐tank weapons effect training
ATZAerodrome Traffic Zone
AT‐CDEPArmy Transformation Concept Development and Experimentation Campaign Plan
AUBArmy uniform board
AUDArmy unique data
AUDITauthorization discipline task force
AUGTDAaugmentation table of distribution and allowances
AULauthorized use/user list
AUMair‐to‐underwater missile
AUO&SCaverage unit operations and sustainment cost
AUPAcceptable Use Policy
AURSautomated unit reference sheet
AUSArmy of the United States
AUSAAssistant United States Attorney
AUSAAssociation of the United States Army
AUTadvanced unit training
AUTHGRauthority granted
AUTHLICauthorized language identification code
AUTH‐LINauthorized LIN
AUTLArmy Universal Task List
AUTODINautomated digital network
AUTOREPAutomation of the Theater Shelf Requisition Process System
AUTOROSAutomated Retail Outlet System
AUTOSEVOCOMAutomatic Secure Voice Communications Network
AUTOSTRANDAutomated System for Transportation Data
AUULauthorized for U.S. Army Special Operations Command use list
AUVSAutomated Unit Vacancy System
AUWAll-Up Weight
AV/BCaudio visual/base communications
AVAPArmy Voting Assistance Program
AVBair way bill
AVCair vehicle crewmember
AVCautomatic volume control
AVCasset viability center
AVCATTaviation combined arms tactical trainer
AVCCCaviation captains career course
AVCCCAviation Captain's Career Course
AVCRADAviation Classification Repair Activity Depot
AVCSAAssistant Vice Chief of Staff, Army
AVFall volunteer force
AVFRavailable for reassignment
AVFUELaviation fuel
avgambulatory visit group
AVG ACFTaverage number of aircraft
AVGASaviation gasoline
AVG TTTAvenger table top training
AVICArmy Visual Information Center
AVIDArmy Visual Information Directorate
AVIDairborne vehicle identification
AVIDPArmy VI Documentation Program
AVIMaviation intermediate maintenance
AVIMOArmy Visual Information Management Office
AVIONICSaviation electronics
AVIPAnthrax Vaccine Immunization Program
AVISCArmy Visual Information Steering Committee
AVITaudiovisual instructional technology
AVLAnti-Vehicle Land Mine
AVLBArmored Vehicle-Launched Bridge
AVLBarmored vehicle‐launched bridge
AVLMarmored vehicle‐launched mine clearing
AVLOaviation liaison officer
AVLOCAviation Logistics Officers Course
AVLOGAviation Logistics
AVLUBaviation lubricant
AVMAAmerican Veterinary Medical Association
AVNLautomatic video noise limited
aviation medicine
AVOair vehicle operator
AVOACAviation Officer Advanced Course
AVOAC‐ACCaptains Career Course‐ AC curriculum
AVOAC‐RCCaptains Career Course‐RC curriculum
AVOBCAviation Officer Basic Course
AVOILaviation oil
AVPArmy Validation Program
AVPERavailable strength percentage
AVPROaudiovisual production officer
AVSCOMArmy Aviation Systems Command
AVUMaviation unit maintenance
AWair warning
AWAbsent without leave (AWOL) category of personnel no availability report
AWautomatic weapons
AW2Army Wounded Warrior
AWACSairborne warning and control system
AWASPadvance weapon ammunition support point
AWBArmy Well‐Being
AWBSAutomated Weight and Balance System
AWCAir War College
AWCArmy War College
AWCabsent without leave‐detained by civil authorities
AWCCSCArmy War College Corresponding Studies Course
AWCDEPArmy War College Distance Education Program
AWCFArmy working capital fund
AWCF‐SMAArmy working capital fund‐supply management Army
AWCOarea wage and classification office
AWEArmy warfighting experiments
AWEadvanced warfighting experiment
AWGAmerican wire gauge
AWICAnimal Welfare Information Center
AWISairworthiness impact statement
AWLadministrative weight limitation
AWLOGSArmy wholesale logistic system
AWOAviation Warrant Officers
AWOLAbsent Without Leave
AWOLAbsence Without Leave
AWOPabsence without pay
AWOSactive warrant officer service
AWPArmy‐wide printing
AWPannual work plan
AWPallied weather publication
AWPSArmy Workload and Performance System
AWRArmy War Reserve
AWR2Army War Reserves 2 (prepositioned stocks)
AWRACArmy web risk assessment cell
AWRAPArmy War Reserve Automated Process
AWRDSArmy War Reserve Deployment System
AWRMRArmy War Reserve Materiel Requirement
AWRPSArmy War Reserve prepositioned sets
AWRSArmy War Reserve Stocks
AWRSArmy War Reserve Sustainment
AWRSLArmy War Reserve Stockage List
AWRSPTCMDArmy War Reserve Support Command
AWR‐SArmy war reserve‐sustainment
AWSAutomated Weapons System
AWSAmerican Welding Society
AWSalternate work schedule
AWSCOMAmphibious Warfare School
AWSCOMAdvance Weapons Support Command
AWSSArea Weapons Scoring System
AWTArmy warrior training
AWTSArmy‐wide training support
AWUambulatory work unit
AWWAAmerican Water Works Association
AWWMCCSArmy World Wide Military Command and Control System
AXPallied exercise publication
AXPadaptive cross parity
AXPambulance exchange point
AXSIGCOMMaxis or axes of signal communication
AYapportionment year
AYacademic year
AYEAnniversary Year Ending
AZPZabove the zone for promotion zone
A‐FISTAbrams full‐crew interactive simulator trainer
A‐MARTArmy Mart
BBomber designation (as in B-52 Stratofortress)
Bbiological (graphics)
b&bblocking and bracing
B&GCABoys and Girls Clubs of America
B&Pbid and proposal
B/Pbe‐prepared mission
B1prime item development specification
B2critical item development specification
B5computer program development specification
BAbudget activity
BAbudget authority
BABattlespace Awareness
BAAbroad agency announcement
BACbase area code
BACblood alcohol content
BACbudget at completion
BACbilling advice code
BACblood alcohol count
BACTbest available control technology
BAFObest and final offer
BAGbudget activity group
BAHBasic Housing Allowance
BAHBasic Allowance for Housing
BAHBasic Allowance for Housing Rates
BAHCBasic Allowance for Health Care
BALFORbalance forces
BAMCBrooke Army Medical Center
BAObrigade ammunition officer
BAQbasic allowance for quarters
BARCObar code reader
BASbasic allowance for subsistence
BASbattalion aid station
BASbattlefield automation system
BASDbasic active service date
BASECOMbase communications
BASECOMMPbase communications plan
BASOPSbase operations
BASOPS/SRMbase operations support/sustainment, revitalization, and modernization
BASOPSISBase Operating Information System
BATbreath alcohol technician
BATFBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
BATSBradley Advanced Training System
BB&Tblocking, bracing and tie‐down
BBAbusiness‐based action
BBASSBudget Backup and Support System
BBASSBusiness Based Action
BBMblocking and bracing material
BBPblood borne pathogen
BBPBest Business Practices
BBPbreak bulk point
BBPCTMblocking, bracing, packing, crating and tie‐down material
BBRBASECOM budget review
BBRSBlood Bank Reporting System
BBSbulletin board system
BBSbrigade/battalion battle simulation
BBTBudget Based Transfer
BCbarge, cargo
BCBradley commander
BCbattle casualty
BCbasic course
BCbattery commander
BCbranch code
BCABritish, Canadian, and Australian
BCAbusiness case analysis
BCAbase closure account
BCATbase camp assistance/assessment team
BCBSTbattle command and battle staff training
BCCbattlefield circulation control
BCDbed cargo
BCDbar coded decimal
BCDbattlefield coordination detachment
BCDbad conduct discharge
BCDCBattle Commanders Development Course
BCDKCargo Barge with Deck House or Structure
BCDSBase Communication Distribution System
BCEbase civil engineer
BCEbase‐level commercial equipment
BCEbaseline cost estimate
BCEbattlefield coordination element
BCE‐MAPPbase level commercial equipment ‐ major Army command approved
BCFBasic Core Formulary
BCHTBasic Chaplain Training
BCISBureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service
BCL‐UPBase Communications Control Ledger‐Utility Program
BCMbusiness clearance memorandum
BCMBaseline Correlation Matrix
BCNRBoard for Correction of Naval Records
BCOCBase Cluster Operations Center
BCOCbase camp operations center
BCORbrigade communications security office of record
BCOTMbattle command on‐the‐move
BCPbase realignment and closure cleanup plan
BCPBattle Command Post
BCPCBasic Crew Proficiency Course
BCRbenefit cost ratio
BCRbattlefield communications review
BCRbenefit cost research
BCSBattle Command System
BCSbar code sorters
BCSBurst Communications System
BCSBattery Computer System
BCSbaseline comparative system
BCSbar code senders
BCS3Battle Command Sustainment Support System
BCTBrigade Combat Team
BCTbase realignment and closure cleanup team
BCTBasic Combat Training
BCTCbattle command training center
BCTPBattle Command Training Program
BCUbattery coolant unit
BCWPbudgeted cost for work performed
BCWSbudgeted cost of work scheduled
BDbarge, derrick
BDbomb disposal
BDbattlefield distribution
BD/DRbuilding demolition/debris removal
BDAbattle damage assessment
BDACWFBoard of Directors, Army Civilian Welfare Fund
BDARbattle damage assessment and repair
BDARbattlefield damage, assessment, and repair
BDAR/Rbattle damage assessment, repair, and recovery
BDCFBI Bomb Data Center
BDEbusiness development expense
BDFAbasic daily food allowance
BDObattle dress over‐garment
BDOCBase Defense Operations Center
BDPbattlefield development plan
BDRbattle damage repair
BDUbattle dress uniform
BDZbase defense zone
BEBonus and enlistment contracts
BEBrilliant Eyes
BEABusiness Enterprise Architecture
BEARBonus Extension and Retraining Program
BECBenefits Executive Committee
BECbase realignment and closure environmental coordinator
BECCburst error correcting coder
BECISBattlefield Electronic Communications‐Electronics Instruction System
BECSBattlefield Electronic Communications System
BEEOBattlefield Electromagnetic Environments Office
BEGbudget estimates guidance
BEIbiological exposure indices
BEPDbasic entry pay date
BEQbachelor enlisted quarters
BERbudget execution review
BESbudget end strength
BESbudget estimate submission
BESDbasic enlisted service date
BETbulk encryption transfer
BFbeginning of radioactive fallout
BFbase file
BFbattle fatigue
BFAblank firing attachment
BFAbattlefield functional area
BFISTBradley Full‐crew Interactive Simulator System
BFITCBattle Focused Instructor Training Course
BFMAbattlefield functional mission area
BFPOBritish Forces posted overseas
BFSVBradley fire support vehicle
BFTBlue Force Tracking
BFTbattle‐focused training
BFVBradley Fighting Vehicle
BGbacillus subtilis niger var.
BGfuel barge
BGBrigadier General
BGbattle group
BGSTBradley gunnery skills test
BHLbattle handover line
BHTCbasic hearing test clinic
BIbackground investigation
BIbranch immaterial
BIABureau of Indian Affairs
BICCbattlefield information coordination center
BIDEBasic identity data element
BIDSBiological Identification and Detection System
BIFBuilding information folder
BIFVBradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle
BIIbasic issue item
BIILbasic issue item list
BILATbilateral training
BIOBio graphics
BIPbudget increment package
BIRbenefit investment ratio
BISbuilding information schedule
BISback‐up iron sight
BITbinary digit
BIT/BITEbuilt‐in test/built in test equipment
BITEbuilt‐in test equipment
BITSBase Information Transfer System
BJOYbroadcast journalist of the year
BLBlended Learning
BLbomb line
BLbill of lading
BLAbasic load ammunition
BLAHAbasic load ammunition holding area
BLCEbase level commercial equipment
BLCSEBattle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment
BLIbudget line item
BLIDbudget line item description
BLMBureau of Land Management
BLOGweb log
BLOGSweb logs
BLOSbeyond line of sight
BLRIPbeyond low‐rate initial production
BLSBureau of Labor Statistics
BLSBasic life support
BLUFORBlue Forces
BMBallistic Missile
BMBranches and MOS Lists
BMARbacklog of maintenance and repair
BMCBase Operations Maintenance Center
BMC41Battle Management Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
BMCTbegin morning civil twilight
BMCTbranch movement control team
BMDballistic missile defense
BMDCBallistic Missile Defense Communications
BMDFbase management data file
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Organization
BMDPMBallistic Missile Defense Program Manager
BMDSbite maintainability data summary
BMEbattalion maintenance equipment
BMGbudget manpower guidance
BMLCBasic Military Language Course
BMMborrowed military manpower
BMMEborrowed military manpower end
BMMPBusiness Management Modernization Program
BMMSborrowed military manpower start
BMNTbegin morning nautical twilight
BMObattalion motor officer
BMObattalion maintenance officer
BMOBiometrics Management Office
BMOCbattalion motor officer course
BMPbeneficial occupancy date
BMPbest management practice
BMSbalanced metric switch
BMSbit manipulate stores
BMSbattalion maintenance sergeant
BMSbattalion motor sergeant
BMTbattalion maintenance technician
BMTFbenchmark test files
BMTJPOBallistic Missile Targets Joint Project Office
BMTSBallistic Missile Target System
BNCCbattalion communications control
BN CDRBattalion Commander
BNCOCBasic Noncommissioned Officer Course
BNCOESBasic Noncommissioned Officer Education System
BNDCbattalion display and control
BNS1battalion S1
BNS2Battalion S2
BNTOCbattalion tactical operations center
BNWbiological and nuclear warfare
BNWbattlefield nuclear warfare
BOblanket order
BObiological opinion
BOAbasic ordering agreement
BOACbasic officer advanced course
BOACbilled office address code
BOACbilling office account code
BOBCBranch Officer Basic Course
BOCbest operational capability
BODboard of directors
BOD(ES)T&E Board of Directors, Executive Secretariat
BOEBureau of Explosives
BOHbalance of hand
BOIbasis of issue
BOIFDbasis of issue feeder data
BOIPBasis of Issue Plan
BOIPFDbasis of issue plan feeder data
BOLCBasic Officer Leadership Course
BOMBureau of Mines
BOMbill of materials
BOMAbuilding owners and managers association
BOMREPbombing report
BOPbalance of payments
BOPbasic operation plan
BOPBusiness Occupancy Program
BOPABalance of Payments Act
BOPPbalance of payment programmed
BOPSbase operations support
BOQbachelor officer quarters
BORboard of review
BOSbattlefield operating system
BOSSBetter Opportunities for Single Soldiers
BOTburst on target
BOTBotulinum toxin
BPbasic pay
BPbudget project
BPbattle position
BPbudget program
BPbrilliant pebbles
BPbase point
BPblood pressure
BPBusiness Process
BPAblanket purchase agreement
BPADbroadcast public affairs detachment
BPECPBlood Borne Pathogen Exposure Control Program
BPEDBasic Pay Entry Date
BPHIboost phase intercept
BPIbinary bits per inch
BPLbattalion prevention leaders
BPLANBase Plan
BPNblanket purchase number
BPRbusiness process re‐engineering
BPRFbullet proof
BPRRBudget and Program Resource Review
bpsbytes per second
BPSEbattalion psychological support element
BPTSPBalance Peacetime Support Period
BPUbasic production unit
BPVIboiler and pressure vessel inspectors
BQbest qualified
BRbattle roster
BRbranch codes
BRbase line review
Br/FAbranch/functional area generalist
BRAAbearing, range, altitude, aspect
BRACbase realignment and closures
BRACbase realignment and closures (closure)
BRACBase Realignment Commission
BRATBeyond line‐of‐sight Reporting and Targeting [System]
BRCBasic Rider Course
BRCbudget review committee
BRDBiomedical Research Database
BRDCBelvoir Research Development Center
BRDECBelvoir Research, Development and Engineering Center
BREXyear‐month branch detail expires
BRFbilleting request form
BRFbattalion ready force
BRIbasic rate interface
BRIHTbiostatic radar identification of hostile target
BRIMBase Reuse Instruction Manual
BRIMSBudget Resource Information System
BRITEbright radar indicator tower equipment
BRLBallistic Research Laboratory
BRMbusiness reply mail
BRMbasic rifle marksmanship
BROTbase Reuse Oversight Team
BRRMBase Redevelopment and Realignment Manual
BRSBlended Retirement System
BRTBrigade reconnaissance troop
BRUbattery replaceable unit
BSABasic Standardization Agreement
BSABoys Scouts of America
BSAbrigade support area
BSAbattery sensor assembly
BSAPBus Security Attendant Program
BSATbiological select agents and toxins
BSBbase support battalion
BSBbrigade support battalion
BSCbiological safety cabinet
BSCbattle simulation center
BSCbilling status code
BSCbasic skills course
BSCbalanced scorecard
BSEPBasic Skills Education Program
BSFVBradley Stinger fighting vehicle
BSIbase support installation
BSLbiosafety level
BSMBronze Star Medal
BSMBusiness Systems Modernization
BSMbasic sustainment materiel
BSMbattlefield spectrum management
BSMEbattalion supply and maintenance
BSMSBillet Structure Management System
BSNbasic symbol number
BSNCOCBattle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course
BSNTRbase support non‐tactical radio
BSPbeam steering processor
BSPMbattalion sponsorship program manager
BSRbattlefield staff‐ride
BSSPBattle Staff Support Program
BSSRBbroken service selective reenlistment bonus
BSTbasic skills trainer
BSTbilateral staff talks
BSTFbase shop test facility
BTbasic training
BTBritish Telecommunications
BTBradley table
BTAbest technical approach
BTABusiness Transformation Agency
BTAPBuddy Team Assignment Program
BTCbasic technical course
BTCbase transition coordinator
BTEbattery terminal equipment
BTLbasic termination liability
BTMBattalion Training Model
BTMSBattalion Training Management System
BTOBase Transition Officer
BTOCbattery tactical operations center
BTOEbase table of organization and equipment
BTRballistic test report
BTTBRAC Transfer Team
BTTback to traffic
BTTbranch training team
BTUBritish thermal units
BUCSbackup control system
BUCSBackup Computer System
BUIbasic unit information
BUMEDBureau of Medicine and Surgery
BUPBarracks upgrade program
BUPERSBureau of Naval Personnel
BURbottoms‐up reconciliation
BVGbattlefield visualization graphics
BVLDBallistic Vulnerability/Lethality Division
BVRbeyond visual range
BVSBureau of Vital Statistics
BWMbiological warfare material
BXbase exchange
BYbudget year
BZ3‐Quinuclidinyl bezilate
BZbuffer zone
BZ3‐Quinuclidinyl benzilate
BZbelow the zone
B‐LPSballistic laser protective spectacle
CCounseling‐Army Reserve, AD & Guard
C&Acertification and accreditation
C&Dconstruction and demolition
C&Ecost and economics
C&GScommand and general staff
C&SCommand and Staff
C-STARSCenters for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills (USAF)
C/NDIcommercial/nondevelopmental items
C/SCSCcost/schedule control systems criteria
C/SSRcost/schedule status report
C2command and control
C2prefix for data records entered into program optimization and budget evaluation at control level of detail
C2CMCommand and Control Countermeasures
C2Econtinuous comprehensive evaluation
C2GCommand and Control Guard
C2ICommand, Control and Intelligence
C2ICCommand and Control Integration Council
C2INcommand, control, and information
C2MUGCommand and Control Microcomputers Users Group
C2SCommand and Control Sensor
C2SPRCommand and Control Systems Program Review
C2SRSCommand and Control Strength Reporting System
C2Wcommand and control warfare
C3communications, command and control
C3Command, Control and Communications
C3CMCommand, Control and Communications Countermeasures
C3ICommand, Control, Communications and Intelligence
C3Icommand, control, communications, intelligence
C3Tcommand, control, and communications ‐ tactical
C4command, control, communications and computers
C4/ITcommand, control, communications, computers and information technology
C4ICommand, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
C4IEWSCommunications, Command, Control, Computer, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors
C4IMcommand, control, communications and computers for installation management
C4ISPCommand, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Support Plan
C4ISRcommand, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
C4NETOPScommand, control, communications, an computers network operations
C4OPSCommand, Control, Communications and Computer Operations
C5computer program product specification
C41/ITCommand, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence/Information Technology
CAcombined arms
CAchange agent
CAcomprehensive agreement
CAcommand authority
CAcontract award
CAcontrolling authority
CAcounter air
CAcorrective action
CAcooperative agreement
CAchemical agent
CAcombat arms
CAcivil administration
CAcombat assessment
CAcivil affairs
CAcommercial activities
CA/IDcontrol audit identifier number
CAAConference of American Armies
CAACenter for Army Analysis
CAAcontainment aerosol chamber
CAAcommand arrangement agreement
CAAcontinuous administrative accountability
CAACareer Advancement Accounts
CAAcompetent authority approval
CAAconcepts analysis agency
CAAClean Air Act
CAAcommercial activities analysis
CAAAClean Air Act Amendments of 1990
CAAFCourt of Appeals for the Armed Forces
CAAIcombat after‐action interview
CAALScomputer‐aided acquisition and logistic support
CAAMcivilian aide area manager
CAARcombat after‐action report
CAAScontracted advisory and assistance service
CAASOCentralized Army Aviation Scheduling Office
CAATSConventional Arms Asset Tracking System
CABCivil Aeronautics Board
CABCombat Action Badge
CABcombined arms battalion
CABContract Awards Board
CABcost analysis brief
CABGCoronary Artery Bypass Grafting
CABLEconsolidation of administration at battalion level
CABSCommand Automated Budget System
CACcasualty area commander
CACcommunity activity center
CACCasualty Assistant Center
CACcombined arms center
CACCommon Access Card
CACcasualty area command
CACCommon Access Card Office
CACCivil Affairs Course
CACcrossing area commander
CACTISCommunity Automated Counter terrorism Intelligence System
CADComponent Advanced Development
CADCRC Arrival Date
CADcoronary artery disease
CADCourse Administrative Data
CADcartridge activated device
CADcomputer aided design
CADcartridge actuated device
CADcentral accounting division
CADDSComputer‐Aided Design and Drafting System
CADEcombined allied defense effort
CADMconfiguration and data management
CADSContainerized Ammunition Delivery System
CAEcomputer aided engineering
CAEPChaplain Advanced Education Program
CAESTconventional armaments and equipment subject to the treaty
CAFcompetency assessment file
CAFADcombined arms for air defense
CAFAPConsumer Affairs Financial Assistance Program
CAFSChemical Agent Filtration System
CAGcombat arms group
CAGEcommercial and government entity
CAGECcommercial and government entity code
CAHEACenter of Allied Health Education and Accreditation
CAHPSConsumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
CAIchemical accident/incident control officer
CAIcombined arms initiative
CAIcomputer assisted instruction
CAIconfiguration audit inspection
CAICChemical Accident Incident Control
CAICOChemical Accident Incident Control Officer
CAIGcost analysis improvement group
CAIGcentralized accident investigation, ground
CAIPTcost analysis integrated product team
CAIRAchemical accident and incident response and assistance
CAISchemical agent identification set
CAISICombat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface
CAIVcost as an independent variable
CALCenter for Army Leadership
CALFEXcombined arms life fire exercise
CALLCenter for Army Lessons Learned
CALLCenter for Advancement of Language Learning
CALSCommittee for Ammunition Logistics Support
CALSContinuous Acquisition and Life‐Cycle Support
CALSIPCALS implementation plan
CALS‐WGCommittee for Ammunition Logistics Support‐Working Group
CAMchemical agent monitor
CAMcentral asset management
CAMcomputer‐aided manufacturing
CAMcomputer aided manufacturing
CAMAConsolidated Army Military Awards
CAMICivil Aero Medical Institute
CAMOcorps automation management officer
CAMO‐‐PACCentral Ammunition Management Office‐Pacific
CANcommunity area network
CANcertificate of non availability
CANAconvulsive anti‐nerve agent
CAOcertifying and approving officer
CAOCivil Affairs Operations
CAOcase administering office
CAOCentral Accounting Office®
CAOcommercial affairs officer
CAOcontract administration office
CAOCasualty Assistant Officers
CAOcasualty assistance officer
CAOACCivil Affairs Officer Advanced Course
CAOCcombined air operations center
CAPCollege of American Pathologists
CAPcrisis action planning
CAPcivil air patrol
CAPComputer/Electronic Accommodations Program
CAPcomponent accessioning point
CAPcombat air patrol
CAPAcombat aircraft parking area
CAPCESConstruction Appropriation Programming, Control, and Execution System
CAPCOControlled Access Program Coordination Office
CAP IIICentralized Assignment Procedures III
CAPITChild Abuse Prevention and Investigation Techniques
CAPOCcomputerized assisted practice of cardiology
CAPRcapability request
CAPRACommission for Accreditation of Parks and Recreation Agencies
CAPS IIConsolidated Aerial Port System II
CARChief, Army Reserve
CARCorrective Action Request
CARCchemical agent resistant coating
CARDScatalog of approved requirements document
CARECustomer Automation Reporting Environment
CARFCentral Altitude Reservation Function
CARPcomputed air release point
CARPCOMSEC account registration packet
CARSCombat Arms Regimental System
CARSSChaplain Automated Religious Support System
CARTCentralized Aviation Readiness Training
CAScivilian acquired skills
CAScost accounting standards
CAScrisis action system
CAScontract administrative services surcharge
CASchemical abstracts service
CASclose air support
CAScentral appointment system
CAScustomer assistance section
CASClose-Air Support
CAScomputer assisted study
CAS3Combined Arms and Services Staff School
CASAcost analysis strategy assessment
CASACivilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army
CASARMChemical Agent Standard Analytical Reference Material
CASBCost Accounting Standards Board
CASCOMCombined Arms Support Command
CASCOM‐FLUS Army Combined Arms Support Command and Fort Lee
CASEcomputer aided software engineering
CASEVACcasualty evacuation
CASHPACChemical Agency Safety and Health Policy Action Committee
CASMEChemical Agent Safety Management Evaluations
CASREPcasualty report
CASSCommunication Activity Standard Systems
CASTFOREMCombined Arms and Support Task Force Evaluation Model
CASUCooperative Administrative Support unit
CATcontractor acceptance test/control and assessment team
CATcrisis action team
CATcomputed axial topography
CATACombined Arms Training Activity
CATCCombined Arms Training Center
CATCODEcategory code
CATESCombined Arms Test and Evaluation Suite
CATFcommander, amphibious task force
CATIESCombined Arms Training Integrated Evaluation System
CAT IIimmediate
CAT IIIpriority and routine
CATMECatalog Mean
CATSconsequence assessment tool set
CATScombined arms training strategy
CATTScombined arms tactical training simulator
CATVcategory V
CATVcommunity antenna television
CATVcable television
CATVARCatalog Variance
CAT‐ASVABcomputerized adaptive testing ‐ armed services vocational aptitude battery
CAVclaims assistance visit
CAWCertification Authority Workstation
CAWCFconventional ammunition working capital fund
CAWSCalifornia Area Wide‐band System
CAWSClose Assault Weapon System
CAWSSCrisis Action Weather Support System
CAXcomputer‐aided exercise
CBCareer Branches
CBAcost benefit analysis
CBBcontract budget base
CBCcomplete blood count
CBDCommerce Business Daily
CBDCOMChemical Biological Defense Command
CBDRTchemical, biological defense resources and training
CBEcredit by examination
CBEcommand budget estimate
CBIcomputer based instruction
CBIScomputer based instruction system
CBJBCongressional Budget Justification Book
CBLcontainerized batch laundry
CBLcommercial bill of lading
CBMcondition‐based maintenance
CBM+condition based maintenance plus
CBMUconstruction battalion maintenance unit
CBNEchemical, biological, nuclear, explosive
