June 22, 2012


Easy comparison shopping at the grocery store.

discovered this recently when I found myself buying energy drinks every day. I decided that instead of going to the store 7 days a week I’ll just stock up ahead of time. When shopping I found four packs and twelve packs.


Can I Really Buy a Home With No Money Down?

It sounds too good to be true. As a member of the military, you have many benefits and one of those benefits is the VA home loan. The VA home loan is a program set up to help military members purchase a home by making a guarantee to the lender of payment up to a certain amount.

Boost Your 529 College Savings

Set up automatic savings to your 529 plan by making everyday purchases. Its is the easiest way to save for college. Simple to set up.


Saving For Your Children’s College Is Easier Than You Think

Saving for your children’s college as an enlisted Soldier can be tough, but with some help, you can raise a sufficient amount of money without sacrificing your current lifestyle. If your primary goal of saving is for education, then you should consider a 529 plan.