CBOCongressional Budget Office
CBPSChemical/Biological Protective Shield
CBRchemical, bacteriological, radiological
CBRchemical, biological, radiological
CBRBcost benefit review group
CBRNchemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear
CBRNDchemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense
CBRNEchemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high yield explosives
CBRSConcepts‐Based Requirements System
CBScorps battle simulation
CBSScorps battle simulation system
CBS‐XContinuing Balance System‐Expanded
CBTcomputer based training
CBT/Tcombating terrorism
CBTDEVcombat developer
CBTMSChaplain Branch Training Management System
cbt msncombat mission
CBUcluster bomb unit
CBUcommodity business unit
CBWchemical and biological weapons
CCcumulative committee
CCcondition code
CCContact Center
CCcondition change
CCcivilian colleges with a core of cadets
CCcontainerized chapel
CCchild care
CCclinical consultant
CCcombat camera
CCcable cost
CCcard column
CCcompliance‐related cleanup
CCcadet command
CCCommand & Control
CCcubic centimeter
CC2IPcommander in chief command and control initiatives program
CCAcentral collection activity
CCAconfined in the hand of Civil Authorities
CCAcontract commitment authority
CCAcivilian‐clothing allowance
CCADCorpus Christi Army Depot
CCALcertified contractor access list
CCBConstruction Criteria Base
CCBcross‐connect box
CCBconfiguration control board
CCCCaptain Career Course
CCCCommodity Credit Corporation
CCCcommunity counseling center
CCCAclose combat capabilities analysis
CCDcentral clothing distribution
CCDcamouflage, concealment, and deception
CCDDLA consolidation and containerization depots
CCDcontract completion date
CCDFcentral clothing distribution facility
CCDORcombatant commander's daily operational requirements
CCDRcontractor cost data reporting
CCDSControl, Communications and Display Subsystem
CCECollege of Continuing Education
CCEchaplain clinical ethicist
CCEcommercial construction equipment
CCEBCombined Communications Electronics Board
CCEPCommercial Communications Security Endorsement Program
CCFcost comparison form
CCFcentral personnel security clearance facility
CCFcomputer correction factor
CCFcentral clearance facility
CCFcorrectional custody facility
CCF/ISFcentralized computer facility and information support facility
CCFScompany commander/first sergeant
CCHcost comparison handbook
CCHChief of Chaplains
CCHHSCook County Health and Hospital System
CCIcontrolled cryptographic item
CCIcommunications security control item
CCIRcommanders critical information requirements
CCIRchange‐of‐custodian inventory report
CCIRcomputer controlled information readout
CCISCMOcommunity counterintelligence and security countermeasures office
CCISOControlled Cryptographic Serialization Officer
CCISPControlled Cryptographic Item Serialization Program
CCIUcomputer crime investigation unit
CCLcombat configured load
CCLCommerce control list
CCLcontamination control line
CCLICommerce control list item
CCMcross‐country movement
CCMcentral case manager
CCMcounter measures
CCMconstructive cost model
CCMBConfiguration Control Management Board
CCMCKclose combat mission capability kit
CCMOcorps communications security management office
CCNCentral Control Number
CCNUMcommand and control number
CCOclose‐combat optic
CCPConsolidated Cryptologic Program
CCPcommunications checkpoint
CCPcasualty collection point
CCPconsolidation and containerization point
CCPMcommand career program manager
CCQASCentralized Credentials Quality Assurance System
CCRconsumer confidence report
CCRcertificate of compelling reason
CCRBConsultation Case Review Branch, Army Health Professional Support Agency
CCSCommand and Control System
CCS2command, control, and subordinate systems
CCSDcommercial communications service designator
CCSLACommunications‐Electronics Command, Communication Security Logistics Agency
CCSPCommissioning of Completion Students Program
CCSSCentralized Command Selection System
CCSSCommodity Command Standard System
CCTcustomer complaint team
CCTcombat control team
CCTFcombined chemical test facility
CCTTclose combat tactical trainer
CCTVclosed circuit television
CCVCommand & Control Vehicle
CCVcode changer verifier
CCWConvention on Certain Conventional Weapons
CCWOcommercial communications work order
CDcombat documentation
CDchemical defense
CDcombat developments
CDCertificates of Deposit
CDcivil defense
CDcommander's discretion
CDcavalry division
CDcapabilities document
CDcompact disc
CDclinical director
CDcycle date
CDAcatalog data activity
CDAcentral design activity
CDACorporate Dental Application
CDAdcomponent data administrator
CDAPcareer development aviator program
CDAPComputer Defense Association Program
CDARcommunity daily activity report
CDATcurrent duty assignment title
CDBcommand data base
CDCChild Development Center
CDCCivilian Defense Counsel
CDCCenter for Disease Control
CDCconsolidated data center
CDCCorporate Data Center
CDCMcorps and division combat model
CDDComptroller, Department of Defense
CDDcapabilities development document or capability development
CDDBcentral demand data base
CDEchemical defense equipment
CDEconcept development and experimentation
CDEcommon data element
CDECCombat Developments Experimentation Center
CDFcost documentation format
CDG‐Acombat equipment group‐afloat
CDIPconsolidated development increment package
CDIPCombined Defense Improvement Program
CDIRchemical demilitarization installation restoration
CDLcommercial drivers' license
CDMchemical downwind message
CDMPcommunity and development plan
CDNclaims disposition notice
CDNATSCivil Defense National Automated Terminal System
CDNETcombat development network
CDNLc‐weighed day‐night average sound level
CDOcomponent‐designated official
CDOGcombat developments objective guide
CDOIMCommunity Director of Information Management
CDOPcargo distribution optimization program
CDPChild Development Program
CDPcourse data processing code
CDPCooperative Degree Program
CDPLcommand designated position list
CDPSconsolidated decision package set
CDQCcombat driving qualification course
CDRcritical design review
CDRcovenant deferral request
CDRchemical duty position roster
CDRGcatastrophic disaster response group
CDRLcontract data requirements list
CDRSContainer Design Retrieval System
CDRUSEUCOMCommander, United States European Command
CDScable distribution system
CDSContainer Delivery System
CDSconcept definition study
CDSChild Development Services
CDScost data sheet
CDScontrol display system
CDSOcollateral duty officer
CDTFcentral demilitarization training facility
CDTFchemical decontamination training facility
CDUcommand destruct unit
CDUCluster Dispenser Unit
CDUControl Display Unit
CD‐ROMCompact Disc‐Read Only Memory
CD‐ROMcompact disk‐read only memory
CEcontinuous evaluation
CEcollaborative environment
CEconcept exploration
CEcommander's evaluation
CEcivilian enterprise
CEcareer entry
CEcurrent estimate
CEcontinuing education
CEComputing Environment
CEcourse examination
CEcandidate evaluation
CEconditional exemption
CEACircular Error Average
CEAclaims expenditure allowance
CEACCost and Economic Analysis Center
CEAPCivilian Employee Assistance Program
CEAPCorps of Engineers Automation Plan
CEATcommunity emergency action team
CEBcapital expenditure budget
CEBCooperative Efforts Board
CEBclothing exchange and bath
CECOMCommunications‐Electronics Command
CEDconcept exploration and definition
CEFIRETiger Airborne Multi Channel Jammer System
CEFLYfixed wing reconnaissance/electronic warfare platform
CEFMSCorps of Engineers Financial Management System
CEGCombat Equipment Group
CEGECombat Equipment Group, Europe
CEGSCorps of Engineers guide specifications
CEHNDMCorps of Engineers Handbook and or Manual
CEIPcommunications‐electronics implementation plan
CELcivilian education level
CEMcompromising emanations
CEMCcommand energy management council
CEMPCorps of Engineers Directorate of Military Programs
CEMRcivilian employee medical record
CENCommunications, Electronics, and Navigation
CENSEICenter for Systems Engineering and Integration
CENTAGCentral Army Group
CENTCOMCentral Command
CENTOCentral Treaty Organization
CENTREXcentral exchange
CEOChief Executive Officer
CEOIcommunication‐electronics operations instructions
CEPCareer Exploration Program
CEPcivil emergency planning
CEPChief of Environmental Programs
CEPconcept evaluation program
CEPconcept experimentation program
CEPcircular error probable
CEPSCentral European Pipeline System
CEPSARCConcept Experimentation Program Schedule and Review Council
CEQCouncil on Environmental Quality
CERchemical event report
CERcommand expenditure report
CERcost estimating relationship
CERcomprehensive evaluation reports
CERcommunication equipment room
CERcryptosystems evaluation report
CERCLAComprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
CERDECCommunications, Electronics, Research and Development Engineering Center
CERECorps of Engineers, Real Estate
CERFACommunity Environmental Response Facilitation Act
CERFPChemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high yield Explosive materials Enhanced Force Package
CERLConstruction Engineering Research Laboratory
CERRODcentral repository of reports of discrepancy
CERTcombined environment reliability test
CERTComputer Emergency Response Team
CESCivilian Education System
CEScumulative enlisted service
CESCivilian Education System Courses
CEScost element structure
CESICommunications‐Electronics Standard Instruction
CESQGconditionally exempt small quantity generator
CETPcombined education training plan
CETScontractor engineering technical service
CEUcontinuing education unit
CEVcombat engineer vehicle
CEVCombat Engineer/Engineering Vehicle
CEWIcommunication‐electronic warfare and intelligence
CEWIcombat electronic warfare and intelligence
CEWIOCCombat Electronics Warfare Intelligence Operations Center
CEWISCCombat Electronics Warfare Intelligence Support Concepts
CFcareer field
CFcentral facility
CFclass domestic
CFcounter fire
CFcarried forward
CFcopy furnished
CFAcall forward area
CFACommission of Fine Arts
CFAComplete Freund's Adjuvant
CFAcurrent file area
CFAcommon file area
CFAcontrolled firing area
CFARcommunications security facility approval request
CFCCombined Federal Campaign
CFCcontracted field course
CFC‐ACombined Forces Command‐Afghanistan
CFDcareer field designation
CFDAdcomponent functional data administrator
CFDBcareer field designation board
CFEConventional Forces Europe
CFEConventional Forces, Europe
CFEcontractor‐furnished equipment
CFEAConventional Forces Europe Agreement
CFFcommercially financed facilities
CFICrypto Facility Inspection Program
CFIcumulative from inception
CFIACenter for International Affairs
CFIUSCounter intelligence Foreign Influence in the United States
CFLCoordinated FireLine
CFLcoordinated fire line
CFLcritical facilities list
CFLCChaplain Family Life Centers
CFLCCCoalition Forces Land Component Command
CFMCareer Field Manager
CFMcontractor‐furnished material
CFMcubic feet per minute
CFMcontinental United States freight management
CFMOcentralized furnishings management office
CFMSContinental United States Freight Management System
CFOchief financial officer
CFOcompleted by finance office
CFPcentral funding point
CFPconcept formulation process
CFRCivilian Federal Register
CFRCouncil on Foreign Relations
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CFScontrol field services/contract field services
CFSCcommunity and family support center
CFSDChaplain Force Structure Document
CFSOcounter‐intelligence force protection source operations
CFSRcontractor field service representative
CFSRcontract funds status report
CFTcontract field team
CFTcaptive flight trainer
CFTMconversion to full‐time manning
CFVcombat fighting vehicle
CFVcavalry fighting vehicle
CFXcommand field exercise
CFYcurrent fiscal year
CFZcritical friendly zone
CGcarbonyl dichloride
CGcommanding general
CGcoordinating group
CGcommand grade ceiling
CGcommand group codes
CG, TRADOCCommanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
CGACompressed Gas Association
CGCCACoast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals
CGCMRCoast Guar Court of Military Review
CGFComputer Generated Forces
CGICommon Gateway Interface
CGMcomputer graphics metafile
CGMCamp Grayling, Michigan
CGPAcumulative grade point average
CGSCCommand and General Staff College
CGSOCCommand and General Staff Officer Course
CGSTcrew gunnery skills test
CHcontact hour
CHcargo helicopter
CHcontrolled humidity
CHAMChild Abuse Manual
CHAMPUSCivilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
CHAMPVACivilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans' Administration
CHCcomposite health care
CHCCComprehensive Health Care Clinic
CHCSComposite Health Care System
CHDcorrectional holding detachment
CHDcoronary heart disease
CHDHcommunity health dental hygienist
CHEcontinuing health education
CHEcontainer handling equipment
CHEMOchemical officer
CHEMWARNchemical warning
CHIcoastal, harbors, and inland
CHNcommunity health nurse
CHOACChaplain Officer Advanced Course
CHOBCChaplain Officer Basic Course
CHOPchange in operational control
CHPChemical Hygiene plan
CHPPMCenter for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
CHRcivilian human resources
CHRcomponent hand receipt
CHRACivilian Human Resources Agency
CHRISChemical Hazards Response Information System
CHRMCivilian Human Resource Management
CHRRSCommunity Home, Relocation. and Referral Services
CHRRSOCommunity Home Relocation and Referral Services Office
CHScommon hardware software
CHScontrolled humidity storage
CHScombat‐health support
CHSPECalifornia High School Proficiency Examination
CIcoordinating installation
CIcombat intelligence
CIconfiguration item
CIcommand information
CIcivilian intern
CI&SCMcounterintelligence and security countermeasures
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CIAcommunity impact analysis
CIABCentral Inventory Accounting Branch
CIBCombat Infantryman's Badge
CICcontent indicator code
CICcontrolled item code
CICcustomer identification code
CICCommand Information Channel
CICCriminal Investigation Command
CICACompetition in Contracting Act
CICAcounter‐intelligence coordinating authority
CICFcustomer identification and control file
CICFcustomer information control file
CICSCommunications Identification and Collection System
CICSCustomer Information Control System
CIDCriminal Investigation Division
CIDCriminal Investigative Division
CIDcommercial item description
CIDCCriminal Investigation Division Command
CIDRCriminal Investigation Division Regulation
CIDScommercial intrusion detection system
CIEclothing and individual equipment
CIFcentral issue facility
CIFcost, insurance and freight
CIFAcounter intelligence field activity
CIHScurrently in high school
CIICcontrolled inventory item code
CIIPclothing initial issue point
CIISClothing Initial Issue System
CIKcryptographic ignition key
CILcritical items list
CILCentral Identification Laboratory
CILHICentral Identification Laboratory, Hawaii
CIMChief, Information Management
CIMcommunications improvement memo
CIMcorporate information manager
CIMcentralized installation management
CIMcorporate information management
CIMSCorporate Information Management System
CINcourse identification number
CINCCommander in Chief
CINFARSCommand Integrated Financial Accounting and Reporting System
CINFOChief of Information
CIOcommand information officer
CIOChief Information Office or Officer
CIOchief information officer
CIOcommand issuing office
CIO/G‐6Chief Information Officer, G‐6
CIO/G‐6Chief Information Officer, Command, Control, Communications, and Computers
CIOCcounter‐intelligence operations concept
CIOCCChief Information Officer Council of Colonels
CIPcritical intelligence parameters
CIPconstruction in progress
CIPcritical infrastructure protection
CIPcommand inspection program
CIPconsolidated intelligence program
CIPcommand information program
CIPMSCivilian Intelligence Personnel Management System
CIPRcounterintelligence production registry
CIRChief Information Office Requirements Branch
CIRcost information report
CIRBcapital investment review board
CIRCcentral information reference & control
CIRPCommunity Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project
CISCommonwealth of Independent States
CISCitizenship Immigration Service
CISChief Information Officer Strategic Plans Branch
CIScost information system
CISCompany Information System
CIScapital investment strategy
CISACertified Information Security Auditor
CISITPcombined strategic intelligence training
CISMCertified Information Security Manager
CISMConseil International du Sport Militaire
CISPcounter‐intelligence support plan
CISPOCombat Identification Systems Project Office
CISSCenter for Information Systems Security
CISSPCertified Information Systems Security Professional
CITAcommunications industrial type activity
CITAcommercial and industrial type activity
CITDCounterintelligence And Terrorism Division
CITECenter of industrial and Technical Excellence
CITFCommercial and Industrial Type Funds
CIUcontrol interface unit
CIUSCorps Interim Upgrade System
CIVFORSCivilian Forecasting System
CIVRConfiguration Item Verification Review
CIVTRACKSCivilian Tracking System (automated)
CIWSClose-In Weapon System (US)
CJAClaims Judge Advocate
CJACommand Judge Advocate
CJCSChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSIChairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Instruction
CJCSMChairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Manual
CJISCriminal Justice Information System
CJMABCentral Joint Mortuary Affairs Board
CJMAOCentral Joint Mortuary Affairs Office
CJSOTFcombined joint special operations tasks force
CJTFcombined joint task force
CKcyanogens chloride
CKOChief Knowledge Officer
CLcheck list
CLclerical aptitude area
CLcourse location
CLcomponent list
CLAIMSClaims Legal Automated Information Management System
CLANGcontrol language
CLASClassified by (used in electronic messages)
CLAScenter level application system
CLASPCryptologic Language and Area Study Program
CLCcommand language council
CLCCCCombined Logistics Captains Career Course
CLDAPcivilian leader development action plan
CLDSCadet Leader Development System
CLEcontinuing legal education
CLEAcivilian law enforcement agency
CLEOCivilian Law Enforcement Officials
CLEOSchild and youth liaison, education, and outreach services
CLEPCollege Level Examination Program
CLEPCollege Level Examinations Program
CLGcargo loading guide
CLGchange to lower grade
CLIcombat leaders identification
CLINcontract line item number
CLIPClinical Laboratory Improvement Program
CLLChief of Legislative Liaison
CLOcountry liaison officer
CLOACCombined Logistics Officer Advanced Course
CLOECommon Logistics Operating Environment
CLPcontinuous learning points
CLPCommand Language Programs
CLPConsolidated Loan Program
CLPMcommand language program manager
CLPPchildhood lead poisoning prevention program
CLRBCommand Logistics Review Board
CLRPCommand Logistics Review Program
CLRTcommand logistics review team
CLRTXCommand Logistics Review Team Expanded
CLSCombat Life Saver
CLSclosed loop system
CLScontractor logistic support
CLScommunications logistics support
CLScontainerized latrine system
CLScombat logistics system
CLSFcommunications security logistic support facility
CLSHCrisis Link Suicide Hotline
CLSSACooperative Logistics Supply Support Arrangement
CLSUCommunications Security Logistics Support Unit
CLUcommand launch unit
CLVcomposite lab value
CLVconvalescent leave
CMcrisis management
CMcorrective maintenance
CMcommander's manual
CMconfiguration management
CMcode manager
CMcontract monitor
Cmcareer management
CMCruise Missile
CMAconfined by military authorities
CMAcentrally managed allotment
CMAChemical Materials Agency
CMAcritical military assets
CMACourt of Military Appeals
CMAcorps maintenance area
CMAclothing monetary allowance
CMAcompetent medical authority
CMAAcivilian misconduct action authority
CMABOCasualty and Memorial Affairs Board of Officers
CMACCivilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services maximum allowable charge
CMACCHAMPUS Maximum Allowable Charge
CMAGconfiguration management advisory group
CMAOCCasualty and Memorial Affairs Operations Center
CMAOCCasualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center
CMAOCCasualty and Memorial Affairs Operation Center
CMAOCCasualty and Mortuary Affairs Operation Center‐Army
CMAOCCasualty Mortuary Affairs Operations Center
CMATconsequence management assessment team
CMBcontract memory button
CMBCombat Medical Badge
CMBTconfiguration management board
CMCCommodity Manager Code
CMCChemical Corps
CMCCommandant of the Marine Corps
CMCCcorps movements control center
CMCNCOcareer management noncommissioned officer
CMCSCommunications Security Materiel Control System
CMDcatalog management data
CMDFcatalog management data file
CMDF‐XCatalog Master Data File‐Expanded
CMDSACommunications Security Materiel Direct Support Activity
CMEcontinuing medical education
CMEchemical management evaluation
CMEACommand Management Engineering Activity
CMFcritical mission function
CMFCareer Management Field
CMHcommunity mental health
CMHChief of Military History
CMHCenter of Military History
CMIclassified military information
CMIcase mix index
CMIComponent Major Item
CMIFcareer management individual file
CMIFcareer management information file
CMISEcorps military intelligence support element
CMLcommand mission location
CMLcommercial laboratory
CMLcombat medic lane
CMMcapability maturity model
CMMCcorps materiel management center
CMNCOcareer management noncommissioned officer
CMOcivil‐military operations
CMOCivil-Military Operations
CMOcourt martial order
CMOcommunications security management office
CMOcareer management officer
CMOCollaboration Management Office
CMOCcivil‐military operations center
CMOScargo management operating system
CMPCivilian Marksmanship Program
CMPconfiguration management plan
CMPCall Management System
CMRconfiguration management review
CMRcommand management review
CMRcontractor manpower reporting
CMRcommunity mailroom
CMRcertificates of equivalency
CMRCourt of Military Review
CMRPcontemporary military reading program
CMRPcommand master religious plan
CMSconstruction management section
CMScase management studies
CMSCustomer Management System
CMScentral material supply
CMSCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services (previously HCFA)
CMScombat mission simulator
CMSCorporate Management System
CMSPChemical Materiel Surveillance Program
CMSRPChemical Materiel Stockpile Reliability Program
CMTcompany maintenance team
CMTContract maintenance trucks
CMTcommon military training
CMTcommand military training
CMTcrisis management team
CMTCCombat Maneuver Training Center
CMTFContingency Medical Treatment Facility
CMTSCompliance Monitoring and Tracking System
CMUPclutter map update
CMVcommercial motor vehicle
CMVcombat mobility vehicle
CMWcompartmented mode workstation
CMWRFcommunity morale, welfare and recreation fund
CNconsignment note
CNcontrol number
CNAcomputer network attack
CNACIchild care national agency check and written inquiries
CNCEcommunications nodal control element
CNCSCollege of Naval Command and Staff
CNDcomputer network defense
CNDIcommercial non‐developmental item
CNDSPcomputer network defense service provider
CNEcomputer network exploitation
CNETChief of Naval Education and Training
CNETPconsolidated new‐equipment training plan
CNFcentralized network facility
CNGBChief, National Guard Bureau
CNMcertified nurse midwife
CNOCasualty Notification Officers
CNOChief of Naval Operations
CNPcandidate nomination proposal
CNRcombat net radio
CNSclinical nurse specialist
CNScentral nervous system
CNVEOCenter for Night Vision and Electro‐optics
CNWCollege of Naval Warfare
CNWDICritical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
COconscientious objector
COcarbon monoxide
COcommanding officer
COcombat operations
COcomputer output
COcontracting office (r)
CO2Consideration of Others Program
CO2carbon dioxide
COAcargo operations area
COAchange of assignment
COAComptroller of the Army
COAcurrent operating allowances
COAcourse of action
CoACourt of Appeals
COAchart of account
COADcontinued on active duty
COBcommand operating budget
COBclose of business
One of the unified commands established by the President
COBCChemical Officer Basic Course
COBEcommand operating budget estimate
COBETcommon basic electronics training
COCcouncil of colonels
COCcertificate of competency
COCcommand operations center
COCOcontractor owned, contractor operated
COCOMcombatant commander
COCOMcombatant command
COCPcustomer order control point
CODcooperative opportunities document
CODcash on delivery
CODCommunity Operations Division
CODAPcomprehensive occupational data analysis program
CODARSClient‐oriented Drug and Alcohol Reporting System
CODESComputer Deployment System
COEChief of Engineers
COECorps of Engineers
COEcontemporary operational environment
COEcommon operating environment
COEAcost and operational effectiveness analysis
COEIcomponent of end item
COEMISCorps of Engineers Management Information System
COFMcorrelation of forces and means
COFTconduct‐of‐fire trainer
cogcenter of gravity
COGContinuity of Government
COGARDCoast Guard
COGNOSQuery Based Software
COGScost of goods sold
COGscritical operational goals
COHORTcohesive operational readiness training
COIcenter of influence
COIcourse of instruction
COICommunity of Interest
COIcritical operational issues
COICcritical operational issues and criteria
COIDAdscommunities of interest data administrators
COINScommunity on‐line information system
COIRMChaparral optical improvement receiver modification
COLAcost of living adjustment
COLACommission on Office Laboratory Accreditation
COLAcost of living allowance
COLTcombat observation and lasing team
COMcomputer output microfilm
COMchief of mission
COMALOCcommercial air lines of communication
COMBScontractor operational maintenance base supply
COMECONACouncil for Mutual Economic Assistance
COMETcommand maintenance evaluation team
COMFAIRMEDCommander, Fleet Air, Mediterranean
COMILCoordination Center for Military Airspace Utilization
COMINTcommunications Intelligence
Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command
COMMARFORLANTCommander, Marine Forces Atlantic
COMMARFORPACCommander, Marine Forces Pacific
COMMARFORRESCommander, Marine Forces Reserve
COMMEXcommunications exercise
COMMZcommunications zone
COMNAVACTUKCommander, Naval Activity, United Kingdom
COMOPSCommunications Operating Performance Summary
COMPACTconsolidation of military personnel activities
COMPASSComputerized Optimization Model for Predicting and Analyzing Support Structures
COMPCOcomponent code
COMPLIPcomputation of manpower programs by linear programming
COMPUSECcomputer security
COMSATCommercial satellite
COMSECcommunications security
COMSFORCommander, Stabilization Force
COMSRcommunications support requirement
COMUSFCommander, United States Forces
Commander, U.S. Southern Command
COM‐CDcommodity code
CONAPcontinental United States area of preference
CONAPConcurrent Admissions Program
CONEXcontainer express
CONEXconstruction funded
CONOPcontingency of operations
CONOPScontingency operations
CONOPSconcept of operations
CONPLANconcept plan
CONPLANcontingency plan
CONPLANScontingency plans
CONUScontinental United States
CONUSContinental U.S.
conusacontinental United States Armies
CONUSAnumbered armies of the continental United States
CONUSTNOSCContinental United States Theater Network Operations and Security Center
COOchief operating officer
COOLCredentialing Opportunities On‐line
COOPcontinuity of operations plan
COOPcontinuation of operations
COOPContinuity of Operations
COOP/ASRRSContinuity of Operations/Army Survivable Recovery and Reconstitution System
COOPLOGcooperative logistics
COPcommon operational picture
CoPcommunity of practice
COPADcontractor‐operated parts depots
COPARScontractor‐operated parts store
COPEcustodian of postal effects
COPPERconsolidation of pay and personnel
COPSCentralized Operations Police Suite
COPSCentral Organization of Police Specialists
CORclose observation room
CORcentral office of record
CORcontracting office representative
CORCommand Representative
CORBConscientious Objector Review Board
CORMcargo outturn reconciliation message
CORMRcargo outturn reconciliation message reply
CORREScontingency response
CORScargo outturn reporting system
COScommercial off‐the‐shelf
COScritical occupational specialty
COScivilian occupational specialty
CoSChief of Staff
COSCcombat and operational stress control
COSCOMcorps support command
COSDIFCost Differential
COSINcontrol staff instructions
COSIScare of supplies in storage
COSMICcode name for North Atlantic Treaty Organization top secret documents
COSMOScentralization of supply management operations
COSOCommittee of Sponsorship Organizations
COSOCOMCommander, Special Operations Command
COSSCommanders' OPSEC Support System
COSTATcost analysis statistics
COTconsecutive overseas tour
COTchange of tour
COTChief of Transportation
COTcommander of troops
COTRcontracting officer's technical representative
COTScommercial off‐the‐shelf
COTSCommercial off‐the Shelf
COTTADContingency Operations Temporary Tour of Active Duty
COVobstacle vehicle counter
CPcentral processor
CPcapability package
CPcannibalization point
CPcard punch
CPcareer program
CPcommand post
CPcourtesy patrol
CPcontact point
CPcost and performance
CPContinuation Pay
CPcheck point
CPAcertified public accountant
CPAChief, Public Affairs
CPAcritical path analysis
CPAcard privilege authority
CPACCivilian Personnel Advisory Center
CPAFcost plus award fee
CPAPcontinuous positive airway pressure
CPA PMCcivilian personnel administration program managers
CPBcash per bundle
CPBACChaplaincy Program Budget Advisory Committee
CPCcomputer program component
CPCcorps production center
CPCcorrosion prevention and control
CPCcommercial protective clothing
CPCCrew Proficiency Course
CPCcost per copy
CPCIcomputer program configuration item
CPCNCivilian Position Control Number
CPDconcept production document
CPDcapabilities production document or capability production
CPDcongressional presentation document
CPDcivilian personnel director
CPDchaplain personnel distribution
CPDcentral processing and distribution
CPDcivilian personnel directorate
CPDPcomputer program development plan
CPDUSACombat Pictorial Detachment, United States Army
CPEclinical pastoral education
CPEcollective protection equipment
CPEcontinuing professional education
CPEACivilian Personnel Evaluation Agency
CPFcentral processing facility
CPFFcost plus a fixed fee
CPFPCommunications Security Priorities Field Program
CPGContingency Planning Guidance
CPGclinical practice guideline
CPHACommission on Professional and Hospital Activities
CPIcritical program information
CPIcost performance index
CPIconsumer price index
CPIFcost plus incentive fee
CPIMCapital Planning and Investment Management
CPIPTcost performance integrated product team
CPIRcommand program indicator review
CPLcountry program listing
CPLcasket price list
CPLcommon program language
CPMcritical path method
CPMcivilian personnel manual
CPMcareer program manager
CPMcivilian personnel manager
CPMcomputer programming manual
cpmcopies per minute
CPMcontractor performance measurement
CPMCcapital purchases and minor construction
CPMIcommand personnel management inspection
CPMOScareer progression military occupational specialty
CPMScivilian personnel management service
CPOcivilian protection order
CPOchemical protective overgarment
CPOcivilian personnel office
CPO(s)claims processing offices
CPO(s)civilian personnel officer(s)
CPO(s)civilian personnel office(s)
CPO(s)cost per outfit
CPOCCivilian Personnel Operations Center
CPOCMACivilian Personnel Operations Center Military Academy
CPODCentral Program Operations Division
CPOLCivilian Personnel On‐Line
CPOScivilian personnel occupation standard
CPPCooperative Program Personnel
CPPcivilian pay plan
CPPcamouflage painting pattern
CPPCivilian Personnel Policy
CPPCCareer Program Policy Committee
CPPLcommitted participating provider list Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
CPPPCare giving Personnel Pay Program
CPPSOconsolidated personal property shipping office
CPQCCombat Pistol Qualification Course
CPRcommand performance review
CPRcost performance report
CPRcommitment/purchase request
CPRcardiopulmonary resuscitation
CPRcivilian personnel regulation
CPRPFSCorporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and Firearms Safety
CPSChild Protective Services
CPScycles per second
CPScustomer payment solution
CPScrime prevention survey
CPScombat potential score (s)
CPScompetitive prototyping strategy
CPScontractor plant service
CPSCConsumer Product Safety Commission
CPSDcivil preparedness support detachment
CPSEcorps PSYOP support element
CPTchief, programmer team
CPTcockpit procedures trainer
CPTCClinical Pastoral Training Center
CPTOAconserved peacetime obligation authority
CPTPcomputer program test plan
CPT‐4Current Procedural Terminology (4th revision)
CPUcentral processing unit
CPUchemical protective undergarment
CPWCenter for Public Works
CPXcommand post exercise
CQcharge of quarters
CQBClose quarter battle
CQCclose quarters combat
CQMclinical quality management
CQMPclinical quality management program
CQRconsolidated Quarterly Report
CRcost reimbursement
CRconditional release
CRcarrier recovery
CRcommunity relations
CRconcept refinement
CRcommander's restriction
CRAcontamination reduction area
CRAcentral retention account
CRACongressional Review Act
CRAcontinuing resolution authority
CRAclothing replacement allowance
CRAcapital reinvestment assessment
CRACcommunity relations advisory council
CRADASCooperative Research and Development Agreements
CRAFCivil Reserve Air Fleet
CRAFcertified round assembly facility
CRAFCivil Reserve Air Fleet
CRARRVChallenger Armored Repair and Recovery Vehicle
CRBcost review board
CRBMClose-Range Ballistic Missile
CRBWGcost review board working group
CRCcrowd and riot control
CRCcivilian recruitment center
CRCCombat Readiness Center
CRCCase Review Committee
CRCcamera ready copy
CRCconstruction review committee
CRCcontrol and reporting center
CRCcrime records check
CRCcrisis response cell
CRCcomponent repair company
CRCCrime Records Center
CRCcontinental United States Replacement Center
CRCBContinental United States Replacement Center Battalion
CRCBComputer Resources Control Board
CRCCContinental United States Replacement Center Company
CRCGSCChaplain Reserve Component General Staff Course
CRCISCivilian Resource Conservation Information System
CRCPCivilian Resource Conservation Program
CRCXContinental United States Replacement Center exercises
CRDCAPSTONE requirement document
CRDACooperative Research and Development Agreement
CRDCCommunications‐Electronics Command Research and Development Center
CRDPConcurrent Retirement Disability Pay
CRECombat Readiness Evaluation
CREELCold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
CRESTContingency Real Estate Teams
CRFcryptographic repair facilities
CRFcurrent requisition file
CRGcommunications relay group
CRICivilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services reform initiative
CRIBcard reader insert board
CRISDcomputer resources integrated support document
CRISPComputer Retrieval of Information of Scientific Projects
CRISPControlled Radioactive Inventory Serialization Program
CRITICcritical intelligence
CRLCMPcomputer resources life cycle management plan
CRMcomputer resource management
CRMcamera ready mechanical
CRMchaplaincy resources manager
CRMcustomer relationship management
CRMcomposite risk management
CRMcultural resources manager
CRMPComputer Resource Management Plan
CRNAcertified registered nurse anesthetist
CROchild removal order
CROCentral Referral Office
CROcarded for record only
CROPcommon relevant operational picture
CROPcontainer roll‐in/roll‐out platform
CRPcentral receiving point
CRPcommunications resources program
CRPc‐reactive protein
CRPcentral referral program
CRPcommunity relations plan
CRPCCoordinating Committee for Remedies and Performance in Contracting
CRRCConstruction Requirements Review Committee
CRScommercial reservation system
CRScommunications relay set
CRSContingency Retention Stock
CRSChairman's Readiness System
CRSCCombat Related Special Compensation Branch
CRSCCombat Related Special Compensation
CRSTcalcinois, Raynaud's phenomenon, sclerodactyly, and telangiectasis
CRTcommunity response team
CRTcombat repair team
CRTcombat readiness training
CRTcustomer response time
CRTCathode Ray Tube
CRTCCold Regions Test Center
CRTFCommander, Response Task Force
CRTsChaplain Recruitment Teams
CRUcomputer resource utilization
CRWGComputer Resources Working Group
CRZcontamination reduction zone
CScontractor support
CScompetition sensitive
CScontainerized showers
CScivil support
cscombat support
CScontrol specialty
CSclose support
CSconstant surveillance
CScritically sensitive
CScompliance statement
CScompetitive sourcing
CS0‐chlorobenzyl denemalononitrite
CScombat service
CS/CSSCombat Support/Combat Service Support
CS3Combat Service Support System
CSAChief of Staff, Army
CSAChaplaincy Support Activity
CSAcognizant security authority
CSAcorps sustainment area
CSAcommunications service authorization
CSAcorps storage area
CSAcontract support agency
CSAcombat support arms
CSAcorps support area
CSA/OCSAChief of Staff, U.S. Army/Office of the Chief of Staff of U.S. Army
CSACCommand Studies Advisory Council
CSAMSCentral Site Artifact Management System
CSARcombat search and rescue
CSARCommander in Chief's preparedness assessment report
CSARESControl Symbol Army Reserve
CSA SEAChief of Staff, Army Supply Excellence Award Program
CSASFChief of Staff, Army Strategic Fellows
CSBcorps support battalion
CSBcareer status bonus
CSBClose-Support Bridge
CSBMconfidence and security building measures
CSCconvention of safe containers
CSCCommand Safety Council
CSCconventional systems committee
CSCCommand and Staff College
CSCcustomer supply center
CSCcivilian support center
CSCcase study committee
CSCcombat support company
CSCcomputer software component
CSCEConference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
CSCIcomputer software configuration item
CSCPcommunity spill contingency plan
CSDcustomer service director
CSDcontract support detachment
CSDPCommand Supply Discipline Program
CSDPchemical stockpile disposal program
CSEclient server environment
CSECenter for Software Engineering
CSEChaparral simulator evaluator
CSEcontractor support element
CSEcounter‐surreptitious entry
CSEcombat service equipment
CSELc‐weighted sound exposure level
CSEPCommunications Systems Engineering Program
CSEPPChemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program
CSFcerebrospinal fluid
CSFChief of Security Forces [Air Force]
CSFcritical success factors
CSFRCombined Systems Functional Review
CSGcorps support group
CSGcontact security guard
CSGCombat Support Group
CSHcombat support hospital
CSIcommand supply inspection
CSIchemical surety inspection
CSIcritical safety item
CSIcompetition sensitive information
CSIACommand Systems Integration Agency
CSIFContractor Support of Initial Fielding
CSIPContractor Support for Initial Fielding
CSJFcase study and justification folder
CSLcommand selection list
CSLcentral select list
CSLCentralized Selection List
CSLACommunications Security Logistics Activity
CSMChief of Staff memorandum
CSMCommand Sergeant Major
CSMcommand security manager
CSM (D)Command Sergeant Major (designee)
CSMA/CDcarrier sense, multiple access/collision detection
CSMCCommand Sergeants Major Course
CSMCSCommunications Security Material Control System
CSMETcrew station mission equipment trainer
CSMOSControlled Secondary Military Occupational Specialty
CSMScombined support maintenance shop
CSOcustomer support office
CSOclothing and service office
CSOcompetitive sourcing official
CSOcommand safety office
CSOcustomer service organization
CSOMcomputer system operator's manual
CSPCritical Skills Pay
CSPChief of Security Police (Air Force)
CSPcommunications support processor
CSPchemical site plan
CSPcollection site person
CSPconcurrent spare parts
CSPECommunication System Planning Element
CSPIChemical Surety Program Inspection
CSPPcertified senior prevention professional
CSRcertification summary report
CSRChief of Staff Regulation
CSRBCritical Skill Retention Bonus
CSRDFCivil Service Retirement and Disability Fund
CSRGcivil support readiness group
CSRSCivil Service Retirement System
CSScombat service support
CSSchemical safety submission
CSScentral security services
CSSComputer Science School
CSSconstant surveillance surveillance
CSScentralized scheduling section
CSSAMOcombat service support automation management office
CSS AMOcombat service support automation management officer
CSSBcareer status selection board
CSSCSCombat Service Support Control System
CSSEcombat service support element
CSSLcontainerized self service laundry
CSSOcontractor special security officer
CSTcombat support training
CSTcivil support teams
CSTcoalition support team
CSTACombat Systems Test Activity
CSTAINcommanders surveillance and target acquisition information needs
CSTARcombat surveillance target acquisition radar
CSTScommercial satellite television services
CSTVRPcomputer security technical vulnerability reporting program
CSUcircuit switching unit
CSUcomputer software units
CSUPCommand Security Upgrade Program
CSURGcontract surgeon
CSWSSCOMSEC war gaming/simulation study
CTconstructively tendered
CTcollective training
CTcipher text
CTcover test
CTcounter terrorism
CTcustomer test
CTcoding transcript
CTcombat table
CTAcommon tables of allowances
CTACollective Tariff Agreement of 16 December 1966
CTAcapstone threat assessment
CTASCentralized Transient Accounting System
CTASCcorps/theater ADP service center
CTCCombat Training Center
CTCMPcombat training center master plan
CTCNconsolidation transportation control number
CTCODEcontrol code
CTCPcombat trains command post
CTDconcept and technology development
CTDcommercial training devices
CTDcumulative trauma disorder
CTDchain tie down
CTDMISCombat and Training Developments Management Information System
CTDRcommercial training device requirement
CTEcenter of technical expertise
CTEcooperative test and evaluation
CTEAcost & training effectiveness analysis
CTEDcivilian training, education and development US Army
CTEIPCentral Test and Evaluation Investment Program
CTEPCryptologic Training and Evaluation Training Program
CTFcombined task force
CTFcorrectional treatment file
ctfcontrolled supply rate
CTFcode table file
CTGcommand training guidance
CTILcommander's track item list
CTLcomposite threat list
CTLcritical task list
CTLACustomer Transaction Ledger Account
CTLBRcontrol branch
CTLTcadet troop leader training
CTMcargo traffic message
CTMPCONUS telephone modernization program
CTOcorps transportation officer
CTOcommercial travel office
CTOcontrol terminal officer
CTOFcharge time of flight
CTPcritical technical parameters
CTPCoordinated Test Program
CTQCCore Training Qualifications Course
CTRcooperative threat reduction
CTScontact test set
CTScommon training scenario
CTSDCombat Training Support Directorate
CTSFcentral technical support facility
CTSWGConsolidated Training Support Work Group
CTTcommon test training
CTTcommon task training
CTTcommanders tactical terminal
CTTcommon task test
CTTAcertified tempest technical authority
CTUconsolidated table of organization and equipment update
CTUScustoms territory of the United States
CTVcomposite time value
CTXcombined training exercise
CUCVcommercial utility cargo vehicle
CUGcontrol unit group
CUIcontrolled unclassified information
CUILcommon user item list
CULcommon user logistics
CULTcustomer user land transportation
CUPcommunications security utility program
CUSRCentral United States Registry
CUUcommon user utility
CVcurriculum vitae
CVcollection voucher
CVcommander vehicle
CVConventionally Powered aircraft carrier (USN)
CVCombat Vehicle
CVCcost validation center
CVCcombat vehicle crewman
CVEcombat vehicle evaluation
CVERSCarrier Evaluation and Reporting System
CVIconditional voluntary indefinite
CVNAttack aircraft carrier, nuclear powered (US)
CVOcommunications validation office
CVRcockpit voice recorder
CVRTCombat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked
CVSCardiovascular Screening Program
CVScargo visibility system
CVSContent Validation System
CVWCarrier Air Wing
CWchemical warfare
CWchief warrant
CWchemical weapons
CWcold weather
CWcivil works
CW2Chief Warrant Officer 2
CW2chief warrant officer two
CW3chief warrant officer three
CW3Chief Warrant Officer 3
CW4chief warrant officer four
CW4Chief Warrant Officer 4
CW5chief warrant officer five
CW5Chief Warrant Officer 5
CWAClean Water Act
CWARcontinuous wave acquisition radar
CWBScontract work breakdown structure
CWCComposite Warfare Commander
CWCchemical weapons convention
CWCEcold weather clothing equipment
CWEcurrent working estimate
CWEPTcockpit, weapons and emergencies procedures trainer
CWFcivil works facility
CWFcivilian welfare fund
CWGconventional weaponeering guide
CWICoalition Warfare Initiative
CWMchemical warfare materiel
CWMDCountering Weapons of Mass Destruction
CWOchief warrant officer
CWOclosed work order
CWOcustomer work order
CWPCoalition Warfare Program
CWScompressed work schedule
CWScommunity‐water system
CWScommander's weapon station
CWSFchemical weapon storage facility
CWTcleared while testing
CWTcustomer wait time
CXOcommand executive officer
cycubic yard
cycalendar year
cycurrent year
CYBISCyber‐based Instructional Systems
CYMSChild and Youth Management System
CYPPPChild and Youth Personnel Pay Program
CYSChild and Youth Services
CZcombat zone
CZMcoastal zone management
CZMACoastal Zone Management Act
CZTECombate Zone Tax Exclusion
CZTEcombat zone tax exclusion
C‐HUMINTcounter human intelligence
C‐IMINTcounter‐image intelligence
C‐RAMcounter rockets, artillery, and mortars
C‐SIGINTcounter‐signals intelligence
C‐STOLconventional short take‐off and landing
DDental (graphics)
D&Cdrill and ceremonies
D&Cdisplay and control
D&Fdetermination and findings
D&IDeveloper and Integrator
D&Odoctrine and organization
D&O TSPDoctrine and Organization Training Support Package
D/Idistinctive insignia
D3Adecide, detect, deliver, and assess
DADouble Agent
DADefense attaché
DANo DNA Record Category
DAdirect action
DAdisbursing agent
DADepartment of the Army
DADIMHRS Administrator
DA&Edirector, assessment and evaluation
DA 31Request and Authority for Leave
DA 200Transmittal Record
DA 638Recommendation for Award
DA 2142Pay Inquiry
DA 2166‐8NCO Evaluation Report
DA 2339Application for Voluntary Retirement
DA 3355Promotion Point Worksheet
DA 4187Personnel Action
DA 4856Developmental Counseling Form
DAAdesignated approval authority
DAAdesignated accrediting authority
DAADBDepartment of the Army Active Duty Board
DAAMSDepot Area Air Monitoring System
DAARDepartment of the Army, Army Reserve
DAARTDepartment of the Army Ammunition Requirements Tool
DAASDefense Automated Acquisition System
DAASDefense Automatic Addressing System
DABDefense Acquisition Board
DABDirector of Army Budget
DACdesignated acquisition commanders
DACDepartment of the Army civilian
DACDefense Ammunition Center
DACdefense acquisition challenge
DACDefense Acquisition circular
DACDefense Advisory Committee
DACdeputy assistant commandant
DACAPDepartment of the Army Cryptographic Access Program
DACCSDepartment of the Army Command and Control System
DACGDeparture Airfield Control Group
DACHDepartment of the Army Chief of Chaplains
DACIDepartment of Defense nation agency check plus written inquiries
DA CIRDepartment of the Army circular
DACMdirector, acquisition career management
DACMCDefense Advisory Committee on Military Compensation
DACORBDepartment of the Army Conscientious Objector Review Board
DACOWITSDefense Advisory Committee on Women in the Service
DACRPDepartment of the Army Communication Resources Plan
DACsDepartment of the Army Civilians
DACSIMDeputy Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management
DADDefense Appellate Division
DAEDefense Acquisition Executive
DAENDepartment of the Army Engineers
DAEODesignated Agency Ethics Officials
DAESDefense Acquisition Executive summary
DAFDepartment of the Air Force
DAFIFDigital Aeronautical Flight Information File
DAFODepartment of the Army Financial Operations
DAFPDirector, Army Fellowship Program
DAFRCDepartment of the Army Fellowship Review Committee
DAFSDepartment of the Army Facilities standardization
DAGdata analysis group
DAGdata authentication group
DA GODepartment of the Army General Order
DAHACDepartment of the Army Historical Advisory Committee
DAHSUMDepartment of the Army Historical Summary
DAIDirector of Army Instruction
DAIGDepartment of the Army Inspector General
DAINDepartment of the Army Information Network
DAIPRDepartment of the Army in Process Review
DAIRDepartment of the Army Internal Review
DAIRESDepartment of the Army Internal Evaluation Standards
DAIRODepartment of the Army International Rationalization Office
DAITMDepartment of the Army Investigation Team for Malfunctions
DAITMDepartment of the Army investigative team for malfunctions
DAJA‐ELDepartment of the Army, Judge Advocate ‐ Environmental Law
DAJA‐IOThe Judge Advocate General, International and Operational Law Division
DALS/SODepartment of the Army logistics staff/support officer
DAMdisplay aided maintenance
DAMAPDepartment of the Army MSE action plan
DAMEDivision Airspace Management Element
DA MEMODepartment of the Army Memorandum
DAMHCenter for Military History, US Army
DAMIDepartment of the Army Intelligence
DAMIS‐FSDrug and Alcohol Management Information System‐Field System
DAMIS‐HQDrug and Alcohol Management Information System‐Headquarters
DAMI‐CHChief of the Counterintelligence, Human Intelligence Division
DAMMSDepartment of the Army Movement Management System
DAMMS‐RDepartment of the Movements Management System ‐ Redesigned
DAMOdivision automation management office
DAMO‐ODLDepartment of the Army Material Office, Office of Defense Logistics
DAMO‐TRTraining Directorate, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
DAMO‐TRCDepartment of the Army Military Operations‐Collective Training Division
DAMO‐TRSTraining Simulations Division, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
DAMPLDepartment of the Army Master Priority List
DAMPREdrill attendance monitoring procedures and reports
DAMRIPDepartment of the Army Management Review and Improvement Program
DAMVIPDPDepartment of the Army Multimedia/Visual Information Production and Distribution Program
DAMWODepartment of the Army modification work order
DANCONDanish contingent
DANTESDefense Activity for Non‐traditional Education Support
DANTESDefense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
DantesDefense Activity for Non‐Traditional Education System
DAOdisbursing accounting officer
DAOdivision ammunition officer
DAODefense Accounting Office
DAOdefense accounting officer
DAO(s)decedent affairs officer
DAO(s)Defense Attaché Office(s)
DAO(s)defense accounting officer (or office)
DAO(s)division ammunition officer (or office)
DAO(s)decentralized accounting office
DAPdesignated acquisition program
DAPdefensive armor penetration
DAPdistant aiming point
DAPdecontaminating apparatus, portable
DAPdefense audiovisual policy
DAPdefense acquisition program
DAPDirector of Army Programs
DAPdays authorized to be pre‐positioned
DA PAMDepartment of Army pamphlet
DAPEDirector of Program Analysis and Evaluation
DAPIPDepartment of the Army Productivity Improvement Program
DAPMDepartment of the Army, Provost Marshal General
DAPMEPDepartment of the Army Partial Mobilization Expansion Plan
DAPMISDepartment of the Army Photograph Management Information System
DAPPDA productivity improvement Program
DAPRDepartment of the Army program review
DAPRCDA Periodicals Review Committee
DAPSDocument Automation Production Service
DAPSDefense Automated Publishing Service
DARDefense Acquisition Regulation
DARdata automation requirement
DARdaily activity report
DARdefense acquisition review
DARCDefense Acquisition Regulatory Council
DAREDrug Abuse Resistance Education (Program)
DARICDefense Automation Resources Information Center
DARMISData Acquisition Requirements Management Information System
DARMPDefense Automation Resources Management Program
DARMSDevelopmental Army Readiness and Mobilization System
DARNGDirector, Army National Guard
DARPDefense Access Road Program
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARPAINSTDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency Instruction
DARRDepartment of the Army regional representative
DARSEDepartment of the Army relocation service for employees
DARTdocumentation Assistance Review Team
DARTdirect advisory of recorded transactions
DARTSData Automation Requirements Transfer System
DARTSDefense Acquisition Review Team
DARTSDeployment and Reconstitution Tracking Software
DARTSDeployment and Reconstitution Tracking System
DARTSDigital Automated Rapid Targeting System
DASdefense administrative support
DASData Acquisition System
DASdaily advice of status
DASDefense Attaché System
DASDefense Audit Service
DASDirector of Army Staff
DAS (R&T)Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology
DASADepartment of the Army Staff Agency
DASADeputy Assistant Secretary of the Army
DASA (AB)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Army Budget
DASA (CPP)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civilian Personnel Policy)
DASA (DARB)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Department of the Army Review Boards)
DASA (DE&C)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation
DASA (ESOH)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Environment, Safety and Occupational Health)
DASA (FO)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Operations)
DASA (I&H)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Housing)
DASA (ILS)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Integrated Logistics Support
DASA(P&P)Deputy Assistance Secretary of the Army for Policy and Procurement
DASA (R&T)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research and Technology)
DASA (RA)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Reserve Affairs)
DASA (RB)Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Review Boards)
DASAFDepartment of the Army Safety Office
DASAFDirector of Army Safety
DASA‐CEDeputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics
DASBdivision area support battalion
DASBdivision aviation support battalion
DA SBODepartment of the Army Staff Bands Officer
DASCDepartment of the Army systems code
DASCDepartment of the Army system coordination
DASCDepartment of the Army system coordinator
DASC(A)Direct Air Support Center (Airborne)
DASDDeputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
DASDdirect access storage device
DASEdefense against sound equipment
DASEBDepartment of the Army Suitability Evaluation Board
DASGDepartment of the Army, Surgeon General
DASODepartment of the Army special order
DASRDA special roster
DATRRDDepartment of the Army Telecommunications Requirements and Resources Document
DATTYPDepartment of the Army Telecommunications Ten Year Plan
DAUDefense Acquisition University
DAVDisabled American Veteran
DAVIPDPDepartment of the Army Visual Production and Distribution Program
DAVISDefense Automated Visual Information System
DAVPdoctrinal audio‐visual program
DAWIADefense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
DA‐VOdaylight visual observation
DBDefined Benefit
DBdouble bagging
DBAdata‐base administrator
DBADavis‐Bacon Act
DBAdB measured on the A scale
DBASdata base applications system
DBDdesert battle dress
DBDDdatabase design document
DBDUdesert battle dress uniform
DBLdistribution‐based logistics
DBMISDefense Blood Management Information System
DBMSdatabase management system
DBOFDefense Business Operating Fund
DBOF‐TDefense Business Operations Fund ‐ Transportation
DBPdisinfectants and dis‐infection by products
DBRdetail billing record
DBSAEDefense Business Systems Acquisition Executive
DBSMCDefense Business Systems Management Council
DCdigital source collectors
DCDistrict of Columbia
DCdirect cite
DCdirect current
DCdefense counsel
DCdislocated civilian
DCDeputy Commandant
DCdamage control
DCDefined Contribution
DCdental corps
DC3Defense Cyber Crime Center
DCADefense Communications Agency
DCAdefensive counter‐air
DCAdeputy commander for administration
DCADefense Cooperation Agreement
DCADirector of Community Activities
DCAADefense Contract Audit Agency
DCACdemilitarization chemical agent concentrator
DCADSDefense Contract Action Data System
DCAGdata collection and analysis group
DCASDefense Contract Administration Service
DCASDefense Cash Accountability System
DCASMADefense Contract Administration Service management area
DCBdollar cost banding
DCCdental clinic command
DCCCdata communication control codes
DCCRDeclaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
DCCSdeputy commander for clinical services
Defense Communications System Service ‐ Washington
DCC‐WDefense Contracting Command‐Washington
DCDdirector of combat developments
DCDDirectorate of Combat Developments
DCEDirector of Communications and Electronics
DCEdefense coordinating element
DCEEDistributed Continuous Experimentation Environment
DCGdeputy commanding general
DCGS‐ADistributed Common Ground System‐Army
DCHCDeputy Commander for Army Health Clinics
DCIDirector of Central Intelligence
DCIDDirector of Central Intelligence Directive
DCIIdefense central investigations index
DCIPDefense Critical Infrastructure Program
DCIPSDefense Casualty Information Processing System (converted from ACIPS)
DCIPSDefense Casualty Information Processing System
DCIPSDefense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System
DCISdesign criteria information system
DCISDefense Criminal Investigation Service
DCLdishonored check list
DCLLDivision Command Lessons Learned
DCLTDrill Cadet Leadership Training Program
DCMdirector of civilian marksmanship
DCMdeputy chief of mission
DCMADefense Contract Management Agency
DCMAODefense Contract Management Area Office
DCMAODefense Contract Management Administration Office
DCMCDefense Contract Management Command
DCMDDefense Contract Management District
DCMRDefense Contract Management Region
DCNdeputy commander for nursing
DCNDesign Change Notice
DCOdefense cost office
DCOdefense coordinating office
DCOdeputy commanding officer
DCOdesignated commanding officer
DCOSTdate commenced oversea tour
DCPdirect customer payment
DCPDegree Completion Program
DCPdirector of civilian personnel
DCPdecision coordinating paper
DCPDebit Card Program
DCPADefense Civil Preparedness Act
DCPCdirect combat probability code
DCPCdirect combat position code
DCPDSDefense Civilian Personnel Data System
DCPGDefense Communications Planning Group
DCPSdata communications protocol standards
DCRdocument control register
DCRdeveloped character reference
DCSdeployment cycle support
DCSdirect commercial sales
DCSDefense Communications System
DCSdefense courier service
DCSdefensive counterspace
DCSDeputy Chief of Staff
DCS, G‐1Deputy Chief of Staff, G‐1
DCS, G‐2Deputy Chief of Staff, G‐2
DCS, G‐3Deputy Chief of Staff, G‐3
DCS, G‐3/5/7Deputy Chief of Staff, G‐3/5/7 (formerly referred to operations plans)
DCS, G‐4Deputy Chief of Staff, G‐4
DCS, G‐6Director of Information Systems for Command, Control, Communications, and Computers
DCS, G‐8Deputy Chief of Staff, G‐8 (previously DCSPRO)
DCSADeputy Chief of Staff for Ammunition
DCSCDefense Construction Supply Center
DCSCDDeputy Chief of Staff for Combat Developments
DCSCSDeputy Chief of Staff for Clinical Services
DCSCSDefense Contingency Station Communication System
DCSENGRDeputy Chief of Staff Engineer
DCSFYPDefense Communications System Five Year Program
DCSIMDeputy Chief Of Staff for Information Management
DCSINTDeputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
DCSIODeputy Chief of Staff, Information Operations
DCSLOGDeputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSOPSDeputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
DCSPADeputy Chief of Staff for Personnel and Administration
DCSPERDeputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
DCSPODEERS and Central Systems Program Office
DCSPRODeputy Chief of Staff for Programs, Office of
DCSRMDeputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management
DCSSdeclination of continued service statement
DCSTDefense Logistics Agency Contingency Support Command
DCSTDeputy Chief of Staff for Training
DCUdesert camouflage uniform
DCUdeployment control unit
DCVSDeputy Commander for Veterinary Services
DCWFDefense Capital Working Fund
DDdecision document
DDdescriptive designator
DDDepartment of Defense (forms)
DDDishonorable Discharge
DDDepartment of Defense (generally when used with Form or some of term)
DD/EFTdirect deposit/electronic fund transfer
DDACMdeputy director for acquisition career management
DDCDistrict Court District of Columbia
DDCDivision Data Center
DDCDenver Distribution Center
ddddirect distant dialing
DDDDefense Distribution Depot
DDDICDepartment of Defense disease and injury codes
DDDSDefense Data Dictionary System
DDDSFDefense Distribution Depot San Joaquin Sharpe Facility
DDEDwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center
DDEdeputy district engineer
DDEPDefense Data (or Defense) Exchange Program
DDESDefense Dependents Education System
DDESBDepartment of Defense Explosives Safety Board
DDESSDepartment of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools
DDGdraw down guidance
DDIdelivery distribution indicator
DDJCDefense Distribution Depot San Joaquin California
DDLdelegation of disclosure authority letter
DDLdigital data link
DDLCdeployed distance learning center
DDMdoctor of dental medicine
DDMCDefense Depot Maintenance Council
DDNdefense data network
DDNdefense digital network
DDODeputy Director of Operations
DDOTEDefense Director of Operational Test & Evaluation
DDPDemand Development Period
DDPdistribution drop point
DDPSSdepartment‐determined personnel security status
DDRdrug demand reduction
DDR&EDirector, Defense Research and Engineering
DDRSDefense Data Repository System
DDRTDefense Distribution Depot Red River Texas
DDSdoctor of dental surgery
DDSdirector of dental services
DDSdata dictionary system
DDSPDefense Development Sharing Program
DDSPDefense Distribution Susquehanna , PA
DDTCDigital Training Campus
DDTNDIMHRS Development and Test Network
DDUSdate departed the United States
DEdirect energy
DEdistrict engineer
DEdevelopment estimate
DEDepartment of Education
DEAdata exchange annex
DEADrug Enforcement Administration
DEAdata exchange agreement
DEBdigital European backbone
DEBDeputy Executive Board
DECADefense Commissary Agency
DECCDirector, Executive Communications and Control
DECCDefense Enterprise Computing System
DECCODefense Commercial Communications Office
DECLDeclassify on (used in electronic messages)
DECOMDepot Command, US Army
DEDARNGdedicated Army National Guard
DEERSDefense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DEERS‐HC/IDDefense Enrollment Eligibility Report System (Health Care and Identification Cards)
DEFCONDefense Readiness Condition
DEFCONdefense condition
DEFPSDuplicate Emergency Files System
DEFREMANEDCENDefense Resources Management Education Center
DEHdirector of engineering and housing
DEIDepartment of Electromagnetic Intelligence
DEICOdissemination and extraction of information controlled by originator
DEISDefense Engineer Information System
DELMARCData Element Management/Accounting Reporting Center
DELMASData Element Management Accounting Systems
DELNSADelegate to the Army Board of NATO Standardization Agency
DELPDefense English Language Program
DELREPdelay in reporting
DEMISDefense Environmental Management Information System
DEMOSMDefense Enlisted Management Objectives Simulation Model
demstatdeployment/employment and mobilization status
DENDefense Education Network
DENCOMdental command
DENIXDefense Environmental Network and Information Exchange
DENTACDental Activity
DEOMIDefense Equal Opportunity Management Institute
DEPdraft equipment publication
DEPDirector of Environment Programs
DEPDelayed Entry Program
DEPCATdefense planning category
DEPEXdeployment exercise
DEPLANdeployment plan
DEPMASDeployment Management System
DEPMEDSdeployable medical system
DEPORDDeployment Order
DEPREPSDeployment Reporting System
DEPSDomestic Emergency Planning System
DEPSECDEFDeputy Secretary of Defense
DEPSOdepartmental standardization office
DEPTEMPOdeployment tempo
DEPUSdepartmental users
DeRADefense Resale Activity
DERAdefense environmental restoration account
DEROSdate eligible for return from overseas
DERPDefense Environmental Restoration Program
DERVDerived from (used in electronic messages)
DESDisability Evaluation System
DESdemolition effects simulators
DESdata encryption standard
DESDirectorate of Evaluation and Standardization
DESdeployed, employ and sustain
DESDistribution Execution System
DESDirector of Emergency Services
DESDirectorate of Emergency Services
DESDirector of Executive Services
DESCDefense Energy Support Center
DESCIMDefense Environmental Security Corporate Information management
DESCOMDepot Systems Command
DESOHDeputy for Environment Safety and Occupational Health
DETdisplaced equipment training team
DETDisplaced Equipment Training
DETdetection equipment
DETCdisplaced equipment training centers
det corddetonation cord
DETPdisplaced equipment training plan
DETTdisplaced equipment training team
DEUDelegated Examining Unit
DEVA‐IPRdevelopment acceptance‐in process review
DEVLIBdevelopment library
DEVSDepartment of Defense Activities Address Code Edit/Validation System
DEVTdevelopment validation
DEWDistant Early Warning (US)
DEWdirected energy weapon
DEWSDefense Electronic Warfare System
DFchemical agent symbol for the binary precursor methyl phosphoric difluoride
DFdeuterium fluoride
DFdefensive fire
DFdirection finding
DFAdining facility attendant
DFADirector of Finance and Accounting
DFADdigital features analysis data
DFAEDirector of Facilities Engineering
DFARDepartment of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation
DFARSDefense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Services‐ATPP
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Services
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Service ‐ Indianapolis Center
DFASMarine Corp Defense Finance and Accounting Services
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Services‐ARP
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Services‐ARNG
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Service
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting
DFAS‐CLDefense Finance and Accounting Service ‐ Cleveland Center
DFAS‐DEDefense Finance and Accounting Service ‐ Denver Center
DFAS‐EUDefense Finance and Accounting Service ‐ Europe
DFAS‐INDefense Finance and Accounting Service ‐ Indianapolis
DFAS‐KCDefense Finance and Accounting Service‐Kansas City Center
DFAS‐ReservesDefense Finance and Accounting Services‐Reserves
DFCDistinguished Flying Cross: Air Force decoration
DFCDistinguished Flying Cross
DFCRDeputy Functional Chief Representative
DFCSDrone Formation Control System
DFDdesign for discard
DFECDivision of Federal Employees' Compensation
DFGLDistinct Faith Group Leader
DFLPDefense Foreign Language Program
DFMRdual frequency MEECON receiver
DFRdropped from rolls
DFREDefense Fuel Region Europe
DFREDefense Rail Interchange Fleet
DFRIFDefense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet
DFSDropped from the strength
DFSCDefense Fuel Supply Center
DFSCDetailed functional system requirements
DFSCOORDdeputy fire support coordinator
DFSPdefense fuel support point
DFTDivision of Forensic Toxicology
DFTdeployment for training
DFWDrug‐free Federal Workplace
DGdesign guide
DGdeath gratuity
DGdefense guidance
DGPSDifferential GPS
DGRdangerous goods regulation
DGRCDefense Non‐Tactical Generator and Rail Equipment Center
DGSCDefense General Supply Center
DGZdesired ground zero
DHdecision height
DHADefense Health Agency
DHCPdecentralized hospital computer program
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHFdemand history file
DHFNdirect hire, foreign national
DHHSDepartment of Health and Human Services
DHPDefense Health Program
DHRDirector of Human Resources
DHRPDirector of Human Resources Policy
DHSDefense Human Intelligence Service
DHSDepartment of Homeland Security
DHSdirector of health services
DHUSdirect hire of the United States
DIdevelopment inquiry
DIdata interchange
DIdata item
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DIACAPDodd Information Assurance Certification & Accreditation Process
DIACAPDepartment of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process
DIAMDefense intelligence Agency Manual
DIAOLSDefense Intelligence Agency On‐Line System
DIARDefense Intelligence Agency regulation
DIBdefense industrial base
DIBRSDefense Incident‐Based Reporting System
DICDefense Intelligence College
DICdocument identifier code
DICdependency and indemnity compensation
DICdefense intelligence community
DIDdata item description
DIDdefense in depth
DIDSDefense Integrated Data System
DIEMSdate initially entered military service
DIFdeficiency investigation file
DIFSDefense Integrated Finance System
DIGdesignated industry group
DIIDefense Information Infrastructure
DII COEDefense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment
DIIP‐RDefense Inactive Item Program ‐ Redesign
DIMADrilling Individual Augmentation Program
DIMA/IMADrilling Individual Mobilization Augmentee Program
DIMEdiplomatic, information, military and economic
DIMHRSDefense Integrated Military Human Resources System
DIMHRSDefense Integrated Military Human Resources
DIMHRSDIMHRS Training Support Line
DIMHRSDefense Integrated Military Human Resources  Resource System
DIMMADrilling Individual Mobilization Augmentee
DIMRSDefense Integrated Military Human Resource System
DIMSDistribution Information Management Systems
DINAHdesktop interface AUTODIN host
DINFOSDefense Information School
DINSDefense Internet NOTAM Service
DIODirector of Industrial Operations
DIOdefense intelligence officer
DIODdirect inward‐outward dialing
DIORDirector for Information, Operations and Reports
DIPEPDefense Intelligence Personnel Exchange Program
DIPPDefense Intelligence Projections for Planning
DIRALOGDirector of Army Logistics
DIREPdirect reporting
DIRLAUTHdirectly authorized
DISdistributed interactive simulation
DISdefense investigation code
DISDirector of Installation Support
DISDefense Investigative Service
DISADefense Information Systems Agency
DISADefense Information Systems Agency DOD
DISA/CISSDefense Information Systems Agency/Center for Information System Security
DISACDefense Information Systems Agency Circular
DISAMDefense Institute of Security Assistance Management
DISCDefense Industrial Supply Center
DISCDefense Identifier Code
DISCdelay in separation code
DISCASDefense Intelligence Special Career Automated System
DISCODefense Industrial Security Clearance Office
DISCOMdivision support command
DISCRDirectorate for Industrial Security Clearance Review
DISEdivision intelligence support element
DISNDefense Information Systems Network
DISRDodd Information Technology Standards and Profile Registry
DISRdiscrepancy in shipment report
DIST SPdistribution specialist
DISUMdaily intelligence summary
DISUMdigital system user manual
DITdirectory information tree
DITBdigital imagery test bed
DITEdefense integrated terminal evaluation
DITISDefense Instructional Technology Information System
DITMSDefense Information Technology Management System
DITSCAPDefense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
DIVADdivision air defense
DIVARTYdivision artillery
DIVENGdivision engineer
DIV SUPdiving supervisor
DIWAGdivision war game
DJMSDefense Joint Military Pay System
DJMS‐ACDefense Joint Military Pay Systems‐Active Component
DJMS‐RCDefense Joint Military Pay Software‐Reserve Component
DLdistributed learning
DLdecimal locator
DLDistance Learning
DLdefense language
DLdata link
DLdocument log
DLADefense Logistics Agency
DLAdislocation allowance
DLABDefense Language Aptitude Battery
DLAMPDefense Leadership and Management Program
DLAPSDefense Logistics Agency Publishing System
DLARDefense Logistics Agency Regulation
DLATDefense Language Aptitude Test
DLHdirect labor hours
DLIDefense Language Institute
DLIELCDefense Language Institute English Language Center
DLIFLCDefense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
DLISDefense Logistics Information Service
DLIS ‐ ADefense Logistics Information Services ‐ Army Cataloging
DLMdepot‐level maintenance
DLMSODefense Logistics Management Standards Office
DLOGSDivision Logistics System
DLPdefense language program
DLPDoctrinal Literature Program
DLPCSdate of last permanent change of station
DLPEdate of last physical examination
DLPTDefense Language Proficiency Test
DLRdepot level repairs
DLSDistance Learning System
DLSDistributed Learning System
DLSCDefense Logistics Service Center
DLSEPRDelay in Separation Reason
DLSICDefense Logistics Studies Information Center
DLSIEDefense Logistics Studies Information Exchange
DLTdata line terminal
DLTdecision logic table
DLTMdata link terminal module
DLTPDefence Logistics Transformation Program
DLUdata link upgrade
DLVAdata line vulnerability analysis
DLVTdata link vulnerability test
DMdata manager
DMDirector of Management
DMdomestic minerals
DMdata management
DMDeutsche Mark
DMdefense material
DMdistribution management
DMADefense Mapping Agency
DMARdeferred maintenance and repair
DMATSDefense Metropolitan Area Telephone System
DMCdefense mega centers
DMCdistribution management center
DMCBDepot Maintenance Corporate Board
DMCCdepot maintenance control center
DMCMAdefense management contract management area
DMDBdepot maintenance data bank
DMDCDefense Manpower Data Center
DMDCDefense Message Dissemination System
DMEdistance measuring equipment
DMFOdefense medical facilities office
DMGdistinguished military graduate
DMGDistribution Management Group
DMGdegrees magnetic north
DMHSDefense Message Handling System
DMIdepot maintenance interservice
DMIdefine, measure, and improve
DMISAdepot maintenance inter‐service support agreement
DMLDistribution Management Level
DMLSSDefense Medical Logistics Standard Support
DMMdigital multimeter
DMMdiscarded military munitions
DMMdomestic mail manual
DMMBDefense Medical Materiel Board
DMMCdivision materiel management center
DMMCdefense medical military construction
DMMPdepot maintenance mobilization plan
DMMWdepot maintenance mobilization workload
DMNdocument management number
DMODirected Military Overstrength
DMOdiving medical officer
DMOdesignated management official
DMOPSDepot Maintenance Operations Planning System
DMOSduty military occupational specialty
DMOSQduty military occupation specialty qualification
DMPDefense Program Memorandum
DMPEdepot maintenance plant equipment
DMPODefense Military Pay Office
DMPPDirector for Military Personnel Policy
DMRDesignated Marksman Rifle
DMRDefense Management Review
DMRDDefense Management Resource Decision
DMRSDefense Management Review System
DMSdistinguished military student
DMSdata message system
DMSDefense Mapping School
DMSdepot maintenance study
DMSDefense Message System
DMSADefense Medical Support Activity
DMSLDistribution Management Sub‐Level
DMSMDefense Meritorious Service Medal
DMSMSdiminishing manufacturing sources and materiel shortages
DMSODefense Modeling and Simulation Organization
DMSOdivision medical supply office
DMSPdepot maintenance support plan
DMTdepot maintenance technical assistance
DMTdiving medical technician
DMTDistribution Management Team
DMTBdeployment mobilization troop basis
DMWRdepot maintenance work requirement
DMWRdepot maintenance work requests
DMZdemilitarized zone
DNDepartment of the Navy
DNdental category
DNADefense Nuclear Agency
DNAdeoxyribo nucleic acid
DNACIDepartment of Defense National Agency check with written inquiries
DNAINSTDefense Nuclear Agency Instruction
DNBIdisease and non‐battle injury
DNBI casualtydisease and nonbattle injury casualty
DNGDowngrade to (used in electronic messages)
DNIFduties not to include flying
DNLday‐night average sound level
DNMdomain naming master
DNRdo not resuscitate
DNRPDefense National Relocation Program
DNRSDirectorate of Non‐Resident Studies
DNSdomain name service
DNSCDefense National Stockpile Center
DNSIdefense nuclear surety inspection
DNVTDigital Non‐secure Voice Telephone
DOdoctor of osteopathy
DOdelivery order
DOAdirection of attack
DOAdead on arrival
DOBdate of birth
DOBdistribution operations briefing
DOCdirector of contracting
DOCAdate of current appointment
DOCEXdocument exploitation
DOCMODdocumentation modernization
DOCPERDepartment of Defense Contractor Personnel Office
DOCSDSCS operational control system
DODDOD Hotline Complaints
DoDDepartment of Defense (United States)
DoDDepartment of Defense
DOD/GCDepartment of Defense General Counsel
DODAACDepartment of Defense Activity Address Code
DODAACDepartment of Defense activities address code
DODAADDepartment of Defense Activity Address Directory
DODAAFDepartment of Defense activity address file
DODACDepartment of Defense Ammunition Code
DODACDepartment of Defense activity codes
DODAFDepartment of Defense Architecture Framework
DODCIDepartment of Defense container inventory
DODDDepartment of Defense directive
DODDSDepartment of Defense Dependent Schools
DODEADepartment of Defense Education Activity
DODESSDepartment of Defense Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (formerly section 6 schools)
DODFMRDepartment of Defense Financial Management Regulation
DoDIDoD Instruction
DODIDepartment of Defense Initiative
DODIDepartment of Defense instruction
DODICDepartment of Defense identification code
DODIGDepartment of Defense Inspector General
DODIISDepartment of Defense Intelligence Information System
DODIPDepartment of Defense Informational Program
DODIPPDepartment of Defense Intelligence Production Program
DODISSDepartment of Defense Index Of Specification and Standards
DODMERBDepartment of Defense Medical Examination Board
DOD MWR USADepartment of Defense Morale, Welfare and Recreation Utilization, Support and Accountability
DODOCIDepartment of Defense Office of Complaint Investigations
DODPIDepartment of Defense Polygraph Institute
DODPIVIDepartment of Defense Military Pay and Allowances Entitlements Manual
DODPPPDepartment of Defense Priority Placement Program
DODPSPDepartment of Defense Personnel Security Program
DODRDepartment of Defense regulation
DODSASPDepartment of Defense Small Arms Serialization Program
DODSIDepartment of Defense Security Institute
DoDTRDepartment of Defense Trauma Registry
DODVSADepartment of Defense Veterinary Service Activity
DODXDepartment of Defense ‐ owned rail car used in service on continental United States railways
DOD‐STDDepartment of Defense standard
DOEDepartment of Energy
DOEdate of enlistment
DOEHRSDefense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System
DOETICDepartment of Energy Technical Information Center
DOFCDefense Orthopedic Footwear Clinic
DOHADefense Office of Hearings and Appeals
DOHRSDefense Occupational Health Readiness System
DOHSADeath on the High Seas Act
DOIdied of injuries
DOIDepartment of Interior
DOIMDirector of Information Management
DOJDepartment of Justice
DOLU.S. Department of Labor
DOLDepartment of Labor
DOLdirector of logistics
DOMADirector, Operation and Maintenance, Army
DOMSDirector of Military Support
DONDepartment of Navy
DOPMADefense Officer Personnel Management Act
DOPSdisbursed office processing system
DORDate of Rank
DORdate of registration
DORdetail obligation report
DORSDefense Outplacement Referral System
DOSDirector, Operations and Support
DOSdisk operating system
DOSdays of service
DOSDepartment of State
DOSdays of supply
DOSState Department
DOSdate of separation
DOTDictionary of Occupational Titles
DOTdirector of training
DOTdepartment of transportation
DOT&EDirector, Operational, Test and Evaluation
DOTDDirectorate of Training Doctrine
DOTDSDirectorate of Training, Doctrine and Simulation
DOTEDirector, Operational Test and Evaluation
DOTEDepartment of Transportation Exemptions
DOTLMSDoctrine, Organizations, Training, Leader Development, Materiel and Soldiers
DOTLPFDoctrine, Organizations, Training, Leadership, and Personnel, and Facilities
DOTMLPFdoctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership, and education, personnel, and facilities
DOTSPDoctrinal and Organizational Test Support Package
DOVdisbursing officer voucher
DOWdied of wounds
DOX‐Tdirect operating exchange‐tactical
DPdistribution point
DPDirection of the President
DPdevelopment plan
DPdisplaced person
DPdelivery point
DPdecision point
DPdetaining power
DPdeparture procedures
DPdeployed category
DPAdata processing activity
DPAdelegation of procurement authority
DPADefense Production Act
DPAEdata processing automatic equipment
DPAEdirector, program analysis and evaluation
DPAMMHdirect productive annual maintenance man‐hours
DPASdigital patch and access system
DPASDefense Priorities and Allocation System
DPBOdivision property book officer
DPCDeployment Processing Center
DPCdata processing center
DPCDefense procurement circular
DPCDefense Planning Committee
DPCADirector of Personnel and Community Activities
DPDdistributed product descriptions
DPDODefense Property Disposal Office
DPEDemilitarization Protective Ensemble
DPEPDefense Personnel Exchange Program
DPESODefense Product Engineering Services Office
DPFOData Processing Field Office
DPFTdiver physical fitness test
DPGDefense Planning Guidance
DPGdefense program guidance
DPGdate of permanent grade
DPGDugway Proving Ground, UT
dpidots per inch
DPIdata processing installation
DPI/Adata processing installation/activity
DPICMdual purpose improved conventional munitions
DPLIdeployment indicator
DPMdeputy program manager
DPMDirector of Personnel Management
DPMdoctor of podiatric medicine
DPMdeputy project manager
DPMdirect procurement method
DPOdepot property office
DPOdefense post office located in the Pentagon
DPOdivision parachute officer
DPOBdate and place of birth
DPPdiscount payback period
DPPdata performance plan
DPPDedicated Procurement Program
DPPCdefense planning and programming category
DPPGDefense Packaging Policy Group
DPPSdata performance plan system
DPRBDefense Planning and Resources Board
DPRODefense Plant Representative Office
DPSdefense printing service
DPSdefense planning scenario
DPSdecision package set
DPSCDefense Personnel Support Center
DPSCDefense Procurement Supply Center
DPTDuty Performance Test
DPTDirector of Plans and Training
DPTMDirector of Plans, Training, and Mobilization
DPTMSdirector of plans, training, mobilization, and security
DPTMSDirectorate of Plans, Training, mobilization, and security
DPTMSEC/DPTMSDirector of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security
DPTOEDraft Plan Table of Organization Equipment
DPUdata processing unit
DPWdirector of public works
DPWDepartment of Public Works
DPW/DEHDirectorate of Public Works/Directorate of Engineering and Housing
DQdisqualification (aero medical)
DQData Quality
DRdirection range
DRdisposition of remains
DRdecision review
DRdisaster recovery
DRdiscrepancy report
drdeficiency report
DRAdecision risk analysis
DRAGDoctrinal Review and Approval Group
DRAPDivision Recruited Aid Program
DRAPPDetailed Recruiter Assignments Preference Program
DRAS‐RCPDefense Retired and Annuitant Pay System – Retiree and Casualty Pay
DRBdivision ready brigade
DRBDischarge Review Board
DRBDefense Resources Board
DRCdata reduction center
DRCdirect reporting command
DRCSdirector of reserve component support
DRDDisposal Release Denials
DREDirector of Religious Education
DRGdiagnosis related group
DRISDietary Reference Intakes
DRISdefense regional inter‐service support
DRISPDepartment of Defense Retail Inter‐Service Support Program
DRLdata required to load
DRMDirectorate of Resource Management
DRMDynamic Retention Model (RAND)
DRMIDefense Resources Management Institute
DRMODefense Reutilization and Marketing Office
DRMRDefense Reutilization and Marketing Region
DRMSDefense Reutilization and Marketing Service
DRNdocument reference number
DRODecision Review Officer
DROdisposal release order
DROdental readiness officer
DROSdate returned from overseas
DRPDisaster Recovery Planning
DRPMdirect reporting product manager
DRPMdirect reporting project manager
DRRDesign Readiness Review
DRRBdata requirements review board
DRREALdesktop resource for real property management
DRSdiscipline representative for standards
DRSdivision restructuring study
DRS/MODdeficiency reporting system modernization
DRUDirect Reporting Unit
DR‐REALDesktop Resource for Real Property
DSdistributed simulations
DSdatabase specifications
DSdrill sergeant
DSdisplaced system
DSdelayed status
DSdefense security
DSDay Vision System
DSdirect support
DS+direct support plus
DS/DSDesert Shield/Desert Storm
DS/GSdirect support/general support
DS4Direct Support Supply Support System
DSAdivision support area
DSADeputy for Systems Acquisition
DSADOD support activity
DSAADepartment of Defense support activity
DSAADefense Security Assistance Agency
DSACSDefense Standard Ammunition Computer System
DSAFEDepot Supply Activity, Far East
DSAPPDrill Sergeant Assignment Preference Program
DSARCDefense Systems Acquisition Review Council
DSAWGDefense Information Systems Network Accreditation Working Group
DSBDefense Science Board
DSCdeliberate security compromise
DSCdefense supply center
DSCdelivery source code
DSCDistinguished Service Cross
DSCADefense Security Support Civil Authorities
DSCADefense Security Cooperation Agency
DSCCDefense Supply Center Columbus
DSCPDefense Supply Center Philadelphia
DSCRDefense Supply Center Richmond
DSCSDefense Satellite Communications System
DSDCDepartment of Defense Strategic Course
DSEdevelopment support equipment
DSECDirector of Security
DSERTSDefense Sites Environmental Restoration Tracking System
DSFDevelopmental Support Form
DSIdeliverable source instructions
DSIDefense Security Institute
DSIDefense Simulation Internet
DSIATPDefense Sensor Interpretation & Application Training Program
DSIVIDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
DSJADeputy Staff Judge Advocate
DSLdigital subscriber line
DSMDistinguished Service Medal
DSMDiagnostic and Statistical Manual
DSMData Source Matrix
DSMdecision support matrix
DSMCDefense Systems Management College
DSMOA/CADefense‐State memorandum of Agreement/Cooperative Agreement
DSM‐3Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (3d end)
DSM‐IVDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th Ed)
DSNDSN numbers
DSNdirect support number
DSNDefense Switched Network
DSNET3DOD Secure Network/3
DSOdefense source operations
DSOdeception staff officer
DSOCDefense Safety Oversight Council
DSPDrill Sergeant Program
DSPDefense Support Program
DSPDefense Standardization Program
DSPdigital signal processor
DSPdisposal support package
DSPAdeployment stock package analyzer
DSPGDefense Special Projects Group
DSPMdetailed subsystem performance model
DSRDiscontinued Service Retirement
DSRdocument status report
DSREDSDigital Storage & Retrieval Engineering Data System (or document system)
DSSdirect supply support
DSSdecisive, shaping and sustaining
DSSDefense Security Service
DSSDecision Support System
DSSdirect support system
DSSAdirect supply support activity
DSSCDefense Subsistence Supply Center
DSSCSDefense Special Security Communications Systems
DSSIduty specialty skill identifier
DSSNdisbursing station symbol number
DSSODistrict Safety and Security Officer, Department of Defense Dependent Schools‐Europe
DSSPdirect supply support point
DSSPdefense standardization and specification program
DSSRDepartment of State Standardized Regulations
DSSSDefense Special Security System
DSSSSDirect Support Standard Supply System
DSSTODefense Security Service Training Office
DSS‐WDefense Supply Service‐Washington
DSTdecision support template
DSTDeployment Support Team
DSTdaylight savings time
DSTEdigital subscriber terminal equipment
DSUdirect support unit
DSVTdigital secure voice terminal
DTdevelopmental test
DT&Edevelopment testing and evaluation
DT/OTdevelopment test/operational test
DTADefense Travel Administrator
DTAdirected training association
DTACCSDirector, Telecommunications and Command and Control Systems
DTASDeployed Theater Accounting System
DTAVdate of availability
DTCdesign to cost
DTCDevelopmental Test Command
DTCdrug testing coordinator
DTCDefense Logistics Agency Training Center
DTCdesert test center
DTCPdrug testing collection point
DTDdocument type definition
DTDdomicile to duty
DTDdeputy test director
DTDdata transfer device
DTDDigital Topographic Data
DTEdirect test and evaluation
DTEdial telephone exchange
DTEAdevelopmental training effectiveness analysis
DTEADCdate of entry on active duty current
DTEDdigital terrain elevation data
DTFDigital Training Facility
DTFdental treatment facility
DTGdate time group
DTIdoctrine taxonomy initiative
DTIdeposit in transit
DTICDefense Technical Information Center
DTIGDeputy of the Inspector General
DTLOMSdoctrine, training, leader, development, organizations, materiel, Soldiers
DTLOM‐PFDoctrine, Training, Leadership, Organizations, Material, Personnel and Facilities
DTLOSDoctrine, Training, Leader Development, Organization, and Soldier
DTMdraft technical manual
DTMFDual Tome Multiple Frequency
DTOdefense technology objective
DTOdivision transportation officer
DTOCdivision tactical operations center
DTOSCdesign to operating and support cost
DTPDelayed Training Program
DTPdetailed test plan
DTPDrug‐Testing Program
DTRdefense travel region
DTRdental treatment room
DTRDefense Transportation Regulation
DTRdevelopment trouble report
DTRDetailed Test Report
DTRdaily transaction register
DTRADefense Threat Reduction Agency
DTRGdefense technical response group
DTRRdevelopmental test readiness review
DTRSdevelopmental test readiness statement
DTSDefense Transportation System
DTSDepartment of Defense Telecommunications Systems
DTSDefense Travel System
DTSDefense Telephone System
DTSADefense Technology Security Administration
DTSDdevelopment test supportability demonstration
DTSPBDefense Telecommunications Service Phone Book‐Yellow
DTSSDigital Topographic Support System
DTS‐WDefense Telecommunications Service‐Washington
DTTdoctrine and tactics training
DTTPdoctrine and tactical training program
DTTPMdomestic technology transfer program manager
DTTSDefense Transportation Tracking System
DTTSGDefense Test and Training Steering Group
DTUdata transfer unit
DTUPCdesign to unit production cost
DUdwelling unit
DUdepleted uranium
DUdecision unit
DUCSDepartment of Defense Address Activities/Unite Identification Code Cross Reference System
DUIdriving under the influence
DUIdistinctive industrial reserve
DUIdistinctive unit insignia
DUICderivative unit identification code
DUSADeputy Under Secretary of the Army
DUSA (IA)Deputy Under Secretary of the Army for International Affairs
DUSA (OR)Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (Operations Research)
DUSA‐IADeputy Under Secretary of the Army‐International Affairs
DUSDDefense Under Secretary of Defense
DUSD (ES)Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Environmental Security)
DUSD (IP)Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (industrial Policy)
DUSD (L&MR)Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics and Materiel Readiness)
DUSD(P)Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Policy)
DUSD (R&E)Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering)
DUSTWUNDuty Status Whereabouts Unknown
DVdistinguished visitor
DVdepreciated value
DVADepartment of Veterans Affairs
DVALdemonstration and validation test
DVAWdomestic violence awareness workshop
DVCDistrict Veterinary Command
DVDdirect vender delivery
DVDdigital versatile disc
DVDdigital video disk
DVEdriver vision enhancer
DVIDirect Voice Input
DVIDefense Visual Information
DVIANDefense visual information activity number
DVICDefense Visual Information Center
DVISDefense Vision Information Services
DVITDomestic Violence Intervention Training
DVMdesign verification model
DVMDoctor of Veterinary Medicine
DVOdirect view optical
DVOPDisabled Veterans’ Outreach Program
DVQdistinguished visitor quarters
DVSDefense Vision Services
DVTdesign verification test
DVTCDesktop Video Teleconferencing
DWCCSDepot Weight and Cube Challenge System
DWCFdefense working capital fund
DWCFADefense Working Capital Fund, Army
DWIdriving while intoxicated
DWMdiscard military munitions
DWRIAdied of wounds received in action
DWWCFDefense‐Wide Working Capital Fund
DXdirect exchange
DYdesign year
DYSTduty status
DZdrop zone
DZSOdrop zone safety officer
DZSTLdrop zone safety leader
D‐celldetention cell
D‐Daydisembarkation day
D‐Pdeployment day ‐ production day
D‐SAFEDepot Support Activity ‐ Far East
Eeyes (profile)
E&Eevasion and escape
E&Revasion and recovery
E&S(R&C)Engineers and Scientists (Resources and Construction)
E+Earthquake Event Day Plus
e.g.exempli gratia
E/COIeducator/center of influence
E2FAengineering and environmental facility assessment
E2KExchange 2000
E3electromagnetic and environmental effects
E3KExchange 2003
E21endo/exoatmospheric interceptor
EAenterprise architecture
EAenvironmental assessment
EAenvironmental awareness
EAexecutive agent
EAeconomic analysis
EAexpenditure authority
EAAExport Administration Act
EAAelectronic aptitude area
EAADelectronic automatic actuation device
EABemergency action book
EABechelons above brigade
EACechelon above corps
EACemergency action center
EACestimated cost at completion
EACEvaluation Analysis Center
EACICechelons above corps intelligence center
EADearliest arrival date
EADentry on active duty
EADextended active duty
EADechelons above division
EAIDexpenditure authorization issue document
EAMelectronic accounting machine
EANGUSEnlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States
EAOSEnd of Active Obligated Service
EAPenlisted assistance program
EAPEnlisted Aviator Program
EAPemployee assistance program
EAPemergency action procedure
EAPAEmployee Assistance Program Administrator
EAPCEmployee Assistance Program Coordinator
EARextended address reach
EARexecutive agent responsibilities
EARExtended Ambulatory Records
EARExport Administration Regulations
EARCEnvironmental Awareness Resource Center (formerly ETSC)
EASEnd of Active Service
EASexpense assignment system
EASemergency action (or alert) statement
EASCElection Appeal Subcommittee
EASCexploration of alternative systems concept phase
EATexternal air transport
EATPEducational Assistance Test Program
EAUemergency action unit
EAWBSE‐wards Automated Weight and Balance/System
EAXelectronic automatic exchange
EBenlistment bonus
EBExecutive Board
EB/ECelectronic business/electronic commerce
EBCTevaluation brigade combat team
EBSenvironmental baseline survey
EBSEmployee Benefit System
EBSSEnlisted Background Screening Section
EBTElectronic Benefit Transfer
EBTEvidential breath test device
ECessential code
ECexecutive committee
ECessentiality code
ECelectronic conferencing
ECenvironment of care
ECethics counselor
ECenvironmental coordinator
ECemergency center
EC/PTSEnabling Care/Patient Tracking System
ECAearly comparability analysis
ECAPEnvironmental Compliance Achievement Program
ECAREnvironmental Compliance Assessment Report
ECASEnhanced Cobra armament System
ECASEnvironmental Compliance Assessment System
ECBCEdgewood Chemical and Biological Center
ECCexecutive communications and control equipment category code
ECCequipment category code
ECCexplosion containment chamber
ECCextraordinary contingency conditions
ECCengagement control center
ECCMElectronic Counter CounterMeasures
ECCMelectronic counter‐counter measures
ECCNExport Control Classification Number
ECDEevidence consumed during examination
ECDSexecutive committee of the dental staff
ECEEuropean capabilities enhancement
ECECSexecutive control and essential command supervision
ECEOEnglish language comprehension enlistment option
ECFequipment characteristic file
ECFMGEducation Council for Foreign Medical Graduates
ECHOExtended Care Health Option
ECIAir Force Extension Course Institute
ECIPEnergy Construction and Improvement Program
ECIPEnergy Conservation Investment Program
ECLEnglish Comprehension Level
ECLTEnglish Comprehension Level Testing
ECLTEnglish Comprehension Enlistment Level Test
ECMelectronic countermeasures
ECMEnterprise Configuration Management
ECMenlistment criteria memorandum
ECMearth covered magazine
ECMSexecutive committee of the medical staff
ECOengineering change order
ECOexposure control officer
ECOemergency command precedence
ECODestimated cost of damage
ECONPACKeconomic analysis package
ECOPenvironmental condition of property
ECPexposure control plan
ECPengineering change proposal
ECPEquipment Control Program
ECPEarly Commissioning Program
ECPentry control point
ECP‐Sengineering change proposal‐software
ECQexecutive core qualifications
ECRestimated cost of repair
ECRElectronic Combat Reconnaissance
ECSelectronic capture and store
ECSengineering control structure
ECSequipment concentration site
ECSengagement control station
ECSUessential continental United States support unit
ECWCSextended cold weather clothing system
ECWSSExtended Cold Weather Sleeping System
EDengineering design
EDeffective dose
EDengineering development
EDemergency department
EDAexcess defense articles
EDASEnlisted Distribution and Assignment Software
EDASEnlisted Distribution and Assignment System
EDCAExecutive Director for Conventional Ammunition
EDCASExecutive director for chemical agent safety
EDCDICextended binary coded decimal interchange code
EDDestimated delivery date
EDDestimated date of departure
EDDexplosive detector dog
EDDAestimated departure date air
EDDSestimated departure date sea
EDFequipment data file
EDIelectronic data interchange
EDIPIElectronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier
EDMengineering developmental model
EDMeffective downwind message
EDMISEducation Management Information System
EDMSCEnvironmental Data Management Support Center
EDMTEngineer Diving Medical Technician
EDPequipment decontamination plan
EDPevent design plan
EDPexpeditious discharge program
EDPenlisted distribution plan
EDPelectronic data processing
EDREemergency deployment readiness exercise
EDRSElectronic Deficiency Reporting System
EDSEnterprise Directory Service
EDSelectronic data systems
EDSestimated date of separation
EDSSEquipment Deployment and Storage System
EDTEngineering Development Test
EDTMenlisted distribution target model
EDT‐Cengineering design test‐contractor
EDUFADeffective date unit enters federal active duty
EDVMenhanced design verification model
EDWAevaluation decision and weapon assignment
EEengagement effectiveness
EEequal employment
EEextraordinary expenses
EEAEnlistment Eligibility Activity
EEAessential elements of analysis
EEAEuropean Executive Agency
EECemergency‐essential civilian
EECAearly entry command post
EECTend evening civil twilight
EEDelectro‐explosive device
EEDRenlisted evaluation data report
EEEessential elements of evaluation
EEFIessential elements of friendly information
EEIessential elements of information
EEIPEntry/Exit Inspection Program
EEMearly entry module
EENTEnd of Evening Nautical Twilight
EENTeye, ear, nose, and throat
EENTend evening nautical twilight
EEOEqual Employment Opportunity
EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission
EEOOequal employment opportunity office
EEPemergency‐essential position
EEPencampment enlisted personnel
EEREnlisted Evaluation Report
EEREssential Elements of Religion
EEROCexpedited essential required operational capability
EERWAEnlisted Evaluation Report Weighted Average
EESEmergency Electrical System
EESEnlisted Evaluation System
EFelectronic form
EFCeffective full charge
EFISElectronic Flight Instrument System
EFMexceptional family member
EFMBExpert Field Medical Badge
EFMCExpert Field Medical Competition
EFMPenlisted force management plan
EFMPExceptional Family Member Program
EFOEffects Fragmentary Order
EFSengineering feasibility study
EFSEncrypted File System
EFTelectronic funds transfer
EFTCExtraction Force Transfer Coupling
EFTSelectronic fingerprint transmission specification
EGelectronically generated
EGISEnterprise Geographic Information System
EGRenhanced Guardrail
EGTExhaust Gas Temperature
EHExplosive Hazard
EHenvironmental health
EHFRemergency high frequency radio
EHHCECHO Home Health Care
EHPemergency home parole
EHRElectronic Health Record
eHRSelectronic Human Resource System
EHWenhanced hot weather
EHWBDUenhanced hot‐weather battle dress uniform
EIend item
EI2RCEngineering Infrastructure Intelligence Reachback Center
EIAenvironmental impact assessment
EIAElectronic Industry Association
EIBEducation Incentives Branch
EIBexpert infantryman badge
EICend item code
EIDenterprise identifier
EIDelectronic identification
EIDSextremely insensitive detonating substance
EIDSElectronic Interactive Display System
EIFSEconomic Impact Forecast System
EIMEnterprise Information Management
EINemployee identification number
EIO&MEngineering, Implementation, Operation, and Maintenance
EIPeconomic inventory principles
EIPPEducational Institution Partnership Program
EIRequipment improvement report
EIRequipment improvement recommendation
EIRSEngineering Improvement Recommendation System
EIRSEye injury Reporting System
EISearly intervention services
EISeligibility inquiry section
EISenterprise software initiative
EISenvironmental impact statement
EISSEuropean Command Intelligence Support System
EIS‐TAOEnterprise Information Systems‐Technology Applications Office
EITelectronic and information technology
EITMenvironmental information technology management
EKMSElectronic Key Management System
ELelectronics aptitude area
EL/RAMPEnvironmental Legislative/Regulatory Analysis and Monitoring Program
ELAenterprise license agreement
ELCCEnvironmental Life‐cycle Cost
ELDEnvironmental Law Division
ELDRSenhanced low dose rate sensitivity
ELEestimated life expectancy
ELESEnhanced Launcher Electronic System
ELFenlisted linguist file
ELFextremely low frequency
ELIM‐COMPLIPEnlisted Loss Inventory Model‐Computation of Manpower Programs Using Linear Programming
ELINTelectronic intelligence
ELISAenzyme‐linked immunosuppressant assay
ELLEnglish as a learned language
ELLAPEnvironmental Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program
ELMSelectronic maintenance structure study
ELSenvironmental law specialist
ELSearnings and leave statement
ELSECelectronic security
ELSEQelement sequence number
ELTEnglish Language Training
ELTEmergency Locator Transmitter
ELTPEnglish Language Training Program
EMend user manual
EMenlisted member
EMengineer manual
EMelectronic media
EM&Tequipment and materiel transfers
EMAengineering mitigation alternatives
EMASExercise Message Analysis System
EMATSEmergency Message Automatic Transmitting System
EMCExecutive Management Council
EMCEssential Medical Capability
EMCelectro‐magnetic compatibility
EMCequipment mission capable
EMCONemission control
EMCSEnergy Monitor and Control System
EMCTExecution Management and Coordination Team
EMDelectronic map data
EMDengineering & manufacturing development
EMEelectro‐magnetic effects
EMFenlisted master file
EMIelectro‐magnetic interference
EMICelectronic multimedia imaging center
eMILPOElectronic Military Personnel Office
EMITFElectromagnetic Interference Test Facility
EMLemergency manning level
EMLenvironmental and morale leave
EMMelectronic mail message
EMMequipment maintenance mission
EMMPSEmergency Military Manpower Procurement System
EMMSexpress mail military service
EMOelectronic media only
EMPelectromagnetic pulse
EMPengineering and manufacturing development
EMPRen route mission planning and rehearsal
EMPRSEquipment Maintenance Performing Reporting System
EMRelectromagnetic radiation
EMRADHAZelectromagnetic radiation hazard
EMREelectromagnetic radiation effects
EMRHelectromagnetic radiation hazard
EMROelectro‐magnetic radiation operational
EMSemergency medical services
EMSexpert medical streamer
EMSelectronic mail systems
EMSEnvironmental Management System
EMSCSEnhanced Manual SHORAD Control System
EMSECelectro‐magnetic security
EMTemergency medical treatment (or technician)
EMTFElectromagnetic Environmental Test Facility
EMT‐BEmergency Medical Technician‐Basic
EMT‐IEmergency Medical Technician‐Intermediate
EMT‐PEmergency Medical Technician‐Paramedic
EMVelectromagnetic vulnerability
ENCOMengineer command
ENDEXEnd Exercise
ENDEXend of exercise
ENDPException to the National Disclosure Policy
ENFenforcement action
ENGelectronic news gathering
ENLOPenlistment option
ENMPEnvironmental Noise Management Program/Plan
ENRCenlisted records
ENTNACentrance national agency check
EOexternal operator
EOexplosive ordnance
EOexecutive order
EOequal opportunity
EOAequal opportunity advisor
EOACEngineer Officer Advanced Course
EOBCEngineer Officer Basic Course
EOCend of course
EOCEmergency Operations Center
EOCCenvironment of care committee
EOCMelectro‐optical countermeasures
EODend of day
EODexplosive ordnance disposal
EODentry on duty
EODCCExplosive Ordnance Detachment Control Center
EODCGexplosive ordnance disposal control group
EODCTexplosive ordnance disposal control team
EODRend of day reconciliation
EODTexplosive ordnance disposal trainer
EODT&Texplosive ordnance detachment technology and training
EOEelement of expense
EOGW‐CMelectro optical guided weapons‐counter measures
EOHequipment on hand
EOLEqual Opportunity Leader
EOMend of month
EOOPHequal opportunity in off‐post housing
EOPend of period
EOPexchange operating procedures
EOPMEqual Opportunity Program Manager
EOQeconomic order quantity
EOREqual Opportunity Representative
EORexplosive ordnance reconnaissance
EORelement of resource
EORCEqual Opportunity Representative Course
EOSAEqual Opportunity Staff Adviser
EOTend of transmission
EOTend of tour
EPelectronic publication
EPexposure point
EPemergency preparedness
EPenlisted personnel
EPengineering pamphlet
EPevaluation plan
EPequipment publications
EPexternal pilot
EPengineer publication
EP&Aexercise plans and analysis
EPAExtended Planning Annex
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EPAexpanded planning annex
EPABXelectronic private automated branch exchange
EPARenvironmental performance assessment report
EPASEnvironmental Performance Assessment System
EPAWMSExpanded Patient Acuity Workload Management System
EPCelectronic product code
EPCemergency placement care (formerly foster care)
EPCOequipment publications control officer
EPCRAEmergency Planning and Community Right‐to‐Know Act
EPDSemergency personnel decontamination station
EPGElectronic Proving Ground
EPICEnvironmental Photographic Interpretation Center
EPICEnvironmental Program Implementation Committee
EPITSEssential Program Information, Technology, and System
EPLevaluated products list
EPLOEmergency Preparedness Liaison Officers
EPLRSEnhanced Position Location Reporting System
EPMEnterprise Program Manager
EPMDEnlisted Personnel Management Directorate
EPMISEnlisted Personnel Management Information System
EPMOEnterprise Program Management Office
EPMSEnlisted Personnel Management System
EPMS‐IRREnlisted Personnel Management System, US Army‐Individual Ready Reserve
EPPEmergency Preparedness Program
EPPEnlisted Promotions Program
EPPexpanded planning period
EPPelectric power plant
EPRenvironmental program requirements
EPREnlisted Personnel Data Records
EPROMerasable programmable read‐only memory
EPSencapsulated postscript
EPSElectronic Publishing System
EPSessential personnel service
EPSBDentrance physical standards board
EPSQElectronic Personnel Security Questionnaire
EPSSEmergency Power Supply Systems
EPTSexisted prior to service
EPTSenlisted prior to service
EPUelectric power unit
EPUUenhanced PLRS user unit
EPWenemy prisoner of war
EPZEmergency Planning Zones
EQenlisted quarters
EQCCEnvironmental Quality Control Committee
EQDRelectronic quality deficiency reporting
EQIAenvironmental quality impact analyses
EQKCCEenvironmental quality life cycle cost estimate
EQREnvironmental Quality Report
EQRBenlisted qualitative retention board
EQTenvironmental quality technology
ERemergency room
ERequipment readiness
ERengineer regulation
ERevaluation report
ERestimate of repair
ER, Aenvironmental restoration Army
ERAEnergy requirements appraisal
ERAenvironmental restoration, Army
ERAExplosive Reactive Armor
ERBEmerging Results Brief
ERBEnlisted Record Brief
ERBemergency response branch
ERCen Route Care
ERCExperienced Rider Course
ERCequipment readiness criteria
ERCequipment readiness code
ERDearly return of dependents
ERDequipment readiness date
ERDCEngineer Research and Development Center
ERDCOMElectronics Research and Development Command
ERECEnlisted Records and Evaluation Center
ERFEuropean Redistribution Facility
ERFelectronic remote fill
ERFequipment record folder
ERIexo‐atmospheric reentry‐vehicle interceptor
ERICenvironmental response and information center
ERINTextended range intercept technology
ERISEnvironmental Restoration Information System
ERISEnvironment Restoration Information System
ERISExo‐Atmospheric Reentry‐Vehicle Interceptor Subsystem
ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act
ERKelectronic record keeping
ERLexpected receipt listing
ERMCEuropean Regional Medical Command
ERMPextended range multipurpose
ERMSLextended range missile
ERPenterprise resource planning
ERPemergency response plan
ERPEnvironmental Restoration Program
ERPeffective radiated power
ERPExpanded Relations Program
ERPSEquipment Release Priority System
ERRengineering release record
ERSeconomic retention stock
ERS/AHemergency relocation site/alternate headquarters
ERTemergency response team
ERUPImmediate Reenlistment Prohibition Codes
ERVBequipment review validation board
ERZextended reconnaissance zone
ESemergency support
ESend strength
ESeligible for separation
ESelectronic surveillance
ESexposed site
ESequipment status
ESequipment serviceability
ESexecutive secretary
ESAEndangered Species Act
ESAEngineering Support Activity
ESAenterprise software agreement
ESAexpiration of service agreement
ESAGenlisted systems analysis group
ESAMevolutionary surface‐to‐air missile
ESARextended subsequent application review
ESBemerging small business
ESBenhanced separate brigade
ESBEducation Services Brochure
ESCExecutive Steering Committee
ESCequipment serviceability criteria
ESCEnlisted Safety Council
ESDenlisted standard division
ESDelectro‐static discharge
ESDestimated shipment date
ESDSElectrostatic Discharge Sensitive
ESEAElementary and Secondary Education Act
ESEPEngineer and Scientist Exchange program
ESGREmployer Support of the Guard and Reserve
eshpEquivalent Shaft Horsepower
ESIextra (or extremely) sensitive information
ESILessential support items list
ESLEnglish as a Second Language
ESMEnterprise Systems Management
ESMElectronic Support Measures
ESNEnglish‐speaking nation
ESNAIlluminating Engineering Society Standards of North America
ESOeducation services officer
ESOEvaluation Systems Office
ESOemergency support office
ESOenvironmental support office
ESOHenvironment, safety and occupational health
ESPemergency support personnel
ESPEquipment Survey Program
ESPemergency and special program
ESPCenergy saving performance contracting
ESPDEvaluations Selections and Promotions Division
ESQDexplosive safety quantity distance
ESRemergency software release
ESRequipment status report
ESRBEnlisted Special Review Board
ESSemotional stress screening
ESSenvironmental stress screening
ESSelectronic switching system
ESSEducation Services Specialist
ESSCElectronic Sustainment Support Center
ESSLREye‐Safe System laser rangefinder
ESSPexplosives safety site plans
ESSSExternal Stores Support System
ESTengagement skills training
ESTemergency support team
ESTeastern standard time
ESTCPEnvironmental Security Technology Certification Program
ESUelectrical surgical unit
ESVelectronic still video
ESVEngineer Squad Vehicle
ETengineering test
ETearned time
ETequivalent training
ETAestimated time of arrival
ETAearly transfer authority
ETAEnable Theater Access
ETCestimated time of completion
ETCSElectronic Telephone Control System
ETDearned time detail
ETDeffective transfer date
ETDestimated time of departure
ETEestimated time en route
ETIelapsed time indicator
ETIPTEnvironmental Technology Integrated Process Team
ETLengineering topographic laboratory
ETLengineers technical letter
ETMelectronic technical manual
ETMelapsed time meter
ETMextension training material
EtOethylene oxide
ETPexportable training package
ETPearned time programs
ETPLendorsed transient electromagnetic pule emanation standard product list
ETRestimated time of return
ETRestimated time to repair or restore
ETRACEnhanced Target Range and Classification
ETRRexport traffic release request
ETSEstimated Time of Separation
ETSEducational Testing Services
ETSexpiration of term sentence
ETSengineering and technical services
ETSemergency temporary standard
ETSexpiration term of service
ETSCEnvironmental Training Support Center (now Environmental Awareness Resource Center)
et seqand the following
ETSSExtended training services specialist
ETTestimated travel time
ETTCenvironmental technology technical council
ETVeducational television
ETVeject test vehicle
EUEuropean Union
EUCIendorsed for unclassified cryptographic item
EUCOMEuropean Command
EUCPemergency urgent change package
EUEextended user employment
EULenhanced use leasing
EUMessential unit mess(ing)
EUROMACTEuropean Command activities general message
EUSAEighth United States Army
EUTearly user test
EUT&Eearly user test and experimentation
EUTEearly user test and evaluation
eVelectron volt
EVAextended visit authorization
EVACHOSPevacuation hospital
EVETRECThe National Archives
EWEarly Warning
EWelectronic warfare
EWElectronic Warning
EW/CASelectronic warfare during close air support operations
EW/SIGINTelectronic warfare/signal intelligence
EWAElectronic Warfare Aircraft
EWJTelectronic warfare joint test
EWRearly warning radar
EWSEarly Warning System
EWSElectronic Warfare System
EWSMelectronic (warfare) support measures
EWTExecution Watch Team
EWWSElectronic Warfare Warning System
EXAexecution agency
EXCIMSExecutive Council for Modeling and Simulation
EXEVALexternal evaluation
EXSUMexecutive summary
EXTROExtended Requirements Objective
EX‐SOPexternal standing operating procedures
EYEenrollment year ending (date)
EZexclusion zone
EZextraction zone
e‐Armyelectronic Army
E‐BFVengineer Bradley fighting vehicle
e‐businesselectronic business
e‐commerceelectronic commerce
e‐dateeffective date
E‐EEmergency Essential
e‐Govelectronic government
E‐IMETExpanded International Military Education and Training
e‐mailelectronic mail
E‐TNOSCEuropean Theater Network Operations and Security
FFighter designation (as in F-15 Eagle)
F&Afinance & accounting
F&AOFinance and Accounting Office
F&ESFire & Equipment Service
F&Rfair and reasonable
F/RMfinancial/resource management
F3fit, form, and function
FAforce application
FAforward area
FAfield artillery
FAFunctional Area
FAfamily housing unit
FAFrontal Aviation
FA52Functional Area 52
FAAfunctional area assessment
FAAforward assembly area
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FAAfinal agency action
FAAfunctional area analysis
FAAForeign Assistance Act
FAADFirst Army Augmentation Detachment
FAADforward area air defense
FAADC2SForward Area Air Defense Command and Control System
FAADSForward Area Air Defense System
FAAOfield artillery aerial observers
FAARforward area alerting radar
FAASVfield artillery ammunition supply vehicle
FACFamily Advocacy Committee
FACForward Air Control / Forward Air Controller
FACfacility activity code
FACflight activity category
FAC2flight activity category two
FACATFamily Advocacy Command Assistance Team
FACITTFacilities and Capability Information for Test and Training
FACMTFamily Advocacy Case Management Team
FADfinal agency decision
FADforce activity designator
FADfunding authorization document
FADfund allowance document
FADLCFabrication of Aerial Delivery Loads Course
FAEfuel‐air explosive
FAEFuel Air Explosives
FAILREVBD/ACfailure reviews and scoring/assessment conference
FAIRFederal Activities Inventory Reform
FAKfreight of all kinds
FALANTFarnsworth Lantern Test (U.S. Navy)
FAMFull Army Mobilization
FAMDDfunctional area management and development division
FAMECEfamily of military engineer construction equipment
FAMFfloating Army maintenance facility
FAMPfacilities annual management plan
FAMSIMfamily of simulations
FANflaming arrow net
FAOforeign area officer
FAOBCField Artillery Officer Basic Course
FAOCForeign Area Officer Course
FAPFamily Advocacy Program
FAPGFederal‐Air Policy Guide
FAP IIForce Alignment Plan II
FAPMfamily advocacy program manager
FAQfrequently asked questions
FARFederal Aviation Regulation
FARFederal Acquisition Regulation
FARfinding and recommendation
FARPforward area rearm/refuel point
FARSFamily Advocacy Research Subcommittee
FARV‐Afuture armored re‐supply vehicle ‐ artillery
FASforce accounting system
FASfree alongside ship
FASfund allowance system
FASfuels automated system
FASAforward area support agencies
FASCAMfamily of scatterable mines
FASOforward airfield supply organization
FASTfunctional academic skills training
FASTflight aptitude selection test
FASTforward area support team
FASTfamily advocacy staff training
FASTfast accurate simple tempest
FASTALSForce Analysis Simulation of Theater Administration and Logistics Support
FAST‐AFamily Advocacy Staff Training ‐ Advanced
FATfree air temperature
FATfile allocation table
FATfirst article testing
FATforward area training
FAT/LOTfirst article test/limited operational test
FATABfield artillery target acquisition battery
FAVfield assistance visits
FAVFast Attack Vehicle
FAWPSSforward area water point supply system
FA‐IPTfirst article‐initial production test
FA‐PPTfirst article‐production test
FBfinance battalion
FBfiring battery
FB&Efood, beverage, and entertainment
FBCFort Belvoir Chaplain
FBCformer battalion commanders
FBCB2Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
FBCB2‐BFTForce XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below‐Blue Force Tracking
FBGFort Benning, Georgia
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation
FBOIPfinal basis of issue plan
FBOIPFDfinal basis of issue plan feeder data
FBOPFederal Bureau of Prisons
FBPRFort Buchanan, Puerto Rico
FBRfast burst reactor
FBSFinance Battlefield System
FBTFort Bliss, Texas
FBUNAFederal Bureau of Investigation National Academy
FBVFort Belvoir, Virginia
FBVAFort Belvoir Victims Advocate
FBX‐Tforward base x band radar transportable
FCforeign currency
FCfinance corps
FCfund code
FCfound concentration
FCfunctional chief
FCfoot candle
FCfielding command
FCfunctional course
FCAfunctional configuration audit
FCAForeign Claims Act
FCAfunctional cost account
FCAFort Chaffee, Arkansas
FCCfire control computer
FCCfamily child care
FCCfacility category code
FCCforeign claims commission
FCCAFederal Claims Collection Act
FCCCFinance Captains Career Course
FCCPfamily child‐care provider
FCCSAPFamily Childcare Subsidy Assistance Program
FCDferrous conduit distribution
FCDfield change directive
FCDNAField Command, Defense Nuclear Agency
FCE&Tfield concept evolution and trials
FCFfield confinement facility
FCFDforeign currency fluctuation construction defense
FCFPforeign currency fluctuation program
FCGforeign clearance guide
FCGfunctional coordination group
FCGfacility category group
FCIforeign counterintelligence
FCIFforeign counterintelligence program
FCIFflight crew information file
FCIPFederal Capital Improvements Program
FCKFort Campbell, Kentucky
FCM‐OGPfirst‐class mail‐outgoing primary
FCOfederal coordinating officer
FCOflatrack control office
FCPfloating causeway pier
FCPflatrack control point
FCPfamily care plan
FCRfunctional chief representative
FCSFire Control System
FCSFederal Catalog System
FCSFuture Combat System
FCSCForeign Claims Settlement Commission
FCTforeign comparative testing
FCTfixed command terminal
FCXfire coordination exercise
FDfield duty
FDfield detachment
FDforeign disclosure
FDfunctional description
FD/SCfailure definition/scoring criteria
FDAU.S. Food and Drug Administration
FDAfunctional data administrator
FDAFood and Drug Administration
FDCflight data center
FDCFire Direction Center
FDCCfielded devices coordination council
FDDIfiber distributed data interface
FDEforce development experiment
FDEDFt. Detrick Engineering Directorate
FDEPfinal draft equipment publication
FDFfield detention facility
FDHSflight duty medical examination
FDICFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDICForce Development and Integration Center
FDLFAAD data link
FDMfrequency‐determining module
FDMEflying duty medical examination
FDMISForce Development Management Information System
FDMSfunctional description of the mission space
FDOFlight Deck Officer
FDOflexible deterrent operations
FDOforeign disclosure officer
FDPforward distribution point
FDPfunding delivery period
FDPforeign duty pay
FDRflight data recorder
FDSForeign Disclosure System
FDSFire Detection System
FDT&Eforce development test and experimentation
FDUforce design update
FEfacilities engineer
FEflight examiner
FEflight engineer
FEAfront end analysis
FEAfunctional economic analysis
FEAFederal Enterprise Architecture
FEBflight evaluation board
FEBflying evaluation board
FEBAFoward Edge of Battle Area
FEBAforward edge of the battle area
FECAFederal Employees' Compensation Act
FEDfacilities engineering directorate
FEDForward entry device
FEDFederation execution data
FEDCfield exercise data collection
FEDLINKFederal Library and Information Network
FED LOGFederal logistics record
FEDLOGfederal logistics
FED LOG CD‐ROMFederal logistics compact disc ‐ read only memory
FEDRIPFederal Research in Progress
FEDS HEALFederal Strategic Health Alliance
FEDVIPFederal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program
FED‐STDFederal Standard
FEGfacility engineer group
FEGLIFederal Employees' Group Life Insurance
FEHBFederal Employees' Health Benefits
FEHBAFederal Employees' Health Benefits Act
FEHBPFederal Employees' Health Benefits Program
FEHBPFederal Employees Health Benefits Program
FEISFinal Environmental Impact Statement
FEJEfacility engineering job estimate
FELfree electron laser
FELRTCAFederal Employees Liability Reform and Tort Compensation Act of 1988
FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency
FENETfusion energy network
FEORPFederal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program
FEPfront end processor
FEPBfacilities engineering property book
FERfractional exchange ratio
FERSFederal Employee Retirement System
FERSFederal Employees' Retirement System
FESSFacilities Engineering Supply System
FETfederal excise tax
FEVIforced expiratory volume in one second
FFfire fighter
FFfield format
FFAFree-Fire Area
FFAFederal Facility Agreement
FFARFolding-Fin Aerial Rocket
FFCAFederal Facilities Compliance Act
FFDfunctional failure downtime
FFDfull flying duties
FFEfire for effect
FFEfurniture fixtures, equipment (including vehicles)
FFIDFuture Force Integration Directorate
FFIRNfield format index reference number
FFLAFamily Friendly Leave Act
FFMIAFederal Financial Management Improvement Act
FFMIPFederal Financial Management Improvement Plan
FFPfirm fixed price
FFRforces for
FFRDCFederally Funded Research and Development Center
FFSfocused facility strategy (formerly known as Army facility strategy)
FFSfull food service
FF SEQfield format sequence number
FFTfunctional field test
FFTfor further transfer
FGfinance group
FGGFort Gordon, Georgia
FGIForeign Government Information
FGSfinal governing standards
FHfamily housing
FHfield hospital
FHFisher House
FHAFamily Housing, Army
FHAFederal Housing Administration
FHCCFederal Health Care Center
FHMAfamily housing management account
FHMPfamily housing master plan
FHPforce health protection
FHPflying hour program
FHTfield handler trainer
FHTFort Hood, Texas
FHTVfamily of heavy tactical vehicles
FHWAFederal Highway Administration
FIfighter interceptor
FIforce integration
FIforeign intelligence
FIAfinancial inventory accounting
FIAforce integration analysis
FICFort Irwin, California
FICAFederal Insurance Contribution Act
FICOforce integration coordination officer
FICSforeign military sales interface control system
FIDforeign internal defense
FIDformat identification
FIDSfacility intrusion detection system
FID‐Eformat identification code "E" (unit data)
FID‐Qformat identification code‐quarterly
FIEFly-In Echelon
FIFRAFederal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodentcide Act
FIFVfuture infantry fighting vehicle
FIGFort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania
FIIFederal item identification
FIIGFederal Item Identification Guide
FIINfederal item identification number
FIMISFinancial Management Information System
FINCOMfinance command
FIN‐Rfinancial system redesign unscheduled
FIOforeign intelligence officer
FIPFederal Implementation Plan
FIPfault isolation procedure
FIPRfederal information processing resource
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standards
FIPS PUBFederal Information Processing Standards Publication
FIRFlight Information Region
FIRMflood insurance rate map
FIRMRFederal Information Resources Management Regulation
FIRSForces Command Issue Resolution System
FIRTForce Integration and Readiness Team,
FISforeign intelligence service
FISforeign intelligence and security
FISForces Command Information System
FISflight information service
FISAForeign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FISCforeign intelligence surveillance court
FISCAMFederal Information System Controls Review Manual
FISINTforeign instrumentation signals intelligence
FISLfederal insured student loan
FISOforce integration staff officer
FISTfire support team
FISTVfire support team vehicle
FITFlorida Institute of Technology
FITWfederal income tax withholding
FIUforward interpretation unit
FIUfield investigative unit
FLAGsuspension of favorable personnel actions
FLAMforeign language maintenance
FLAMRICForeign Language Maintenance Refresher and Improvement Course
FLANGEflexible, lightweight, agile, guided experiment
FLCFederal Laboratory Consortium
FLDHEFederal lands highway division engineer
FLEfuture logistics enterprise
FLEPFunded Legal Education Program
FLETCFederal law Enforcement Training Center
FLEXCOMforeign language executive committee
FLIOflight information publication
FLIPflight information publications
FLIPLfinancial liability investigation of property loss
FLIRforward looking infrared
FLISFederal Logistics Information System
FL MDEPfielding management decision package for weapon systems
FLOforeign liaison officer
FLOTforward line of own troops
FLOWCAPFlow Computer Assisted Program
FLPBForeign Language Proficiency Bonus
FLPPforeign language proficiency pay
FLRfield level reparable
FLRAFederal Labor Relations Authority
FLRRDAPfield long range research, development and acquisition plan
FLSAFair Labor Standards Act
FLSCflexible linear shaped charges
FLTCEForeign Language Training Center, Europe
FLTCIPFederal Longer Term Care Insurance Program
FLTVfamily of light tactical vehicles
FLVFort Lee, Virginia
FLWFort Leonard Wood
FLWAFort Lewis, Washington
FMfield marshal
FMfamily member
FMFinancial Management
FMfrequency modulation
FMforce management
FMfield manual
FM&Cfinancial management and comptroller
FM&Pforce management and personnel
FMAFort McClellan, Alabama
FMAforeign material acquisition
FMBBforce management bulletin board
FMCFood Machinery Corporation
FMCfield maintenance company
FMCfield medical card
FMCfully mission capable
FMCCfully manned and combat capable
FMCRAFederal Medical Care Recovery Act
FMCSRFederal Motor Carrier Regulations
FMDFinancial Management Division
FMEfield maintenance equipment
FMEforeign material exploration
FMEAPFamily Member Employment Assistance Program
FMECAfailure mode, effects, and criticality analysis
FMETfinancial management education and training
FMFFleet Marine Force
FMFforeign military financing
FMFIAFinancial Managers' Financial Integrity Act
FMFIAFederal Manager's Fiscal Integrity Act
FMFMFleet Marine Field Manual
FMGFort McPherson, Georgia
FMIASForce Management Impact Analysis System
FMLAFamily Medical Leave Act
FMMFort Meade, Maryland
FMMCFort Myer Military Community
FMMPFinancial Management Modernization Program
FMMPforce modernization master plan
FMMRSForce Modernization Milestone Reporting System
FMOfurnishing management officer
FMOforms management officer
FMPForeign Materiel Program
FMPfinancial management plan
FMPForce Modernization Program
FMPfamily member prefix
FMPECfinancial management plan for emergency conditions
FMQfully manned and qualified
FMRFederal management regulation
FMRfinancial management regulation
FMRECforce mobilization review and evaluation committee
FMSForeign Military Sale (US)
FMSforeign military sales
FMSflight mission simulator
FMSFinancial Management Service
FMSForce Management System
FMSAForce Management Support Agency Field Manual
FMSIPFinancial Management System Improvement Program
FMSOforeign military sales order
FMSSGForeign Military Sales Group
FMSTForeign Military Sales Training
FMTforce modernization training
FMTfood management team
FMTforeign military trainee
FMTforeign military training
FMTVfamily of medium tactical vehicles
FMUfully manned/unqualified
FMUFamily Members Update
FMVfair market value
FMVFort Monroe, Virginia
FMVSSFederal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
FMWFort McCoy, Wisconsin
FMWGFinancial Management Working Group
FMWRCFamily Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Command
FNfile number
FNforeign national
FNBFood and Nutrition Board
FNKFort Knox, Kentucky
FNSIfinding no significant impact
FOfield office
FOforward observer
FOfinance officer
FOAfield operating agency
FOAfield operating activity
FOACfinance officer advanced course
FOBfree on board
FOBfreight on board
FOBforward operating base
FOBQfinance officer branch qualification
FOCFinal Operating Capabilities
FOCforce operating capability
FOCfull operating capability
FOCFull Operational Capability
FOCfinal operational capability
FOCIforeign ownership, control or influence
FODforeign object damage
FOEfollow‐on evaluation
F of Ffield of fire
FOG‐Mfiber‐optic guided missile
FOIFunctional Operating Instruction
FOIfound on installation
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
FOLfear of life
FOLDfuture off‐line device
FOMFederation object model
FONECONtelephone conversation
FONSIfinding of no significant impact
FOOfield operating officer
FORACTfor action
FORCEMforce evaluation model
FORCESforce and organization cost estimation system
FORDIMSForce Development Integrated Management System
FORDTISForeign Disclosure Technical Information System
FORMDEPSForces Command Mobilization And Execution Planning System
FORMERLY RESDATformerly restricted data
FORMOSTForce Modernization System
FORSCOMUS Army Forces Command
FORSCOMForces Command
FORSTARSForces Command Strength Analysis Reporting System
FORTRANformula translation
FOSForward Operating Site
FOSfood operations sergeant
FoSfamily of systems
FOSCOForeign Officer Supply Course‐Basic
FOSETfinding of suitability to early transfer
FOSIformatting output specification instances
FOSLfinding of suitability to lease
FOSTfinding of suitability to transfer
FOTfollow‐on operational test
FOTforward observer trainer
FOT&Efollow‐on operational test and evaluation
FOTSfiber optic transmission system
FOTWfederally‐owned treatment works
FOUOfor official use only
FPfunctional proponent
FPfinding point
FPforce protection
FPforce provider
FPATForce Protection Assessment Team
FPCFamily Program Coordinator
FPCForce Protection Committee
FPCAFederal Post Card Application
FPCONforce protection condition
FPDforce protection detachment
FPFfinal protective fire
FPGField Procedures Guide
FPIfixed price incentive
FPIFederal Prison Industries, Incorporated
FPIfunctional process improvement
FPLFort Polk, Louisiana
FPLfield pack large
FPMfull period maintenance
FPMfood program manager
FPMforce packaging methodology
FPMFederal Personnel Manual
FPMfeet per minute
FPMOFood Program Management Office
FPMRFederal Property Management Regulation
FPNFederal part number
FPOFleet Post Office
FPOFederal preservation officer
FPOfield post office
FPPFederal Printing Program
FPPfield print plant
FPPSFederal Property Planning System
FPRforce program review
FPSFacilities Planning System
FPSfeet per second
FPTfollow on production test
FPVFort Pickett, Virginia
FPWfiring port weapon
FQRformal qualification review
FQTformal qualification test
FRflat rate depreciation
FRFederal Register
FRfunctional review
FRAFort Rucker, Alabama
FRAfield reclassification authority
FRAforward repair activity
FRAFederal Railway Administration
FRAGOfragmentary order
FRBFederal Reserve Bank
FRCfinal reproducible copy
FRCfull replacement cost protection
FRCFederal Records Center
FRCfatality review committee
FRCAFederal Rules of Civil Procedures
FRCPFederal Rule of Civil Procedure
FRDfield reliability demonstration
FREfunded reimbursement
FRECFood Risk Evaluation Committee
FRERPFederal Radiological Emergency Response Plan
FRGFederal Republic of Germany
FRGFamily Readiness Groups
FRIDfunctional requirements identification document
FRKFort Riley, Kansas
FRLOFederal Register Liaison Officer
FRNforce requirement number
FRPforces command realignment plan
FRPfacilities reduction program
FRPfunding review panel
FRPfull‐rate production
FRPfederal response plan
FRPfacility response plan
FRSForward Repair System
FRTIfacilitators, recorders, transcribers, and issue support persons
FSflight surgeon
FSfeasibility study
FSfull scale
FSfire support
FSfuture Soldier
FSforeign service
FSAFredricksfield Staging Activity
FSAfamily separation allowance
FSAforce structure allowance
FSATfull scale aerial targets
FSBforward support battalion
FSBforward support base
FSBfield support battalion
FSCforward support company
FSCFederal Supply Catalog
FSCfield support command
FSCFirst Sergeant Course
FSCFederal supply classification
FSCAPflight safety critical aircraft part
FSCATTfire support combined arms tactical trainer
FSCMFederal Supply Code for Manufacturers
FSCMFederal Stock Classification for Manufacturers
FSCNFederal Supply classification number
FSCOORDfire support coordinator
FSCZFort Sherman, Canal Zone
FSDCFederal Strategic Drug Intelligence Center
FSDOFlight Standards District Office
FSEfire support element
FSEDfull‐scale engineer development
FSEDPfull scale engineering development phase
FSFWfull scale fixed wing
FSGFederal supply group
FSGFamily Support Group
FSGFort Stewart,Gerogia
FSGLIfamily servicemen's group life insurance
FSHFort Sam Houston, Texas
FSHfamily separation housing
FSIForeign Service Institute
FSIIfuel system icing inhibitor
FSIPfederal service impasse panel
FSISFood Safety Inspection Service
FSMFederated States of Micronesia
FSMFort Snelling, Minnesota
FSMfunctional systems manager
FSMBFood Service Management Board
FSMPFood Service Management Plan
FSMSForeign Signatures Management Subcommittee
FSNFrench‐speaking nation
FSNfiscal station number
FSNfederal stock number
FSOfire support officer
FSOFinancial Service Office
FSOFort Sill, Oklahoma
FSOfood service officer
FSPfacility support plan
FSPfull scale production
FSPforward stock points
FSPfull scale promotion
FSPflight safety parts
FSPfacility security profile
FSPforce support package
FSPfire support package
FSRfielded system review
FSRfederal supply regulation
FSRforces status report
FSRWfull scale rotary wing
FSSforce structure subsystem
FSSflight service station
FSSfire support section
FSSfire sequence simulation
FSSfederal supply schedule
FSSfast sealift ship
FSSAFamily Subsistence Supplemental Allowance
FSSAfamily subsistence supplemental assistance
FSSDforeign service selection date
FSSPFacility Security and Safety Plan
FSSPfuel system supply point
FSTfield support team
FSTforeign service tour
FSTfield sanitation team
FSTforward surgical team
FSTforward support team
FSTCForeign Science and Technology Center
FSTEforeign service tour extension
FSUfield storage unit
FSUfinance support unit
FSUMSForce Stabilization and Unit Manning System
FSVFire Support Vehicle
FSVSFuture Secure Voice System
FSWfeet salt water
FSWfeet sea water
FTfirst term
FTfiring tables
FTfiring table
FTfederal telecommunications
FTAfacility tempest assessment/risk analysis
FTARFfull time attrition/retention force
FTASforeign technology assessment support
FTA‐ABSfluorescent treponemal antibody absorption
FTA‐ABSfluorescent treponemal antibody adsorption
FTCFederal Trade Commission
FTCAFederal Tort Claims Act
FTC POCfast track cleanup point of contact
FTDfield training detachment
FTDfederal travel directory
FTDTLForensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory
FTEfull‐time equivalents
FTMfull time manning
FTNGfull‐time national guard
FTNGDfull time national guard duty
FTNGDSWfull‐time national guard duty for special work
FTNYFort Totten, New York
FTOfield training officer
FTPfull time permanent
FTPField Training Program
FTPfire transfer protocol
FTPfile transfer protocol
FTRFfull time recruiting force
FTSfull‐time support
FTSfield training service
FTSFederal Telecommunications System
FTS 2000Federal Telecommunications System 2000
FTSMDfull‐time support management directorate
FTSUfull time support unit
FTTDfull‐time training duty
FTTSfuture tactical truck system
FTUfitness training unit
FTUSfull time unit support
FTVfunctional technology and validation
FTXfield training exercise
FT‐IRFourier Transform Infrared
FUfront un‐barricaded
FUfire unit
FUBARFouled' Up Beyond All Recognition
FUDSformerly used defense sites
FUDSMISFormerly Used Defense Sites Management Information System
FUEfirst unit equipped
FUEDfirst unit equipped date
FUNCPLANSfunctional plans
FUTfederation under test
FVFighting Vehicle
FVAPFederal Voting Assistance Program
FVCforced vital capacity
FVPDSField Vehicle Performance Data System
FVSFighting Vehicle System
FVSForeign Visits System
FWfixed wing
FWFederal Workers affected by floods
FWABFederal Write‐In Absentee Ballot
FWDBLforward bomb line
FWD SEPforwarded separately
FWHMfull‐width at half max
FWPFederal Women's Program
FWPCAFederal Water Pollution Control Act
FWSflight and weapons simulator
FWSFederal Wage System
FWSCFood and Water Safety Committee
FWSMFirewall Service Module
FWSPFuture Warfare Study Plan
FWTfair wear and tear
FWTSformer wartime service
FXforeign exchange
FXRflash x‐ray
FXXIforce twenty‐one
FYFiscal Year
FYDPFuture Year Defense Program
FYGMEfirst‐year graduate medical education
FYIfor your information
FYIGfor your information and guidance
FYMEfirst‐year graduate education
FYOPFive‐year overseas deployment training plan
FYPfive‐year plan
FYPfive‐year program
FYPfuture years program
FYTDfiscal year to date
FYTPFive Year Test Program
F‐LANfunctional‐local area network
GGermany Post Locator
G&Ageneral and administrative
G&AEgeneral and administrative expense
G&Cguidance and control
G&ISgeospatial and information services
G/Fground/flight tests
G/VLLDground/vehicular laser locator designator
G6Assistant Chief of Staff, Signal
G6PDglucose‐6‐phosphate dehydrogenase
GAGeneral of the Army
GAtabun (nerve agent)
GAAPgenerally accepted accounting principals
GADGovernment Appellate Division
GAGASgenerally accepted government auditing standards
GAMGPS-Aided Munition
GAMOground and amphibious military operations
GAOU.S. Government Accountability Office
GAOGovernment Accountability Office
GAOIGeographical Area of Impact
GARgeographic area of responsibility
GARNGGuam Army National Guard
GASgovernment auditing standards
GATESGlobal Air Transportation Execution System
GBSarin (GB): O‐Isopropyl methylphosphonofluporidate
GBSarin (GB): O‐Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate
GBO‐ Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate
GBgoverning body
Gbgigabyte (1,024 megabytes)
GB2chemical agent symbol for binary GB
GBADground based air defense
GBCSground based common sensor
GBIground based interceptor
GBLgeneral population limit
GBLgovernment bill of lading
GBLground based laser
GBMC3Battle Management Command, Control and Communications
GBR‐Tground based radar terminal
GBSground based sensor
GBSGlobal Broadcast Service
GCgeneral counsel
GCgarrison command
GCgovernment contribution
GCgaining command
GCgarrison commander
GC/MSgas chromatography/mass spectrometry
GCAground‐controlled approach
GCCgaining command code
GCCGulf Cooperation Council
GCCgeographic combatant command
GCCSGlobal Command and Control System
GCCS‐AGlobal Command and Control System‐Army
GCIGround-Controlled Intercept
GCMgeneral court‐martial
GCMglobal container manager
GCMGood Conduct Medal
GCMCAGeneral Court Martial Convening Authority
GCMOgeneral court martial order
GCMOgeneral construction materiel order
GCQGovernment ‐ controlled quarters
GCRguidance counselor redesign
GCRCguidance counselor resource center
GCSground control station
GCSSGlobal Combat Service Support
GCSSGlobal Combat Support System
GCSSAGlobal Combat Support System‐Army
GCSS‐AGlobal Combat Service Support ‐ Army
GCTGreenwich Civil Time
GCTGrande Cadence de Tir (France)
GCTgeneral classification test
GDsoman (nerve agent)
GDEgraduate dental education
GDICGeneral Defense Intelligence Community
GDMLAGeneral Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award
GDPRGlobal defense posture realignment
GEGeneral Electric
GEDgeneral education degree
GEDgeneral education development
GEMIGlobal Exchange of Military Information
GEMMSGround Emplaced Mine Scattering System
GENADMINgeneral administration
Gen PP&Egeneral property plant and equipment
GENSERCOMMSGeneral Service Communication System
GENSURGgeneral surgery
GENTEXTgeneral text
GEOCOMgeographical command (Navy)
GEOLOCgeographic location
GEOREFWorld Geographic Reference System
GERDgastro‐exsophegeal reflux disease
GESGlobal Enterprise Services
GETSGovernment Emergency Telecommunication Service
GF/GIgovernment furnished/government installed
GFAgun fire area
GFAgeneral function area
GFCIground fault circuit interrupt
GFEgovernment furnished equipment
GFIGovernment Furnished Information
GFMgovernment furnished material
GFOQGeneral Officer/Flag Officers' Quarters
GFPGovernment Furnished Property
GFRgovernment flight representative
GFSRgeneral functional system requirement
GGADOgreen to gold active duty option
GGADOPGreen to Gold Active Duty Option Program
GGNSPGreen to Gold Non Scholarship Program
GGSPGreen to Gold Scholarship Program
GHgeneral hospital
GHguest housing
GHEgraduate health education
GHQgeneral headquarters
GIgeneral inspection
GIgeospatial information
GIDEPGovernment Industry Data Exchange Program
GIFgraphics interchange format
GIGglobal information grid
GIG‐BEGlobal Information Grid ‐ Bandwidth Expansion
GIG‐ESGlobal Information Grid – Enterprise Services
GIITSGeneral Imagery Intelligence Training System
GILSGovernment Information Locator Service
GIMgaining item manager
GIRGovernment Inspection Report
GISGeographical Information System
GISFGIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) Information Security Fundamentals
GISRAGovernment Information Security Reform Act
GITguide for input to training
GITgeneral information test
GKGolden Knights
GLgrenade launcher
GLgeneral ledger
GLAgeneral ledger accounting
GLACgeneral ledger account code
GLCEgraduate‐level civilian education
GLIgroup life insurance
GLLDground laser location designator
GMguided missile
GMgarrison manager
GMgeneral managers
GMgeneral merit
GMgeneral maintenance
GMATgraduate management admission test
GMCguided missile canister
GMDground‐based midcourse defense
GMDglobal missile defense
GMDSSGlobal Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMEgraduate medical education
GMFSCground mobile forces satellite communications
GMGgrenade machine gun
GMGSguided missile general support
GMIgeneral military intelligence
GMLRguided missile and large rockets
GMLRSguided missile/large rocket reporting system
GMLRSGuided Multiple Launch Rocket System
GMRGap Mitigation Request (DIMHRS)
GMRgraduated military response
GMRAGovernment Management Reform Act
GMSGap Mitigation Strategies (DIMHRS)
GMSTgeneral military subjects test
GMTgovernment meal ticket
GMTGreenwich mean time
GMVground mobilityvehicle
GNAgraduate nurse anesthetist
GNDCPground command post terminal
GNOSCGlobal Network Operations and Security Center
GNPgross national product
GNPCglobal navigation and planning chart
GNSSgovernment network security subgroup
GOgeneral officer
GOgeneral orders
GOgovernmental organizations
GO/SEgeneral officer/senior executive
GOAgovernment‐owned animals
GOAgeneral operating agency
GOARMYEDgo Army education
GOBground order of battle
GOCOgovernment‐owned contractor operated
GOCOMGeneral Officer Command
GOEground operational equipment
GOECgeneral officer executive committee
GOERGo Ability Overall Economy Reliability
GOGOgovernment owned, government operated
GOMOGeneral Officer Management Office
GOMORgeneral officer memorandum of reprimand
GOMRgeneral officer mobilization review
GOPAXgovernment operational passenger system
GORgeneral operational requirements
GOSCgeneral officer steering committee
GOSCAgeneral officer show cause authority
GOSIPgovernment open systems interconnection profile
GOSPGeneral Officer Speaker Program
GOTSgovernment off‐the‐shelf
GOVgovernment owned vehicle
GPgeneral planning
GPLarge Group Instruction
GPgas proof
GPgeneral purpose
GPAground precautionary action
GPAgrade point average
GPALSglobal protection against limited strikes
GPASGeneral Performance Appraisal System
GPCgovernment purchase card
GPCGarrison Pre‐Command Course
GPCSCgeneral purpose computer support center
GPEgraduate professional education
GPHEgraduate professional health education
GPLgeneral price list
GPLANgeneral purpose local area network
GPLDgovernment property lost or damage
GPMgallons per minute
GPMground precautionary message
GPMGGeneral Purpose Machine Gun
GPMRCGlobal Patient Movement Requirements Center
GPOGovernment Printing Office
GPO‐RPPOGovernment Printing Office Regional Printing Procurement Office
GPRAGovernment Performance and Results Act of 1993
GPSgunner's primary sight
GPSgeneral programming subsystem
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GPSCSGeneral Purpose Satellite Communications System
GPSRgeneral purpose system requirement
GPUground power unit
GPVgeneral purpose vehicle
GPWGeneva Convention Relating to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, 12 Aug 1949
GP‐Igeneral purpose, improved
GRgross requirement
GRgunnery range
GRCHgrade change
GRCSguardrail common sensor
GREgraduate record examination
GRFGamma Radiation Facility
GRFDguaranteed reserve forces duty
GRHPgovernment rental housing program
GRSgraves registration service
GRSgeneral records schedules
GSground sensor
GSguide specification
GSgeneral series
GSgeneral staff
GSgeneral schedule
GSgeneral support
GSgeneral service
GSAGirl Scouts of America
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GSA FSSGeneral Services Administration Federal Supply Schedule
GSBgroup support battalion
GSBCAGeneral Services Board of Contract Appeals
GSCgroup support command
GSCgeneral staff council
GSDgeneral system description
GSDguided self‐development
GSEGround Support Equipment
GSEGIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) Security Essentials Certification
GSFgeneral support forces
GSFgross square feet
GSGgeneral support group
GSGMCGarrison Sergeants Major Course
GSIDground sensor and identification
GSIEGround Systems Industrial Enterprise
GSLguaranteed student loan
GSLCGIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) Security Leadership Certificate
GSMgross square meters
GSNSGround Safety Notification System
GSOMIAGeneral Security of Military Information Agreement
GSORgeneral staff operational requirements
GSORTSGlobal Status of Resources and Training System
GSRgeneral surveillance radar
GSRgeneral support reinforcing
GSRPGeneral Support and Repair Program
GSSgeneral service schools
GSTgunnery skills test
GSTAMIDSGround Standoff Mine Detection System
GSTSGround Based Surveillance and Tracking System
GSTWglobal science and technology watch
GSUgarrison support unit
GSUgeneral support unit
GSWTgeneral staff with troops
GTgeneral technical
GTguaranteed traffic
GTgunnery table
GTAgraphic training aid
GTAA also (GT)general technical aptitude area
GTCground terminal communications
GTLgun target line
GTNglobal transportation network
GTRgovernment transportation request
GTRCground terminal relay communications
GTSgovernment travel system
GTSgovernment transportation service
GTVgovernment test verification
GTVground test vehicle
GTVguided tactical vehicle
GuardPERCENNational Guard Personnel Center
GUIgraphic user interface
GVLLDground vehicle laser locator designator‐evaluator
GVWRgross vehicle weight rating
GWguided weapon
GWguerilla warfare
GWOTGlobal War on Terrorism
GWOTEMGlobal War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
GWOTSMGlobal War on Terrorism Service Medal
GWPgeneral war plan
GWRground water rule
GWSSground weapons subcommittee
GWUDIground water sources under the direct influence of surface water
GXTgraded exercise stress test
GYguidance year
GZground zero
G‐1Assistant Chief of Staff, G‐1
G‐1Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel
G‐3Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
G‐4Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics
G‐5Assistant Chief of Staff for Civil Affairs
G‐6Assistant Chief of Staff for Signal
G‐8Assistant Chief of Staff for Resource Management
Hmustard gas
Hhearing and ear
H&Phistory and physical
HAholding area
HAAPhome base/advanced assignment program
HACHouse Appropriations Committee
HACCPhazard analysis and critical control points
HADSHawaii Area Defense System
HAEMPhigh altitude electro‐magnetic pulse
HAHSThigh altitude high speed target
HAIDEhostile aircraft identification equipment
HALOhigh altitude low opening
HANOhigh altitude no opening
HAPHomeowners Assistance Program
HAPhazardous air pollutant
HAPhazard abatement plan
HAPHumanitarian Assistance Program
HARDMANhardware versus manpower
HARPSHybrid Automatic Digital Network Red Patch System
HARSHeading and Attitude Reference System
HAShardened aircraft shelter
HASCHouse Armed Services Committee
HATMDhigh altitude theater missile defense
HATSHigh Altitude Target System
HAVheavy armored vehicle
HAWheavy anti‐tank/assault weapon
HAWKhoming all the way killer
HAWSHawaii Area Wideband System
HAZCOMhazard communication
HAZMAThazardous materials
HAZMINhazardous waste minimization
HAZWASHazardous Waste
HAZWOPERhazardous waste operations and emergency response
HBheight of burst
HBheavy barrel
HBAhealth benefits advisor
HBCHouse Budget Committee
HBESLhealth based environmental safety levels
HBPhealth benefits plan
HBVhepatitis B virus
HCAhumanitarian and civic assistance
HCAhead of contracting activity
HCBSHome and Community-Based Services
HCChazardous characteristic code
HCCHealth Care Committee
HCFAHealth Care Financing Administration
HCLhydrochloric acid
HCLhazardous chemical list
HCMHuman Capital Management
HCMEShealth care management engineering system
HCOhealth care organization
HCPHealth Care Providers
HCPhealth and comfort pack
HCPhealth care provider
HCPChealth care provider committee
HCPPHealth Care Provider Program
HCShazardous communication standard
HCSCIAHealth Care Studies and Clinical Investigation Activity
HCSDBHealth Care Survey of DoD Beneficiaries
HCSDShazardous component safety data sheet
HCUhard copy unit
HCVhepatitis c virus
HDdistilled mustard (blister agent)
HDHelp Desk
HDhigh intensity discharge
HDhazard class/division
HDhonorable discharge
HDharbor defense
HD/LDHigh Demand/Low Density
HDIPhardship duty incentive pay
HDLhigh density lipoprotein
HDPhardship duty pay
HDP-LHardship Duty Pay Locations
HDYheavy duty
HEhigh explosive
HE-FRAGHigh Explosive-Fragmentation
HE-THigh Explosive - Tracer
HEAPHigh Explosive, Anti-Personnel
HEAPhigh‐explosive armor piercing
HEARHealth Enrollment/Evaluation Assessment Review
HEARSHearing Evaluation Automated Registry System
HEATHigh Explosive, Anti-Tank
HEAThigh‐explosive anti‐tank
HEAT-FSHigh Explosive, Anti-Tank - Fin Stabilized
HEAT‐Thigh‐explosive anti‐tank tracer
HECHealth Executive Committee
HEDIhigh endo‐atmospheric defense interceptor
HEDISHealthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set
HEDPhigh‐explosive dual‐purpose
HEIHigh Explosive Incendiary
HEIhigh‐explosive incendiary
HELHuman Engineering Laboratory
HELhigh energy laser
HELITEAMhelicopter team
HELLFIREHeli borne fire and forget missile
HELSFTHigh Energy Laser System Test Facility
HELSTFhigh energy laser systems test facility
HEMATheavy expanded mobility ammunition trailer
HEMPhigh altitude electromagnetic pulse
HEMTTheavy expanded mobility tactical truck
HEPHigh Explosive Plastic
HEPhigh‐explosive projectile
HEPhigh‐explosive plastic
HEPAhigh efficiency particulate air
HEPDhigh explosive point detonation
HEP‐Thigh‐explosive plastic tracer
HERFhazards of electromagnetic radiation of fuel
HEROhazards of electromagnetic to ordnance
HERPhazards of electromagnetic radiation to personnel
HERSHelicopter Expedient Refueling System
HESHHigh Explosive Squash Head
HESHhigh‐explosive squash head
HETheavy equipment transporter
HEThigh‐explosive tracer
HFhigh frequency
HFhuman factors
HFharassing fire
HFAhostile fire area
HFDhazard fragment distance
HFEhuman factors engineering
HFEAhuman factors engineering assessment
HFEAhuman factors engineering analysis
HFOhealth facilities office
HFPhostile fire pay
HFPAHealth Facility Planning Agency
HFRhigh frequency radio
HFRNHigh Frequency Reconstitution Network
HGhand grenades
HGB Ahemoglobin type A
HGB Shemoglobin type S
HGQCHand Grenade Qualification Course
HGSThelicopter gunnery skill test
HHhome health
HHAhealth hazard assessment
HHARhealth hazard assessment report
HHBheadquarters and headquarters battery
HHCheadquarters and headquarters company
HHDheadquarters and headquarters detachment
HHGhousehold goods
HHIhealth hazard inventory
HHIMHealth Hazard Inventory Module
HHPhandheld processor
HHRhand‐held radar
HHRAHealth‐Hazard Risk Assessment
HHSHeadquarters and Headquarters Service
HHSChealth hazard severity category
HHTHeadquarters and Headquarters Troop
HIAhold in abeyance
HIChigh intensity conflict
HIMADhigh‐to‐medium‐altitude air defense
HIMARSHigh Mobility Artillery Rocket System
HIMSHousing Information Management System
HIPHowitzer Improvement Program
HIPAAHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIPDBHealth Integrity and Protection Data Bank
HIPOhierarchy input processor output
HIRLhigh intensity runway lights
HIRTAhigh intensity radio transmission area
HISHospital Information System
HISAHeadquarters Installation Support Activity
HISRANhigh‐precision short‐range navigation
HIThealth indicator test
HIUhost interface unit
HIVhuman immunodeficiency virus
HIVTRRSHuman Immunodeficiency Virus Test Result Recording System
HLheavy lift
HLmustard‐lewisite mixture (blister agent)
HLhearing loss
HLFt Hood Locator
HLAhigh level architecture
HLDHigh Level Design
HLDHomeland Defense
HLHheavy lift helicopter
HLPSheavy lift prep ship
HLSHomeland Security
HLS JOCHomeland Security Joint Operating Concept
HLTFhigh level task force
HMAhousing market analysis
HMCGhazardous material control group
HMDFHazardous Materiel Data File
HMDSHazardous Materiel Data System
HMGHeavy Machine u Gun
HMGheavy machine gun
HMIhuman machine interface
HMIRShazardous materials information resource system
HMISHazardous Materials Information System
HMMPHazardous Material Management Program
HMMWVhigh‐mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HMOhyperbaric medical officer
HMOhealth maintenance organization
HMOheavy metals office
HMRBHazardous Materiel Response Branch
HMWhealth, morale, and welfare
HNnitrogen mustard (blister agent)
HNhost nation
HNFCPHost Nation‐Funded Construction Program
HNShost nation support
HNSHometown News Service
HOAheavy observation aircraft
HOCHumanitarian Operations Center
HODhead of delegation
HOEhoming overlay experiment
HOLhigh order language
HOMESHousing Operations Management System
HORhome of record
HOSPHospital Optimization and Standardization Program
HOTheating oil tank
HOTCCHands on Throttle, Collective and Cyclic
HOWhospital (battle related)
HPholiday pay
HP&Shealth policy and services
HPAhead of procuring activity
HPAChazard prediction and assessment capability
HPBhealthcare professional bonus
HPChistoric property component
HPCHealth Promotion Council
HPDPHistorical Projects Development Process
HPLRhealth professionals loan repayment
HPMhigh powered microwave
HPPHistoric Preservation Plan
HPPEDhealth professions pay entry date
HPRPHistorical Projects Review Panel
HPShigh pressure sodium
HPSChigh‐performance super computer
HPSPHealth Professions Scholarship Program
HPTHigh-Payoff Target
HPThook pile tape
HPVhuman papiloma virus
HQhighly qualified
HQ AFSCHeadquarters, Air Force Safety Center
HQAMCHeadquarters, Army Materiel Command
HQDAHeadquarters, Department of the Army
HQDADSSHeadquarters, Department of the Army Decision Support System
HQDA LTRHeadquarters, Department of the Army Letter
HQHOMESHeadquarters Housing Operations Management System
HQIFSHeadquarters Integrated Facilities System
HQIMHeadquarters Department of the Army Information Manager
HQ IMAHeadquarters, Installation Management Agency
HQISRheadquarters, installation status report
HQMCHeadquarters, Marine Corps
HQRPLANSHeadquarters Real Property Planning and Analysis System
HQUSACEHeadquarters, Department of the Army Corps of Engineers
HQUSAFHeadquarters, United States Air Force
HRhand receipt
HRhuman relations
HRHuman Resources
HRHostage Rescue
HR/Shousing referral /survey
HRAPHousing Relocation Assistance Program
HRCHuman Resources Command
HRChuman resource council
HRCCHuman Resources Contact Center
HRCCHRC Chaplain
HRCCIOSPBHuman Resources Command Chief Information Office Strategic Planning Branch
HRC‐AHRC Alexandria
HRC‐StHRC‐St Louis
HRC‐STLHuman Resources Command‐St. Louis
HREChealth record
HREDHuman Research and Engineering Directorate
HRFheight range finder
HRHhand receipt holder
HRMhuman resource management
HRMCHuman Resources Management Course
HROhuman resource officer
HROhousing referral office
HROhumanitarian relief organization
HRPHigh-Risk personnel
HRPhigh risk person
HRPhumanitarian relief organizations
HRRhealth readiness record
HRShousing referral service
HRSHuman Resources Support
HRShealth service region
HRShazardous ranking system (revision 2)
HShigh school
HShigh speed
HShome station
HSAhealth service area
HSBheavy separate brigade
HSCheadquarters service company
HSCHealth Services Command
HSCPHigh School Completion Program
HSDHealth Services Directorate
HSDGhigh school diploma graduate
HSDSFhigh speed digital secure facsimile
HSFhot section factors
HSGhigh school graduate
HSIhuman system integration
HSIPhuman systems integration plan
HSMhigh speed memory
HSMHumanitarian Service Medal
HSMSHazardous Substance Management System
HSOCHome Station Operations Centers
HSPhigh security padlock
HSPhigh‐speed printer
HSPGHighway Safety Program Guidelines
HSPOHospital Systems Program Office
HSPRharness, single point release
HSRhealth services region
HSShelmet sight subsystem
HSShealth services support
HSSAhealth service support area
HSSRhigh school senior
HSTAMIDSHandheld Standoff Minefield Detection System
HSWAHazardous and Solid Waste Amendments
HTmustard T‐misture (blister agent)
HTAhelicopter training area
HTDhighway traffic division
HTFhow to fight
HTHhigh test hypochlorite
HTIhorizontal technology integration
HTLhazard tracking list
HTLDhigh technical light division
HTLV‐IIIhuman t‐lymphotropic virus type III
HTMhazardous and toxic materials
HTMHellfire training missile
HTMDhigh‐technology motorized division
HTMLhypertext markup language
HTNRhometown news release
HTOhospital transfer order
HTRhazard tracking record
HTRPHome Town Recruiter Program
HTRWhazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste
HTSHazard Tracking System
HTShow to support
httphyper text transfer protocol
httpshyper text transfer protocol secure
HTUhandheld terminal unit
HTWhigh‐temperature water
HTWSheavy thermal weapon sight
HUhonor unit
HUA (who‐aah)heard, understood and acknowledged
HUCHuman Use Committee
HUDheads‐up display
HUDHonor Unit with Distinction
HUDHousing and Urban Development
HUDHead Up Display
HUDWACHead Up Display Weapon Aiming Computer
HUDWASSHead Up Display Weapon Aiming SubSystem
HUMINThuman intelligence
HUMRROHuman Resources Research Organization
HVhigh voltage
HVACheating, ventilation, and air conditioning
HVAChigh velocity air conditioning
HVAPHigh Velocity Armor Piercing
HVCCOhandle via communications intelligence channels only
HVCPhazardous vehicle certification permit
HVFHire Vets First Contact Us
HVMHigh Velocity Missile
HVTHigh-Value Target
HWhot weather
HWBDUhot‐weather battle‐dress uniform
HWCIhardware configuration item
HWLRhostile weapons locating radar
HWMPhazardous waste management plan
HWSAhazardous waste storage area
HYFEDhydrogen flame photometric emission detector
H‐RAPHometown Recruiter Aide Program
I&AIdentification and Authentication
I&Cissues and criteria
I&Einstallations and environment
I&Iinstallations and infrastructure
I&Linstallations and logistics
I&Sinterchange & substitute
I&Sinterchangeable and substitutable
I&Windications and warning
I/Cinstallation code
I3Ainstallation, information, infrastructure architecture
I3MPInstallation‐Information Infrastructure Modernization Program
I81MSImproved 81 Mortar System
IAinternational activities
IAinformation assurance
IAinformation affairs
IAinternational agreement
IAindividual augmentee
IAimmediately available
IAincentive award
IA&Tintegration, assembly and test
IAAinterconnected accredited AIS
IAAFAInter‐America Air Force Academy
IABInstitutional Army Branch
IACInformation Analysis Center
IACFormerly, ACAT IAM program
IACOinstallation access control office
IACRInter fund accounting clearance record
IACSInstallation Access Control System
IACSEInteragency Advisory Committee on Security Equipment
IACUCInstitutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IADCInter‐American Defense College
IADSIntegrated Air Defense System
IADSIntegrated Automated Design System
IADTinitial active duty for training
IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency
IAFTindividual aircrew flight training
IAGinternational agreements generator
IAGinteragency agreement
IAICintra‐Army interoperability certification
IAMinformation assurance manager
IAMDIntegrated Air and Missile Defense
IAMSIntegrated Army Mobilization Study
IANMInformation Assurance Network Manager
IANOinformation assurance network officer
IAOinformation assurance officer
IAPinternational airport
IAPinstallation action plan
IAPInitial Accessions Program
IAPinstrument approach procedure
IAPMinformation assurance program manager
IARinventory adjustment report
IARBIncentive Awards Review Board
IARCinstallation or requisition code
IASIndicated Airspeed Shown
IASAInter service agency systems architecture
IASOinformation assurance security officer
IATInformation Assurance Technology
IATAInternational Air Transport Association
IATFindividual aviation training folder
IATFindividual aircrew training folders
IATOInitial Authority to Operate
IATOinterim approval to operate
IATSIntegrated Army Travel System
IAVAinformation assurance vulnerability assessment
IAVAInformation Assurance Vulnerability Alert
IAWIn Accordance With
IBissue book
IBATinstallation breath alcohol technician
IBCInternational Boundary and Water Commission
IBCTInitial Brigade Combat Team
IBDinhabited building distance
IBEInstalled Building Equipment
IBMInternational Business Machine Corporation
IBOPinternational balance of payments
IBSIntegrated Booking System
IBSIindustrial base system integration
IBTCinstallation biochemical test coordinator
ICinvestment category
ICinternal control
ICintelligence community
ICin charge of
ICinitial capability
ICinternment camp
ICinternal combustion
ICimplementing command
ICinformation class
ICinformation center
ICinstallation commander
ICintegrated concept
ICinformation for correspondence
ICintegrated circuit
IC3Interagency Care Coordination Committee
ICAinternal control administrator
ICAindustrial capabilities assessment
ICAintegrated communications architecture
ICAFIndustrial College of the Armed Forces
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
ICAPInstallation Corrective Action Plan
ICARintegrated command accounting and reporting
ICARPUSInstallation Commander's Annual Real Property Utilization Survey
ICBinformation collection budget
ICBMIntercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICBMInterContinental Ballistic Missile
ICCinventory category code
ICCinter state Commerce Commission
ICCinventory control center
ICCinformation and coordination central
ICCEincreased combat capability in Europe
ICCOinstallation check‐control officer
ICDInternational Classification of Disease
ICDinterface control document
ICDinitial capabilities document
ICDintegrated capabilities document
ICDinter‐connecting device
ICDinter‐corps directive
ICDA‐8International Classification of Diseases Adapted for Use in the U.S., 8th Revision
ICDSinternal cable distribution system
ICD‐0International Classification of Disease, Oncology
ICD‐9‐CMInternational Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification
ICEindividual chemical equipment
ICEindustry competency exam
ICEindependent cost estimate
ICEinterrogator comprehensive evaluation
ICERSInternational Carrier Evaluation and Reporting System
ICFinstallation confinement facility
ICFintelligence contingency funds
ICGinitial certification group
ICIinitial command inspection
ICIDSIntegrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System
ICLSinterim contractor logistics support program
ICLTin‐country language training
ICMinstallation club manager
ICMimproved conventional munitions
ICMIraq Campaign Medal
ICNIRPInternational Commission on Non‐ionizing Radiation Protection
ICOFTinstitutional conduct of fire trainer
ICOGInternational Cooperative Opportunity Group
ICPinternal control process
ICPinterim change package
ICPincremental change plan
ICPinventory control point
ICPinformation class proponent
ICPinternal control program
ICPincremental change package
ICPMInternational Classification of Procedures in Medicine
ICQinstallation commander's quarters
ICQintermediate container quantity
ICRIntra corps shipment
ICRindividual carried record
ICRinternal control review
ICRCIntermediate Nuclear Force Treaty Collection Requirements Committee
ICRDinternational cooperative research and development
ICRDAinternational cooperative research, development, and acquisition
ICRMPIntegrated Cultural Resources Management Plan
ICSinterim contractor support
ICSIncident Command System
ICSintra‐corps receipt
ICSEinformation collection for system evaluating
ICSSLInterstate Certified Shellfish Shippers List
ICTinterchangeability testing
ICTin‐country training
ICTintegrated concept team
ICTBinter‐facility credentials transfer brief
ICTPindividual collective training plans
ICTTIntegrated Concept Training Team
ICUZInstallation Compatible use Zone
ICVinfantry carrier vehicle
ICWinteractive courseware
ICWARimproved Hawk continuous wave acquisition radar
ICWGinterface control working group
IDinduced draft
IDinfantry division
IDinitial distribution
ID/IQindefinite delivery/indefinite quality
IDAInstitute for Defense Analyses
IDAInstitute for Defense Analysis
IDAinitial denial authority
IDADinternal defense and development
IDAPInstrumentation Development and Acquisition Program
IDAPRIndividual DSS Activity Performance Report
IDBLInitial Database Load
IDDInterface Design Document
IDEIntrusion Detection Equipment
IDEFIntegrated Definition Language
IDGinstallation design guide
IDHISitem data history
IDIQIndefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (Contract)
IDIVinterim division
IDLHimmediately dangerous to life or health
IDMimproved data modem
IDMCInternational Defense Management Course
IDNintegrated data network
IDNinitial distribution number
IDOInitial Defense Operations
IDOCSintrusion detection optical communications system
IDPindividual development plan
IDPimminent danger pay
IDSIntra‐theater Delivery Service
IDSIntrusion Detection System
IDSindividual deployment site
IDSinfrared discrimination systems
IDSinventory of data systems
IDSintermediate or direct support
IDSInstallation Design Standards
IDSitem data segment
IDSRintegrated defense source registry
IDTintra‐depot transfer
IDTinactive duty training
IDTCIndefinite Delivery Type Contract
IEindustrial engineer
IEindependent evaluation
IEInternet Explorer
IEinformation engineering
IEAinformation exchange agreement
IEAinterface electronics assembly
IEAinformation exchange annex
IEBindependent evaluation briefing
IEDimprovised explosive device
IEDDimprovised explosive device destruction
IEDKindividual equipment decontamination kit
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
iEHRIntegrated Electronic Health Record
IEMS‐RInstallation Equipment Management System‐Redesign
IEOInstallation Ergonomics Officer
IEPinteractive electronic publications
IEPInformation Exchange Program
IEPinitial entry party
IEPIndividual Education Program
IEPindependent evaluation plan
IEPindividual education plan
IEPRindependent expert program review
IERInformation exchange requirement
IERindependent evaluation report
IERWinitial entry rotary wing course
IESilluminating Engineering Society
IESSInformation Exchange Standards Specifications
IESWTRInterim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule
IETinitial entry training
IETMinteractive electronic technical manual
IEWintelligence and electronic warfare
IEW/TAintelligence and electronic warfare/target acquisition
IEW/UAVintelligence & electronic warfare /unmanned aerial vehicle
IFindustrially funded
IFintermediate forward
IFAARimproved forward area alerting radar
IFBinvitation for bid
IFCUInter‐face control unit
IFDinitial fill date
IFDIntransit From Directive
IFEinstrument flight examiner
IFFIdentification Friend or Foe
IFFidentification, friend or foe
IFICSIn‐Flight Interceptor Communications System
IFMIPInstallation Financial Management Improvement Program/Plan
IFMISIntegrated Facilities Management Information System
IFMSInteragency Fleet Management System
IFORimplementation force
IFPInter national Fellows Program
IFPMlinear feet per minute
IFRinstrument flight rules
IFRFIndividual Flight Records Folder
IFRPIndividual Flight Records Program
IFSIntegrated Facilities System
IFSEAInternational Food Service Executive Association
IFSPIndividualized Family Service Plan
IFSTEinvoluntary foreign service tour extensions
IFS‐MIntegrated Facilities System‐Mini/Microcomputer
IFTEIntegrated Family of Test Equipment
IFTSIntegrated Federal Telecommunications System
IFVinfantry fighting vehicle
IGinspector general
IGAPInspector General action process
IGARinspector general action request
IGARSInspector General Action Request System
IGCEindependent government cost estimate
IG DODInspector General, Department of Defense
IGEIn Ground Effect
IGEindependent government estimate
IGNETInspector General network
IGOintergovernmental organizations
IGPAInspector General preliminary analysis
IGPERSInspector General Personnel System
IGSintermediate general support
IGSUintermediate general support unit
IHindustrial hygiene
IHindustrial hygiene
IHAinterim housing allowance
IHADSSintegrated helmet and display sight system
IHCPImpaired Health Care Personnel Program
IHEinsensitive high explosive
IHFRimproved high frequency radio
IHIPindustrial hygiene implementation plan
IHOindustrial hygiene officer
IHPMindustrial hygiene program manager
IIinstallation integrator
IIimage interpreter
IIACinformation integration and analysis center
IIAPinstallation internal assessment plan
IICIn transit‐in cancellation
IICInvestigator in Charge
IICTInteragency Intelligence Committee on Terrorism
IIMinteragency intelligence memorandum
IIMSintensive item management system
IIMSintegrated information management system
IIMSCinstallation information management support council
IIPimplementation and installation plan
IIPTIntegrating Integrated Product Team
IIQinitial issue quantity
IIRIntelligence Information report
IIRin transit‐in receipt
IIR MAVimaging infrared Maverick
IIRNinactive item review notification
IISSCinterservice, intra‐governmental support
IISSCIntegrated Training Area Management Installation Steering Committee
IJCinternational joint commission
IJMSinterim JTIS message standards
IJOindividual job order
IKPinstructor/key personnel
IKPTinstructor and key personnel training
IKPTinitial key personnel training
ILinternational logistics
ILidentification list
IL(B)intra line, barricaded
IL(U)intra ine, unbarricaded
ILAPIntegrated Logistics Analysis Program
ILARintegrated logistics aerial resupply
ILCirrevocable letter of credit
ILCInternational Logistics Center
ILDin line of duty
ILDintra line distances
ILDCIntern Leadership Development Course
ILEintermediate level education
ILMSInter service Locomotive Management Steering Group
ILOin lieu of
ILOCinternational lines of communication
ILRInteragency language Roundtable
ILRIndividual linguist Records
ILSintegrated logistic support
ILSInstrument Landing System
ILSAintegrated logistics support assessment
ILSCIndustrial Logistics System Center
ILSDPinternational logistics supply delivery plan
ILSLLIntegrated Logistics Support Lessons Learned
ILSMintegrated logistics support manager
ILSMMIntegrated Logistics Support Management Model
ILSMRSIntegrated Logistics Support Milestone Reporting System
ILSMTIntegrated Logistics Support Management Team
ILSPintegrated logistic support plan
ILSRintegrated logistics support review
ILTInstructor Led Training
ILTPindividual language training plan
ILTRindividual language training record
IMinstruction manual
IMitem manager
IMinstallation management
IMinformation management
IMinventory manager
IM/ITInformation Management /Information Technology
IMAinformation management area
IMAindividual mobilization augmentee
IMAInstallation Management Agency
IMAinformation mission area
IMAindividual mobilization asset
IMAinstallation medical authority
IMAindependent medical assessor
IMAindividual mobilization augmentation
IMACinformation management advisory council
IMARinformation management acquisition request
IMA‐ARDInstallation Management Agency, Army Reserve Division
IMA‐EInstallation Management Agency ‐ Europe
IMBinsensitive munitions board
imcitem management code
IMCIndividual Military Course
IMCInformation for Members of Congress
IMCInformation Memorandum for Congress
IMCIndividual Military Defense Counsel
IMCinstrument meteorological conditions
IMCENInformation Management Center
IMCOInter‐Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization
IMCOinformation management control officer
IMCOMInstallation Management Command
IMCOMInstallation Management Command
IMCSRInstallation Materiel Condition Status Report
IMCSRSInstallation Materiel Condition Status Reporting System
IMDIntelligence Materiel Division
IMDInformation Management Directorate
IMDGinternational maritime dangerous goods
IMDIPInstallation Mobilization and Development Improvement Program
IMDPInteractive Multimedia Design Package
IMEindependent medical examination
IMEinternational materiel evaluation
IMETinstallation mission essential tasks
IMETInternational Military Education and Training
IMETPInternational Military Education and Training Program
IMETSintegrated meteorology section
IMFitem management file
IMFLintensive management force list
IMHinternational military headquarters
IMIInteractive Multimedia Instruction
IMINTimagery intelligence
IMITInformation Management and Information Technology
IMKimproved maneuverability kit
IMMitem (or inventory) materiel managers
IMMintegrated materiel manager
IMMinternational mail manual
IMMAInstallation Materiel Maintenance Activity
IMMCIntelligence Management Center
IMMCIntegrated Materiel Management Center
IMMISintegrated modernization management information system
IMMMAInternal Mission Materiel Maintenance Activity
IMMOinstallation materiel maintenance officer
IMMPinformation management master plan
IMOInternational Maritime Organization
IMOinformation management officer
IMPinstallation master plan
IMPinformation management plan
IMPinterface message processor
IMPACInternational Merchant Purchase Authorization Card